Pyramid of Giza Mystery Solved – Slaves or Great Architects

Pyramid of Giza Mystery Solved - Slaves or Great Architects:

Ancient Egypt Part 3 has been completed. We also discussed The Mysterious Pharaoh Narmer. We wanted the 4th Installment with a lot of Mysteries uncovered, we wanted to discuss the Pyramids. We found out that there was so much false information. We wanted to find the truth. 

There is a theory that says that Egypt's Pyramids have been built by Slaves. This was proven as false information by Egypt. Many Hollywood movies have been banned by the Egyptian govt. Many Crypts and Bones of ancient humans have been found. Many Mummies remains have been discovered in Egypt. 

Are these Mummies Slaves or great architects?

Where did Egypt discover these Workers or Architects?

How many years were spent building the Great Pyramid of Giza?

How many workers were used to build the Pyramid?

What kind of technology did they use?

Let's discuss this in detail.

Egypt's most important Archeologists discover a location called Heit El- Ghurab. Many Skeletons were found in the location. The Skeletons included animals in High numbers. When they continue their dig, they discover Mummies. Nearly 10 to 16 Mummies were discovered in the location. The Mummies have been buried in an order. Many jars were found near the mummies. The Jars contained items for the afterlife of the Mummies. So if these were Slaves, there is no Afterlife or Mummification. The Slaves will not be mummified and there will be no jars near them. So it clearly says that the dig site didn't have any slaves. But this dig site is directly connected to the building of the pyramids. 

Pyramid of Giza Mystery Solved - Slaves or Great Architects

Now the question rises,

Who are the Mummified People?

After going through many proofs, they find a Clue that from the dig site there is a cave. So the search for the Cave begins. 

In their search, they find the Cave which had nearly 1200 to 2000 People skeletons. The cave was used by the people to take a rest. 

Now there is a doubt,

Where did these people come from?

These people were not slaves because Slaves were not given rest time in ancient Egypt. The question still remains, 

Where did these people come from?

The search takes us directly to the history of Egypt and the Pyramids. 

4000 years ago, The Fourth Generation of Kings ruled Egypt. The Pyramid of Giza is under construction. For the Pyramid to be built they needed Huge Manpower. They didn't need Slaves, But real workers. From all parts of the Kingdom, Workers have been brought to work in the Pyramid. These workers greatly supported the rule of the Pharaohs. These people considered the Pharaohs as Gods. These people blindly followed their Pharaohs Orders. When they receive the orders to build the Pyramid from the Pharaoh. These people were overjoyed, they wanted the Pyramid of Giza to be remembered from all times to come. 

Were there other pyramids built?

There is a theory that says that Pyramids can be found only in Egypt. The pyramids were built before the Egyptian civilization, by the Mayan Civilization. There are pyramids discovered in Mexico. The Inca’s who resided in Peru also built Pyramids. Don't forget the Rapa Nui which is now called the Easter Islands. Pyramids are also found in Angkor Wat. Pyramids are also discovered in Australia and Indonesia. 

Pyramid of Giza Mystery Solved - Slaves or Great Architects

So the Pyramids were not built in Egypt alone by the Fourth Generation Kings. So there have been many locations and civilizations which had built Pyramids in Ancient times. 

The main difference is the Size and the Technology used to build these Mega Pyramids. The Egyptians built the Pyramid of Giza. There are nearly 8 faces for this pyramid. 

How did they come to the fact that Slaves were not used to building Pyramids?

The Food was consumed by the people who built the Pyramid. Nearly 21 Cows, 23 to 50 Goats were brought to feed the workers. The Food was prepared on the site and given to the workers. 

Will they feed the Slaves this type of Food?

The workers were split into groups. The groups were formed according to their region. The groups even had their own name. The cave which the archaeologists discovered housed nearly 1200 to 2000 people who slept there. The people belonging to the Groups have written down the Group’s name in the cave. These groups were given the task to obtain the stones from various locations. 

The stones from the Stone Quarry named Aswan. The Limestones were taken from this Quarry. Through the rivers, these stones reached the Dig Site.

Is it the Nile River or Blue River?

Tamils used to say the Colour blue as Neelam. 

Is there a chance that Neelam was changed into the Nile?

In Many occasions and Languages, we can see that the River Nile was called Neelae River. This may be a Coincidence. In ancient Egypt, they used to call the rivers “Aaru”. 

So through the River Nile, the Limestones have been brought to the built site. 

How many stones did they transport?

More than 20 Lakh stones were transported using the Nile River. Imagine the weight of these stones. It is estimated that the Pyramid of Giza weighs maybe 50 Lakhs Tonnes. 1 Ton = 1000 Kilos. 

So 50 Lakhs Tones was the weight of the Pyramid. The base of the Pyramid may cover 10 Football grounds. The Top Section may cover 6 Football grounds. The Pyramid of Giza is one Mega Structure. 

There are so many theories that say the technology to build the Pyramid. According to one calculation, for every 2.15 Minutes, one mega stone has been used to build the pyramid. This will take nearly 20 Years for the Pyramid to be completed. We don't know the exact numbers of workers used to build the Pyramid. 

Pyramid of Giza Mystery Solved - Slaves or Great Architects

If they wanted to build the Pyramid of Giza within Twenty Years. They must have moved one Mega Stone into place every 2.15 minutes to complete the Pyramid. 

How was this possible in ancient times?

We discussed the workers. 

Was there information available from the Aswan Quarry? 

First, we need to discuss the Abu Simbel Temple. This Temple is very near the Aswan Dam. The Egyptian government, due to flooding in the dam, wanted to move the location of the Ancient temple. So the Egyptian govt orders to migrate the temple to another location. They used Modern Technology to move the Temple. The Egyptian government with all its latest technology took nearly five years to move the stones from the temple to another location. The Limestones which were moved by the Egyptian govt were only 2200 Lime Stones. Then it took another 7 years to rebuild the temple. So the Egyptian govt using the latest technology could have moved a Maximum of 10000 Lime Stones and it took nearly 12 years. 

How was it possible for the ancient Egyptians to move 20 Lakhs Lime Stones?

One Limestone may be the size of one or two cars and the weight is very high. Nearly 130 Granites were used in the Base of the Pyramid. Each and every Granite was 12 to 70 Ton weight. 

So when we hear 12 to 70 Ton Weight stones and total stones were 20 Lakhs Lime Stones. This seems impossible in ancient times. 

How could they have done it?

This is a very intriguing question. We discussed the Aswan Quarry. Many items in the quarry are still not unearthed. Many Pillars have been designed. 

Scientists and Researchers don't know how the ancient Egyptians built these Pillars. 

How did the Ancient Egyptians transport the 20 Lakhs Stones?

What technology did they use to cut the stones?

Inside the Pyramids, there were many rooms. If you take a measurement of these rooms their height and width will be the same in numbers. This was built using Mirror Image Technology. 

If there is an earthquake of high magnitude, as the Pyramids Outer and Inner structures are similar, the pyramid will remain unaffected by the earthquake. 

So using the 20 Lakhs with the same measurement to building the Pyramid. 

How did Technology just disappear into thin air?

There are so many questions that remain unanswered to this very day. These Pyramids were built referring to many star systems. The humans who knew the stars were able to build the Pyramids in the same alignment. 

The ancient history author Herodotus said that the Pyramid was built by Slaves. He was not only called the Father of History but also the Father of Lies. 

In 2014, A Hollywood movie was ready to be released called Exodus Gods and Kings. But Egypt wanted to ban Hollywood Movie. In 1998, Dreamworks, an Animation Movie company, was ready to release the movie called The Prince of Egypt. Egypt also wanted to ban this movie. 

What could be the reason for these bans?

According to Hollywood, the Pyramid was built by the Slaves. According to Egypt, The Pyramid was built by not Slaves but great Architects of Egypt. 

Is it true that the Pyramid was built by Jews?

The researchers come to a conclusion that the timelines when the Pyramid was built and the Jews living in the region do not match. So the Jews cannot be slaves who built the Pyramid. The Pyramid was also built during the lifetime of the Fourth generation of Pharaohs. 

In the 18th and 19th Generation Royal Family, there were no Pyramids. 

So the Timeline and Hollywood spread lies. Believing these lies, the ancient writers left false information. The Truth says that the People who built the Pyramids were Great Architects from various regions and not slaves. This is the Undeniable truth and there is proof. 

Pyramid of Giza Mystery Solved - Slaves or Great Architects

What was the reason behind the Herodotus lies?

Why does Ancient Greek History lie?

What is the COnnection between Greek and Egypt?

Did Greek steal history from Egypt?

There is a library called Alexandria Library. 

What did Napoleon Bonaparte Do?

There are so many questions to be answered in this Series. These questions will be answered in the upcoming posts. 

Is there a connection between the Tamils and Egypt?

What about the Alien Conspiracy theory?

Please wait for the next post in this series. Your comments are needed. 

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