RN Kao – Creator of the Ghana Secret Agency | RAW PART4

RN Kao - Creator of the Ghana Secret Agency | RAW PART4:

Are Spy agencies good or bad for the country?

RN Kao visited China in 1955. He was welcomed as a hero when he arrived in India. 

What happened after this event?

Why did RN Kao visit Ghana?

What was the reason behind his visit?

One Year after his visit to Ghana, RN Kao was called back to India. 

What was the reason behind his call back?

Let's discuss this in detail.

This is part4. 

In 1956 RN Kao came back to India. Nehru was very happy with the Success of RN Kao. RN Kao was able to prevent a war. RN Kao was helped by Bhola Nath Mullik. Bhola Nath was the head of the Intelligence Bureau. Mullik was the man who gave permission to RN Kao for his mission. Mullik was happy that RN Kao has become a great example for other countries. 

For the next two Years, RN Kao was peacefully living his life. He was married and had children. 

But one day A very Important person from Ghana visited India. He requested to have an audience with Nehru. They had a meeting and the Person from Ghana promised that India would help. 

RN Kao - Creator of the Ghana Secret Agency | RAW PART4

The year was 1957-58. In 1947 India got its Independence from the British. But many African Countries were under the Rule of the British Empire. A Country that was under the British Empire was Gold Coast. In this country, an organization was formed called the United Gold Coast Convention. This organization wanted their Country to become an Independent country. Their Request was sent to the British. After 10 years of Struggle, in 1957, The Name Gold Coast was changed and a new country was created called Ghana. We knew about the tragic accident of the Kashmir Princess. 

Ghana wanted to create their own intelligence bureau. Ghana has many issues. Many countries have become hostile to their country. Ghana asked for Help from India. The First PM of Ghana Kwame Nkrumah requested the Indian govt for support. 

Nehru says he would help Ghana. His plan had three stages. Nehru asked for acceptance from the Ghana PM. The Ghana PM accepts the Plan. The First stage is Mullikk will arrive in Ghana. He will analyse the Internal issues of Ghana. After his visit, Ghana must send two Officers to India. Through the Indian Bureau, the Ghana Officials will be given instructions and Training. After the completion of Training, the Two Officials will be accompanied by an Expert Intelligence Officer of India. In return India wanted a friendly relation with Ghana to Re-group the African Countries. 

So Mullikk goes to Ghana. The Two Officials from Ghana arrive in India.  IB gives them training. 

But still, there is a question,

Who will be an expert Intelligence officer to go to Ghana?

Ghana also needed an Intelligence agency like India's IB. 

Who will be the man responsible for creating the Spy agency for Ghana?

The name said by all was RN Kao. In Feb 1959, He goes to Ghana. The Ghana Officials were not ready or not willing to join the Spy Agency. RN Kao has to educate these officers. RN Kao has doubts whether he can succeed in this task. 

If RN Kao successfully completes his mission of creating a Spy agency in Ghana. Then India will be capable of instructing many other countries to create spy agencies. This thinking of RN Kao is the result of Indian Stationed Spies in Iran Iraq and Afghanistan. RN Kao was given an office. But apart from him, there was no one working there. The fund allocated by Ghana to create a Spy agency was very low. With this Low budget, RN Kao must build his team. His team must be trained as Spies. He had to teach every aspect of the Spy agency. His Workload was high. But his skills were improving. RN Kao starts building his team. He has recruited more than 100 Officials for the Ghana Spy agency. Training for all these agents has been given by RN Kao. 

RN Kao - Creator of the Ghana Secret Agency | RAW PART4

By the End of 1959, RN Kao had created a Spy agency for Ghana. Until today this Spy agency is still active in Ghana and is called The Foreign Service Research Bureau(FSRB). An order was issued to RN Kao to return to India. His position will be replaced by another person. 

Did RN Kao and the Newly appointed Person have met before?

Did they know each other?

When RAW was created in 1968, these two men were present, RN Kao and the other person was present. The newly appointed Officer for Ghana was Kinattinkara Sankaran Nair. When Sankaran met RN Kao. RN Kao gave full details about Sankaran. Sankaran was surprised that RN Kao knew so much. Sankaran knew that India had not mentioned his name to RN Kao. 

How did RN Kao know the details?

Many questions were raised in the Mind of Sankaran. Sankaran took the Ghana Position and RN Kao returned to India. 

Upon his return to India, RN Kao became the Head of Security for Jawaharlal Nehru. In India, there have been so many political issues. 

In 1955 China praised RN Kao. But from the year 1954 issues have started to grow between India and China. This issue became a big one in 1959. This was the time RN Kao returned to India. 

What happened in 1959?

India was moving its pieces against China. Dalai Lama a Tibetan Leader who is very important to the Tibet people. China started to oppose the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama requested India for citizenship because of the increased pressure from China. Nehru immediately accepted the request. The Dalai Lama has arrived in India. The Akshai China issue is ongoing. This happened in 1959-1960. RN Kao knew that China would turn against India. RN Kao immediately submits a report to Nehru and Mullikk. But Nehru was pretty sure that China would not invade India. So he neglected the report. 

In 1962 China declared war against India. More than 1000 Indian soldiers lost their lives in the war. Many Indian Soldiers were wounded. It was declared that India had lost the war. 

For Soldiers like RN Kao and others, this war became a huge failure and Disgrace. Two Years after the war Nehru Passed Away and Lal Bahadur Shastri became India’s PM. 

In 1965 Operation Gibraltor happened. The Intelligence of India failed as Pakistan has declared war against India. 

So there were so many issues for the IB to tackle. They wanted to concentrate on Internal Security. The IB was working on two fronts. The Indian Intelligence must see a change. 

At this time Indira Gandhi has become The PM of India. She was called the IRON Lady of India. 

Indira Gandhi knew the Skills of RN Kao. She asks RN Kao to create reports about external threats to India. She wanted an Intelligence agency that could operate in Foreign countries. To build this Agency a Special Project was given to RN Kao. 

RN Kao - Creator of the Ghana Secret Agency | RAW PART4

RN Kao with his skills and Knowledge started building the Agency. This is how RAW was created in Sep 1968. 200 People from IB were transferred to RAW. We have discussed this in part3. 

America’s CIA asked for help from RAW. America wanted to spy on China. To complete this Task America needed the help of India. 

Before this, there were three divisions in India which are called ARC, SFF and SSB. ARC - Aviation Research Centre, Special Frontier Force and Special Service Bureau. RN Kao was the head of the ARC. RN Kao then started RAW. 

America’s CIA and India’s ARC did a project. Until today many don't know whether the Project exists high in the mountains of the Himalayas. 

Did India place equipment at the height of the Himalayas?

How did it become a failure?

When it became a failure what lesson did RN Kao Learn?

Let's discuss this in the next part of the RAW Series. 

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