Reservation Quota 2020 – OBC Reservations Fully Explained

Reservation Quota 2020 - OBC Reservations Fully Explained:

Researching an International Topic takes us nearly 8 to 10 hrs. But Internal issue in India, The Reservation topic took us nearly 16 hrs. Trying to learn this issue is really hard and there are so many issues with this Reservation Quota.

Are we going to support the Reservation Quota?

Vicky Doesn’t belong to the General Category. But there were so many occasions that my Talents have not been recognized. So due to the Reservation Quota, Vicky Bro is one who was directly affected.

Considering the truth. We are not against the Reservation quota also. We will discuss the facts and truth in the Reservation Quota.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Many are asking to speak about the EIA draft 2020. We have already discussed the Topic eight days ago. We clearly gave a reply to these comments. But Still many are commenting that we have not spoken about the EIA Draft2020. Some are saying that we are against India. We are traitors. We saw a lot of comments in the comments section.

Please check whether we have posted the topic or not before you brand us. We were the ones who spoke about the EIA Draft 2020 first. Nine days have passed since we have discussed this topic. Please check with other youtube channels. We were the ones who spoke first about EIA Draft 2020. Please check out the link in the description of the video.

Now let’s discuss OBC Reservation Quota 27%. This has turned out to be a huge issue in India.

In Tamilnadu, there are many Political Parties. Some Parties try to conspire and they are supported by Some People. So these pressures are forced upon many Youtubers.

For Ex: Tamil Pokkisham. Many commented us to talk about this OBC Reservation Quota. We tend to listen to the comments and post our videos. We are always clear in the topic which we take and speak. We did know that speaking about OBC Reservation quota has a lot of Politics included.

We Openly say this, The Ultimate goals of all the Tamil Politicians is that the Reservation quota should be based on the Caste system. For Ex: If you are raising a child, you would educate your child and try various methods to improve their talents. So consider that 100 Students are standing in front of you who are equally talented. Please leave out the Caste System and consider the talents of the Students.

But if you bring these 100 Students into our Education system. They will asl Questions to the Students whether they Belong to SC, ST, OBC. So through the reservation Quota out of 100 Students, 69 Students get seats in Colleges. So the remaining 31% who are equally talented have no reservations. These 31 Students will be selected based upon the Merit and MArks.

So even you try hard to raise your child to the best student. The Caste system and Reservation quota plays a game and makes your efforts useless.

If We say the Caste System is Playing an Important role. One Group will say “Caste System should be avoided”. There is another group which says based on religion by birth in a particular caste they are superior to other caste people”. So this group will say that birth by caste should not exist. But the same people who say this will come and say by birth they are SC, ST and OBC so according to the Reservation Quota We need Seats. So the same group are speaking against Caste System but they need the Reservation Quota seats through the Caste System.

So they protest that they should not be seen as people who belong to a particular caste. But they will again say that They need their seats which are allotted to them based on Caste System.

The reason which they say is for 2000 Years they have been slaves. So many castes were slaves at that time. In those times only 3% were not slaves. So the remaining 97% belonging to various castes were slaves to 3%. So the Situation is 97% of the castes were slaves but now we have to promote the Talented students in that 97%. But some people in the 97% who hate the caste system are asking Reservation Quota in Jobs and Education.

There is also another issue. The Current Generation which lives in the Modern world still follows the Caste System who call themselves are Revolutionaries and hate the caste system, but follow the Caste System when it comes to Reservation Quota. So when this is the Current situation then we 100% absolutely need the Reservation Quota. There is nobody who is a true liberal without any love for their caste.

Many occasions when it comes to Protest, Love and Inter Caste Marriages. The caste system still exists and its very well alive and healthy in this Modern world.

So we have to accept that the Caste System still exists. We say we are liberals but accept the Seats for jobs and Education which are based on the Caste System which was followed 1000 of Years ago. So the Reservation Quota which you get is based on Birth into a particular caste.

So how are they protesting against the Caste System?

There is only one solution to this issue. First, you have sent the people out of Tamilnadu by giving Beatings who say that due to the Birth into a particular caste they only should enter the Temples. We don’t need People who say that people belonging to a particular caste must go into the Temple. We don’t need these people in Tamilnadu and India. All humans are equal. Our Consitution says that the Law is equal to everybody in India. So God should be worshipped by everybody and they have every right to do it. Similar to this education should also be same.

Some People say that for 2000 years they have suffered. They still need the Reservation Quota. Let’s discuss this Reasonable Request.

What is the issue now?

Medical Studies like MBBS and PG in Medical. The OBC is asking for 50% of the Seats from the Central Govt. The OBC consists of more than 1200 Castes. The Castes has nearly 3000 Sub Castes. So the Sub castes also come under the OBC category.

In India, we have the list who belongs to SC and ST. So the Central govt and the State govt have the list, they can easily give the needed Reservations to the SC and ST.

But OBC consists of 52% of the Indian Population. There is no clear instructions of the caste system in the OBC category. For Ex: If a Keralite is an OBC when he comes to Tamilnadu he becomes BC. Some states will not have the Caste System. So clearly we can see that they have not defined the Caste System into the Indian govt. So Statewise OBC is given importance.

OBC means Other Backward Classes. When India got Independence, they cancelled the Caste System which existed on those days. A Case was filed in 1950. The govt decides to give Reservation quota for the SC and ST. Later the govt knew that the BAckward class people had nearly 1200 castes. They also needed the Reservation Quota. So the Indian govt sets up a commission called the Mandal Commission or the Socially and educationally backward classes Commission(SEBC).

So there are castes which are Backward socially and Educationally. The Mandal Commission determined their Quota. After so many struggles the 52% of the OBC People are given 27% of the Reservation Quota. So the Central govt permits 27% of jobs as Reservations.

Now the main issue is NEET.

Why are they not reserving quota for the OBC for medical studies?

So the Mandal commission clearly says that 27% of Jobs must be reserved for the OBC. 15% for the SC. 7.5% for the ST. So totally 49% Reservation Quota. So 49% for Reservation QUota and 51% for the Talented people. This was the law.

This Reservation System was bought to crush the Caste System and give Equality. But the BJP party has said that the UC who are economically backwards must be given 10% of Reservation Quota which is against the Equality system. So for Ex: the people who belong to the UC, these people will have a salary of rs60000 per month. These UC People will also come under the 10% Quota.

What happens when the UC 10% comes under the Reservation quota?

The 50% Reservation quota has now been increased to 60% Quota.

Where is the Indian law and the Courts?

This is injustice. Let’s look at the Reservation in admission act 2006. In 2006 they finalized that Reservation quota will be done in Admissions to Colleges. Until 2006 anybody can study Medical if they have the merit and marks. In 2006 they changed it to 15% for the SC and 7.5 for ST. 27% will be given to the OBC. But the OBC quota will be applicable only for colleges which are under the authority of the Central govt. You must be in total Confusion now.

The reservations quota is not structured properly and there in so place for the talented People.

The Core of this issue in India and Tamilnadu. They should be seen separately. There are colleges which are controlled directly by the Central govt and the State Govt. Tamilnadu govt must give 15% of the Medical Seats to the Central govt. The TN govt can select 85% Students.

How is the Tamilnadu govt choosing the 85% Students?

50% Belongs to the OBC. OBC consists of may categories and subcategories. The SC category has 15%. SCA Category is 3%. ST has 1%. So the Tamilnadu govt has 85% of Seats. So all the Castes put together if you pass the NEET nearly 69. The remaining will be General Category which will come to 16%.

Now the 50% for the OBC is not given to all people under the category. They have this term called Creamy Layer. This layer will take into consideration the families Salary and income which is below 8 Lakhs. So an OBC student who comes within the OBC category his or her Family salary should be under 8 Lakhs. IF the people are economically strong then they will not come under the 50% Reservation Quota of the OBC. Now they have included the Farmers into the Creamy Layer. So if a farmer has an annual income of over 8 Lakhs his daughter or son will not come under the OBC category. They should not include the farmer in this category. One year the yield will be higher the next year his income may vary. So the govt should not include the farmers into the Creamy layer.

Now lets come to the 15% of Seats which is given to the Central govt. The Central govt uses its 15% as follows

27% for the OBC which is 4% of seats in 15%.

15% for the SC which is 2% of seats in 15%.

7.5% for the ST which is 1% in the 15%

10% for the UC which is 1.5% in 15%.

So within the 15% nearly 49% are filled as quotas. So now include the EWS which has 10% which results in 1.5%. So the 15% Reservation quota will be finally given as 60% of the Seats goto the Reservation Quota. So the 40% which is remaining in the 15% for the Central govt will come under General Category which will have only 6%.

So using Reservation quota 69% has been filled in State govt and 60% is filled in Central govt.

The case is that 10% of the UC people should not come under the Reservation Quota. The Law says that only 50% should be allotted to the Reservation Quota. Tamilnadu is not following this law, that case is still in the court. Even the Supreme Court cannot ask questions to the Tamilnadu govt because they have already set this up. So nearly 69% will be given as the Reservation Quota.

Now the issue is The Central govt said that it will give 27% of the Seats to the OBC within its 15%. They have not given the seats to the OBC.

27% for the OBC which is 4% of seats in 15%.

The Central govt is saying that the Admission act 2006, the Central says that the OBC is receiving 50% in the State and it also receives 27% from the Central govt. So totally both State and Central are playing games with the OBC category. This is an error did by the Central govt.

The Central govt also says that if Tamilnadu Govt reduces the 69% to 50% then it will allow 27% of its 15% to the OBC. All these are for the MBBS studies.

Now lets come to PG in Medical.

In this category, Tamilnadu govt gives 50% of the seats to Central govt. The remaining Quota of 50% will be filled by the Reservation Quota.

Now our Tamilnadu govt has filed a case against Central govt to give 69% of seats to the OBC in their 50% for PG in Medical.

Did you understand anything in this post?

So you have to see or read this post two or thrice to understand something.

Is the 69% Reservation enough?

The Reservation quota now whether its jobs or Admissions. Its a mockery. They are asking to take Sensex according to castes.

For Ex: So if OBC has 4 castes called A,B, C, D.

So these 4 category people come for admission. If there is 70% of the A from Tamilnadu then 70% of Seats will be given to that caste people. The remaining 30% must be shared with the other 3 categories which are B, C and D. If B category has 20% of Population then 20% will go to the B category. So C category has 80% Population they will only receive 8% of the seats. The D category may have 20 talented people but they can only allot 2 seats.

How is this Reservation Quota?

What is the name of this Politics?

We are really confused by this Reservation Quota. We don’t know whether you understood or not.

People who say that they have remained slaves for 2000 years ask for Reservation Quota. Ok, you can have it.

So out of 100% through Reservation Quota 69% is gone. The Remaining 31% are talented Individuals. Now please say who said that there is no Talent in Tamilnadu if they are not giving seats to the Talented People.

Who is responsible?

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