Rajamatha Gayatri Devi History

Rajamatha Gayatri Devi History

From 1975 to 77 Emergency was announced in India. Indira Gandhi orders the arrest of Rajamatha Gayatri Devi. When we spoke about Gayatri Devi. Many asked us this question

Who was this Rajamatha Gayatri Devi?

She was also called Aisha. In her name In Argentina Maharani polo Club competition has been held. John F Kenedy, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles had huge respect for Gayatri Devi. 

This is the history of Rajamatha Gayatri Devi. 

Let's discuss the details. 

The First question is,

Was Gayatri Devi a Rajput?

She was a queen in Jaipur. The Rajputs have full control in the region. She was not a Rajput. Her father's anime was Maharaja Jitendra Narayan and her mother's name was Indira Raje. Her father was the Maharaja of Cooch Behar in West Bengal. Her mother was the only daughter of Maharaja Gaekwad III. Indira Raje fell in love and married Maharaja Jitendra. Thus the Cooch Behar and Gaekwaad were in a wedlock. 

On 23rd May 1919, Gayatri Devi was born in London. She completed her studies in London and returned to India. She was Modern and played the Polo Game. The Polo game was supposed to be a Men’s game. But Gayatri Devi was the star of the game. She was a beautiful woman. 

Vogue Magazine listed her as “World’s Ten Most Beautiful Women”. 

She was 12 when she first met Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Bahadur. He was 21 yrs old and she was 12. Man Singh, seeing how the princess played Polo, fell in love. The 12 yr old was in love. But due to her age, many opposed this matter. Already Man Singh Was married twice. Gayatri’s Mother sends Gayatri to London. She continued her studies for 5 to 6 Years. During the years both fell in love. Mansingh II went to London and expressed his love to Gayatri Devi. He wanted to marry her. Gayatri Loved Mansingh, but her parents were not supportive of their love. But In 1940, she married Man Singh and became the third Queen consort. Now she is a member of the Rajputs. Gayatri Devi adapts to her new life. 

Gayatri Devi refused to wear traditional clothes she preferred Modern Dresses. It became an issue and this was the worry of Gayatri Devi’s mother. She wanted women to study. So she started a school for a selected 40 girls. So the Gayatri school was opened with 40 students. Then She started to open many schools in Jaipur and many women were educated. 

Rajamatha Gayatri Devi History

In 1947 India got Independence. The Monarchy has to take sides whether India or Pakistan. The King chose India. The Indian government has agreed to pay 38000 USD per annum. 

Gayatri Devi wanted to help the Poor people and help her people. 

A Monarch has never been a politician. Gayatri Devi wanted to be a part of the Politics to help the People. In 1962 he became a candidate. Out of 2,50,000 Votes, she got 1,92,000 votes and registered a massive win. This was placed in the Guinness world records. 

Was her name Ayesha?

Gayatri Devi’s Mother read a Novel by Rider Haggard. Ayesha was a character in the novel who was Bold and energetic. Indira Raje wanted to name her child Ayesha. He gave birth to a daughter and Ayesha became Alias name. 

In 1962 she won the elections. She was very popular with the locals. This news spread throughout the world. John F Kennedy, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles came to see Gayatri Devi. She became popular among World Leaders. In 1967 she again contested in the elections and won the elections. In 1970 Maharaja Man Singh Died. 

Rajamatha Gayatri Devi History

The Maharaja’s first wife and son became Maharaja. Gayatri Devi is now known as Rajamatha. In the 1971 Elections, she won in the majority. She competed against Congress and she was Anti-Congress. Gayatri Devi had huge wealth. The Congress leaders needed their revenge. 

History says that Indira Gandhi was one of those leaders. 

From 1975 to 77 Indira Gandhi Announced a National Emergency. She orders the arrest of RajaMatha Gayatri Devi. She was arrested for tax Evasion and she was held in Tihar Jail. The Palace’s Maharaja was arrested.  Nearly for 6 Months, she was in jail. After she came out she started to write her biography. 

She has given the full details about her clash with congress and its leaders. She also wrote the treasures which were taken by the Indian govt. We still don't know whether the Indian govt found treasure in the palace. 

In 1977 She left Politics. She wanted to do good for her people. She helped her people and her interest in the Polo Game grew. 

In 2009 she died of Old Age. She had an infection in her lungs. After her death, many sports awards bear her name. In Argentina, they still conduct the Polo game in the name. 

The Girls school in Jaipur was started by Gayatri Devi. 

Rajamatha Gayatri Devi History

For any events or celebrations yearly once Gayatri Devi was invited by Queen Elizabeth. Gayatri Devi took mangoes as gifts for the queen. She owned many Rolls Royce cars and even a Private Jet. She also owned The first Mercedes BenzW126. 

So Gayatri Devi was a woman who was celebrated by her people, World Leaders and Big Companies. She gave a lot of her money to the poor. At one point the Indian government took the wealth from her royal family. Later in her days she called her closest family members and lived a peaceful life.

At her peak, if she called, there were 500 workers to do her bidding. She was arrested and jailed for six months. She came out and left Politics. She started to live for her people. 

Is her history in our History books?

This history and Gayatri Devi is a role model for young women. She won in her love, life and she served her people. She was a fighter and her history should be taught in schools.  

She married a man who was married two times. In Monarchy it is not a serious matter. But this third queen was adored by her people. There are a lot of missing pages in her history. The Young generation should learn about her. 

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