RN Kao First Investigation Kashmir Princess – RAW Part3 China & India

RN Kao First Investigation Kashmir Princess - RAW Part3 China & India

If you want something important done. We should give the task to the guy who will complete the Task Perfectly.

Who was capable of leading RAW?

How did RN Kao become the Head of RAW?

How did Nehru know RN Kao?

What issues did RN Kao have with Indira Gandhi?

How were the issues resolved?

The content is from the Secret Files of RAW. 

This is RAW Part2. 

Viewers have said that the first two posts of RAW were very thrilling. People couldn't believe that these events happened. People asked these questions,

How was RAW created?

How did RN Kao become the first Head of RAW?

What was the research behind the creation of RAW?

We will answer these questions in the upcoming posts. 

An aeroplane in flight is going to crash land. This flight is flying nearly 18000 Feet High. The flight has lost control and it spins. This flight approaching the Sea burst into flames. 16 Passengers in the flight lost their lives and three survived. The 16 passengers who died were Chinese Delegates. This flight belonged to India. The flight started its journey from Hong Kong. Its destination was Indonesia. This crash became a huge issue. Five countries started their investigation. The Five countries were America, The Uk, India, Hongkong and China. Tensions may arise within these five countries due to this plane crash. 

How did the Plane crash happen?

This happened on 11th April 1955. These Airplane crash events lead to RN Kao becoming the First head of the Newly created India’s Spy Agency RAW. 

In 1968, nearly 200 people were on one side and 300 people on the other side. These people are working in the IB(Intelligence Bureau). The 300 people were giving a send off to the 200 people. The 200 people are selected to work in a new department. The Newly created department was RAW(Research and Analysis Service) Was created. The 200 people were put to many tests. Many have undergone training. The Employees should know Chinese, Russian or Arabic. These 200 people should learn at least one other language. Day and night they were given training. 

RN Kao First Investigation Kashmir Princess - RAW Part3 China & India

How to disarm an explosive?

What is a Codeword?

What high technology do other countries use?

The 200 Employees have been taught everything by RAW. They were given training in Airbases in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Assam and J&K. India starts two secret RAW officers in J&k and Lucknow. The office which was started in Lucknow was to gather information from China and Nepal. The J&K branch operated to collect information from China and Pakistan. The Employees wanted RN Kao to be their leader. 

How RN Kao became the first Head of RAW?

The 1955 incident was the real reason. In 1955 Lockheed L-749 which is called the Kashmir Princess was ready to take off from the Hong Kong Airport. The Captain of the Aircraft was D.K Jatar. The captain announces that the flight was waiting for the arrival of One VIP. 11 Passengers and 7 crew members were waiting. The captain informs us that the VIP has cancelled his trip. The flight was going to take off. The Kashmir princess starts its journey from Hong kong. The 100 Passengers were Chinese delegates. The fight started its journey from Mumbai to Hongkong. Then they had to travel from Hong Kong to Indonesia. 

What was the reason for the travel of the Kashmir Princess?

It was 8 Years after India got its Independence. Similarly, many Countries have got their Independence. These countries have formed a Friendly coalition that says no to America and the USSR. This meeting was initiated by Jawaharlal Nehru and the Indonesian Prime Minister. This was the reason the Chinese Delegates were going to Indonesia. 

RN Kao First Investigation Kashmir Princess - RAW Part3 China & India

The flight time was 5 hours. The flight was only 125 Kilometres from Indonesia. Suddenly the aircraft caught fire. The captain knew that an Explosive device was placed in the flight. The Captain did not panic, the Captain informed the Passengers that the flight was going down and he had informed the Indonesian authorities. But the Captain did not have control over the flight. The Captain wanted to crash land the plane into the sea to save his passengers. But sadly the electronic circuits failed and the Flight burst into flames midair. Only 3 were saved and 16 people lost their lives. 

Who planted the Explosives in the Plane?

Was it the Hong Kong nationals?

Was America involved?

Did China kill its own delegates?

Did Indians plan this disaster?

Hong Kong at that time was under the control of the UK. 

Were the British Involved?

This incident created many conspiracy theories. The Chinese radio relay this news. India immediately issued a statement. All other countries deny any involvement in the plot. Now investigation must be started to know the truth. 

This Bomb has been placed for the VIP who cancelled his trip. His name was Zhou Enlai. He was the first Chief Minister of the People's Republic of China. The bomb was targeted towards the CM. 

RN Kao First Investigation Kashmir Princess - RAW Part3 China & India

CM Zhou calls Nehru and asks for one Person from India to join the Investigation team. He says that if the investigation is conducted by China, Hong Kong or America it would not yield any truth. He believed that India would do the job. India’s Pm recommends RN Kao. RN Kao was sent to China to investigate this Incident. RN Kao knew that this was a very important investigation. He knew that he had to Face Five Nations. Any wrong information may turn into a World War. He knew that the countries would line up against him. 

RN Kao arrives in China. He meets with Zhou. Zhou says that this must be done by the Separatists from Hong kong. He also says that the separatists may have been supported by the British. Zhou says that the investigation should be focusing on the British. Zhou also mentioned that it could be done to shatter friendly nations' relations. 

RN Kao wanted to know the truth. He travelled to many countries like Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong and China. The Secret services of British, Chinese and America’s CIA information was given to RN Kao. After knowing the Information RN Kao was well versed in the Secret Intelligence agencies. RN Kao discovers the Culprit. This was shocking news to China. 

RN Kao and Zhou had a meeting. He shares the information. A Chinese National was sent to Hongkong. He joined the Terrorist cell in Hongkong and planned to assassinate Zhou. Their mission was to assassinate Zhou. China was shocked after hearing this news. 

The Conspiracy theories were proven false. RN Kao didn't follow the instructions of any Country. He conducted the investigation and found out the truth. RN Kao got the Highest Award from China. He returns to India after his success. 

RN Kao became a very important man from Nehru. Indira Gandhi was entering Politics. From this year there were 13 years until RAW was created. 

RN Kao First Investigation Kashmir Princess - RAW Part3 China & India

What was the next mission for RN Kao?

Why did India call back RN Kao immediately when he was on a mission?

What happened in the life of RN Kao?

Let's discuss this in part4.  

We will also discuss the Political issue which happened at that time in India. 

How did RAW grow?

What operations did it conduct?

We will discuss the Complete details of Raw. 

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