Red Alert to China – Three Gorges Dam Issue Explained

Red Alert to China - Three Gorges Dam Issue Explained:

Every time the Good people will prevail against Evil. 

We are not going to discuss whether China is good or not. 

The issue which is happening in China may turn into an International TOpic. Natural Disaster. 

Is this a Natural Disaster or a man-made Error?

Let’s discuss in detail.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Being Number 1 is not an issue. But if a person says that he is Number 1 in everything then that person is a Selfish person. When Selfishness comes there will be no Common good. 

Forty years ago, a big flood comes in China and destroys massively. After this Natural Disaster China should have taken steps to prevent this from happening again. 

Wuhan Province. Wuhan is known around the world as the Origins of the Corona Virus. The people in Wuhan are now running away from their families. When the Coronavirus started to spread Wuhan Province was placed under Quarantine. The CCP govt is now asking people to leave the province. The reason is the Rain which is pouring down continuously for 35 Days. 

The CCP govt has taken steps when it is rainy season. The steps which have been taken are against Nature. We have already discussed that China has built over 87000 Dams. 

Red Alert to China - Three Gorges Dam Issue Explained

What could happen if China builds 87000 dams?

Nature gave a fitting reply that if you block the rivers and save it for yourself then Nature will create problems for China. The Chinese have started to recognize their mistakes. 

The news says that China has placed a ban for fishing in Yangtze River for 10 Years. This ban has been imposed because there is no fish left in the river. Yangtze river which is 6300 Kilometres is the longest river in Asia and Third-longest in the world. 

More than 1,00,000 Fishing boats are taken out of Service. China has promised 3,00,000 Fishermen community to find other jobs.

So 10 Year ban for fishing. Dams have been built. Natural Disasters happening. Nearly 40 days of continuous rain. Then Comes Hong Kong, Taiwan, America and Indian Issues. Issue after Issue is faced by only China in this world. Our Sympathy with the Chinese People who are suffering. But the root cause of these problems is the CCP regime. 

On 1919 China wanted to build a dam. China wanted to build the biggest dam in the Yangtze River. The Plan which was thought in 1919 was started in 1994. This dam is near Wuhan province. The dam was started in 1994 and the Project was completed in 2006. But the dam’s operations were not fully working as many works have yet to be done. 

Red Alert to China - Three Gorges Dam Issue Explained

On 2012 the Dam was fully completed and it was operational. So from 1994 to 2012, they have built a dam. Initially, their budget for the Dam Project was 8 Billion USD. But when it is completed the budget reached 37 Billion USD. In Indian rupees, it is 2.75 Lakhs Crore rupees. A Very Important and Expensive Project. In China’s 1000 year History they have not completed a project like this one. This dam is a hydro Electricity gravity dam which is called The Three Gorges Dam. The dam is nearly 2 Kilometres long. It is 163 metres above Sea level. The reservoir flooded a total area from 600 to 1200 Kilometre of land. 

From 1994 the Naturalists in China have been warning the CCP regime not to build the dam. Many protested against the project. 

Is the CCP regime for the Chinese people?

No. CCP Follows the Communist Policy. CCP regime ignored the warnings and completes the dam. 

Why should they not build the dam?

80% of the land in the dam Area experienced Soil Erosion, depositing 40 Million of Sediments into the Yangtze River annually, this fact was ignored by the CCP regime. So if they build a dam in that location, 80% Soil Erosion will happen. When this happens the land will start to Collapse. There are chances it will slightly affect the rotation of the earth. Many earthquakes may happen. All these warnings were neglected by the Chinese govt. The govt wanted the dam to be Number 1 in the world. They wanted the Guinness World Record. The dam should be the biggest hydroelectric station in the planet. China’s Govt had only dreams they didn't think about the Consequences. 

The dam was completed in 2006 and became fully functional in 2012. But now The China govt is standing in fire. Their fear is that the dam might break and cause a huge issue. The three flood gates of the dam were opened when the water level rose to more than 15 meters above the flood level. This is a Red alert has been given. 

China govt knew that every Ten years they had to face issues with the Dam. 

Amidst various issues still, they moved forward to build this dam.

Red Alert to China - Three Gorges Dam Issue Explained

The three gorges Dam was build using 4,63,000 Metric Tons of Steel. With this amount of steel, we can build 63 Eiffel towers. The Concrete which was used 28 Million Cubic Metres, with this concrete we could have to build many houses in many countries. 

How many people have been forced to resettle for the Project?

Nearly 13 Lakh People had to re-settle for the huge project. Nearly 1200 Historical and archaeological sites vanished as floodwaters rose after the Construction. This was the reason the World Bank didnt loan any money for the Project to China. China but was stubborn that they will build the dam. 

God Forbid. If that Dam breaks. A small stats to share with you. It will affect nearly 4 to 50 Crore People. If the dam breaks people from 4 crores to 50 crores will vanish beneath the water. Many Lakh houses will be underwater. The latest news says that due to flooding 141 have lost their lives. On 1998 there was a flood which killed 2000 Chinese. This flood is the biggest Natural Disaster which happened in China. 

The 40-day rain may continue to pour. The Indian media is not taking a lot about this news. We think that the Chinese people are secured. The truth is the Chinese people are living in fear. 

You may have a doubt.

Why did the Chinese govt place a 10 year Ban on Fishing in the river?

When a river reaches the sea. Fish resources will continue to grow. But the Chinese have built this three gorges dam and blocked the natural cycle. So the Fish resources started to Dwindle. We discussed that there is 80% Soil Erosion, Due to this, it is not favourable conditions for the fish to live. The fishes started to disappear from the RIver. This is the reason behind the 10-year ban. 

But after the 10 Year ban. Will fish thrive in the river?

This is a big question which the Chinese govt has no answer. 

Was there no possibility of a dam in the location?

No. Many Analysts and Experts gave their suggestions. Instead of building a huge dam, they suggested Small dams in the locations. The Hydro Electricity which the Three gorges produce is 3 times lower if the Chinese could have built smaller dams. But all these warnings, Suggestions are ignored by the Selfish Chinese Communist party which is ruling China now. 

Red Alert to China - Three Gorges Dam Issue Explained

Nearly 33 Rivers have been issued Red Alert. 433 Rivers flood alert has been issued. Many people have lost their houses. The Estimated count is 28000 Houses destroyed. Many Chinese are affected by this dam. 

Are these the issues which the CCP regime faces?

No. This is just a beginning. After the Continuous pour of Rain, the Dam should withstand the water. A 5.1 Magnitude Earthquake has hit north China a few days ago. IF the Earth Quake magnitude was a little higher the dam could have broken. 

If the three gorges dam breaks, there are possibilities the water will destroy the Small dams which are in its path. The truth is Three main dams in right now in a Critical Condition. The Poyang Lake which is formed from the Overspill of the Yangtze River is now 2.5 Metres higher than its warning level.

So many issues the Chinese govt has to face.

Did Xi Jinping visit the area to analyze the destruction?

He has no time for such visits. He is busy fighting with the International Community and Saying “China Number 1”. The Chinese people who actually love their Country has requested Xi Jinping to leave his stupidity and be a good Leader to Save his Own People. 

Please search for the Three Gorges Dam. Please try to read the Taiwanese Newspaper. There we can see the real news from China. 

Are there chances that China and Taiwan will have further issues?

America is now trying to reduce the Domination of China in the South China Sea. We will update you in the upcoming videos. 

The lives we live in now is on the ropes. We don’t know whether we will live or not after the Corona Virus pandemic. But some countries like China are still saying China Number 1. But the Chinese People are suffering now. Our Sympathy and prayers for the Chinese People. 

The last time the Chinese protested was in 1989 Tiananmen Square which resulted in Tiananmen Square Massacre by the CCP regime. The death toll is still a mystery. But various sources say that more than 10000 Chinese People lost their lives for a Vision of a Democratic China. The #AntiChina is against the CCP Regime but not against the Chinese People who love their country and wants Peace. 


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