Pullingowww Meaning – Humanity VS Pullingowww

Pullingowww. Pullingowww. A very hot topic nowadays. Totally different creatures. So in this topic, our knowledge will not grow. This topic is needed for the current generation. People who are active in WhatsApp Facebook Instagram and Twitter. Whatever posts they receive they will share it everywhere. This is a video dedicated to them. 

Beloved  Tamil people.  Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. 

Today’s topic is not only about Pullingowww. But also about a video. There will be sound because of the Copyright problem, many of you might have this video in their phone. You might have viewed it somewhere. So Let me explain about the video, A Person is driving a TVS50. They have edited the video with background music and finally ended with a Vadivelu comedy watch it in the video above 1:45.

So you should have watched the video. After viewing it you may think that the video was so funny and must share it with your friends. We could have shared it. At least we could have watched the video. I watched it and knew something should be behind this, so didn’t share it with my friends. The person who is in the video driving that TVS50 released another video. We didn’t know that he has published another video. A friend of mine shared that video with me and told that “There is a Difference between Trolling and trolling a Normal human being” So please talk about this video. In my heart, i thought that this is very essential. 

Pullingowww Meaning - Humanity VS Pullingowww

Who can we troll?

We can troll the politicians, you can also troll YouTubers like me, you can troll Actors, and also you can troll TV serials. But when it comes to individuals, Forex; When an accident happens, they record that and troll that person. When a saree slips lightly, it has been recorded and uploaded in a porn website. When we hear about this its comedy to us. 

That brother who went in the TVS50 published a new video. Watch the video above 3.30. 

“My name is guna, I am residing in Villupuram District. On that day I was the one who traveled in TVS50. I was in a hurry, but someone recorded a video of me. I thank them for posting the video. Many have watched the video. They called me and said that they watched the video as well. So I Thank everyone. The reason why I went in a hurry on that day was my sister’s husband passed away”. 

So after watching that clip, you may feel guilty. You may think not to forward every video which comes to our phone. The person clearly said that many have watched the video, many even called him. But no one understood the seriousness behind that video. 

In the movie, Nanban Vijay for saving his Friend’s dad will take him o a hospital. The fans said that “hey look our Thailavan has saved him”. That was just an actor acting in a movie, but we will not troll him. We only troll normal and simple Humans. What can he do?

We saw, We laughed and We Trolled. That’s it.  Now imagine when he sees this video, It will be a painful remembrance of that tragic day when he lost his Brother-in-Law. So a member of that family watches it.

 what would they think? 

Pullingowww Meaning - Humanity VS Pullingowww

We video will always be haunting their memories. You will feel it when there’s a death in your family. I mean I am also saying for my family, So If there’s a death in the family we will cry for one day. But the next day the neighbor will come and say” My God, I am really sorry for your loss”. Next day distant relatives will come, The next day people from the office. So each day when people ask about it we will weep. Some People will deliberately ask us about death. 

Similar to that would that man not feel sad. Everybody has a heart and a life. Before Trolling think about the Consequences.

Why would they have done this?

What’s the use of them?

In that video, we can clearly see that he is in a hurry. They took this video, then edited with a background music and vadivelu comedy. You are really working hard guys to transform India into a SUper power. 

But if you put this hard work behind something else it would be great. Please don’t do this to hurt a human being. 

Next is Pullingowww. 

What is the meaning behind Pullingowww?

Does anybody know about it?

Pullingowww Meaning - Humanity VS Pullingowww

The Young generation who lives in North Chennai changed their hairstyles. You may heard about the North Chennai Slang. When I speak its like a mixed version of Tamil and Malayalam.  Many people have said that my Tamil is not good. Others have even praised it. So when it comes to parts of our state the slang of the languages differs. When we go to Tirunelveli They say Ennala, Enna Seyira la. When you go to Coimbatore they say Ennakanna. Similar to this, The People who live in North Chennai have lived and they have Ganaa songs. Pullingowww is just a word from one Ganaa Song. 

How many trolls we can see about this Pullingowww. People have trolled that hairstyle like aliens coming from another planet. There are a lot of comedy videos regarding this Pullingowww. When they visit the place they take selfies. They are also humans please remember that.

In the Past, We have been trolling Transgender people. We were hurting them emotionally. Now we are emotionally hurting that Current Generation. Can anyone come out having a Hairstyle like that we would say “Oh, You are Pullingowww va”. Even a three-year-old kid will ask the same question. 

So travel back 10 years back, There was a song called Manmatharasa. People who wore the same clothes were called names like Manmatharasa. When people ask or comment about our attire it hurts a lot. But now “ You are Pullingowww VA, You speak like this” we try to Mimic their way of speaking. While doing this we don’t take into Consideration their Culture. We only remember Pullingowww and its trending now. We don’t care about other people’s pain, their hearts their sadness, but we only want to laugh. 

We now have only some of the Humane things left in this dreadful world. If we kill that then there’s no use for our living. There’s no point behind anything. This is not an advice to you alone. Its an Advice to other people who are doing this, Through you only we can share and change them. So please don’t forward or encourage these videos. Many lives have been affected here. It’s not an easy one this issue. 

A youngster died because of Tik Tok. It is an addiction, but he wears Ladies’ costume and everyone commented and he died. So a Human lives for two things one is needs respect and the other that he has some kind of talent to be attractive. So when we live for these two things, It’s not wrong that they carve for the attention. You may not like the way he is doing that, but you cant troll him for his language or the place he stays. 

How Their culture came into place?

Why People are still living like thatin North Chennai?

What’s the Politics behind this?

What’s the history behind this?

We need to think about these things. We need to understand the politics behind this. We don’t evaluate these things but we say “Hey look Pullingowww is passing by”. In Kerala, people are asking me “What’s Pullingowww”. In kerala there was Freakies. They used to call people freaky. Similar to that they make fun of our generation calling them Pullingowww. It hurts a lot when we see our people laughing at their own. So we also have to change. A man who wants to change society must rise questions against society.

The brother who went in the TVS50 I say this” We are really sorry Anna, We didn’t know about it. Nobody will do this again”. So if you don’t want other people to do this, please try to educate them. You can also forward the video or share this post. The people who see this may not find it guilty. But the people who created that troll video may change. We will need to give them a chance to change.

"நல்லதை பகிர்ந்து நல்ல சமுதாயத்தை உருவாக்குவோம்"

"நன்றி வணக்கம்"

"Sharing Good things to Create a Greater Community"

"Nandri Vanakam"



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