Real Zombie Virus – Will there be a Zombie Apocalypse?

Real Zombie Virus - Will there be a Zombie Apocalypse?

America CDC( Center for Disease Control And Prevention). This organization controls all medical decisions in America. On CDC Website a message was published. The message says to be ready for a Zombie Apocalypse. They also attach a Poster with the message. Within three days 30000 people see this poster on the website. This caused a server issue for the website. 

Will the World Witness a Zombie Apocalypse?

This is the message from CDC. We should also know about Pentagon’s CON Plan 8888. CON plan refers to Counter plan. The Counter plan is designed against the Zombies. 

Will there be a Zombie Apocalypse?

Can humans become Zombies?

Do Animals have Zombie genes?

Let's discuss this in detail. 

The name of the Page on the CDC website was “Dealing with the Zombie Apocalypse”. If you search now it says 404 Error “Page Not Found”. CDC has removed the page. 

The World has been speaking about Zombies since the 2000s. After the Coronavirus pandemic humanity is unable to trace the origins of the virus. There is also a threat of a new virus which has been said by Bill Gates and many scientists. They have said that there will be a deadly virus outbreak. Many are saying that this Virus could be a Zombie Virus. 

Many believe that Nostradamus and Baba Vanga Predictions may come true with a Zombie Apocalypse. 

What is a Zombie?

A zombie is walking dead. The Dead will rise to walk the earth. We have seen a lot of zombies in the movies. 

Is there a real-life Zombie?

According to Hollywood, A zombie will bite a human to turn them into the Walking Dead. The Dead body of the human is reanimated. This creates a Zombie who will try to bite other humans. The Signals travelling to the human body is cut off by a virus. A Human will become a Zombie. 

If a virus manages to cut off the Brain Signals it gives signals to the human body. This will make a human into a Zombie. 

To answer the question,

Is there a real-life Zombie?

According to science, there is a real Life Zombie. 

Ophiocorcydeps Unilateralis a fungus. This fungus has more than 200 variants. The Fungus survives by controlling carpenter ants. The fungus will control the ant and the ant will start to climb higher places. The fungus compels the ant to go to high places and die. The Fungus then feasts on the Corpse of the ants. So an ant has been turned into a zombie. 

We know the Wasp and the Cockroach. If a Wasp attacks a cockroach. The Cockroach will become a zombie. The Cockroach will be alive but it will not eat anything. The Wasp lets its hatched larvae feed on the Cockroaches body from the inside. When the Cockroach is near death the Wasps come out.  So in this process, the Cockroach becomes a zombie. 

There is a Microbe called Toxoplasma Gondii. If the microbe attacks mice, the Microbe will stop the brain signals of the mice. If the mouse sees a cat it will not run from the cat. The infected mouse will not consume anything and die. This is how Toxoplasma works. 

Similar to these examples there are Zombie Spiders, Crabs and many real-life zombies. 

Can any virus affect the human brain Signals?

Can humans be affected by a Zombie Virus?

Science says that it's impossible to come to a conclusion. The reason is the Permafrost. In Arctic and Antarctic regions we have Ice Glaciers. We all know that Ice Glaciers in Siberia, Canada and Russia have started to melt. 

Scientists drilled 100 Meter Hole into a Permafrost in Siberia. They discovered a virus. This virus is called Pithovirus sibericum. This virus has been frozen for over 30000 years. This virus is part of a family of Giant Viruses found on earth. When the scientists analyzed the DNA of the virus they found out that this virus attacks Amoeba which is a single cell animal. The Virus starts to live in the cell. After its lifetime it destroys the Cell. If humankind continues to discover more ancient viruses. There is a possibility that there may be a Zombie Apocalypse caused by any one of these viruses. 

Many Cold regions in the world have started to record high Temperatures which has not been seen for many years. So when the Temperature in Cold regions increases it will start melting Ice Glaciers and Permafrost. 

There are a lot of Natural Resources and gases buried under these Cold Regions. Methane Gas has been locked in Deep Freeze. Once the ice melts the methane Gas escapes into the atmosphere. When the methane gas starts to burn into the atmosphere. This will greatly affect the Environment of Earth. Many acids buried will be released. Due to the acids, more Permafrost will start to melt. 

What happens if the Permafrost starts to melt?

For Ex: If you go to a fish market. There will be ice which will be stored with the fish. Many Ancient viruses are frozen on Earth. When the Permafrost melts it will release these viruses. One among these viruses is the Pithovirus sibericum. This virus was frozen for nearly 30000 years. So many viruses which are buried may surface and may cause a Zombie Apocalypse. This is one Possibility. 

The next one is Humans in Space. Neil Armstrong when he landed on Moon said that a giant leap for Mankind. There may be viruses on the moon. After Neil Armstrong came back to earth he was placed in Quarantine. He was placed in Mobile Quarantine. Then he was placed in Uqrantine in Johnson Space Center. The reason is Lunar Zombies. There are chances that there are viruses and pathogens. The Virus may be carried by Neil Armstrong to earth. 

Humankind has started to send many Spacecrafts to other planets. The Spacecreafts carryback samples of Soil from the other planets. They test these samples in Biosafety Level 4 Labs. The Wuhan lab is also a BSL Type 4 lab. Deadly viruses are contained in these BSL type 4 labs which are extremely dangerous. 

But Scientists think that there may be deadly viruses and Pathogens from other planets. There has been a lot of restrictions issued by NASA. This topic or information may be far-sighted. But in the near future humans will travel o the stars. In one of these travels if a deadly virus manages to hitch a ride back to earth. It will become deadly to the Human race. 

What will happen if this Space virus starts to spread?

What will happen if the Ancient Virus starts to spread?

How will humankind respond to these viruses?

This is the reason Pentagon has created the CON Plan 8888. This is the reason behind the CDC Zombie Apocalypse Poster. CDC also gave an explanation for their Zombie Page. Their aim was to let people know how to act in an Emergency. CDC also asked for an Apology for their poster. 

Will Humankind face a Zombie Virus?

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Be ready for a Zombie Apocalypse. 

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