Russia SU-75 “The Checkmate” – Indian Airforce Details

Russia SU-75 "The Checkmate" - Indian Airforce Details:

AMCA - Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft. India’s Fifth Generation Jet Fighter. India has announced that it will produce the AMCA within 2025. 

Russia has introduced their Most Important Jet Fighter. 

Was it produced for India or Argentina or Vietnam?


Is it produced for many countries?

Will it be available for purchase by other countries?

After the Russian introduction of their Jet Fighter. India has increased its speed in producing the AMCA.

What could be the reason?

Let's discuss this in detail. 

Argentina, India, UAE, Vietnam and China, Russia said they have produced these Jet Fighters for these countries called SU-75. The Sukhoi 57 is now SU-75. Russians also call their Jetfighter “The Checkmate”. The Su-75 is a single-engine, Light Tactical jet fighter. We still don't know the Carrying capacity of the Jetfighter. By 2023 the Prototype will be completed and by 2026 the Jetfighter will be available for purchase. Within 15 years more than 300 Jet Fighters will be produced and sold to other countries. 

MAKS-2021 Airshow showcases advanced jet fighters and technology. MAKS-2021 was held in Russia from 20th to 25th July 2021. The Stealth Jetfighter called Checkmate was introduced in this airshow. 

India has been waiting for the 5th Generation Jet fighters. These 5th Generation Jet fighters will be very useful for India. As Indians, we should know the Arsenal of the Indian Air Force. This information is very important for Students and the Youngsters of India.  

Russia SU-75 "The Checkmate" - Indian Airforce Details

MIG-21, 29 and SU-30 are jet fighters produced by Russia. These Jet Fighters are currently used in the Indian Air Force. The IAF also has Dassault Mirage 2000 and Rafale Jet Fighters. The next class Fighters are Anglo-French SEPECAT Jaguar strike fighter aircraft and TEJAS. This is the strength of the Indian Air Force. 

We should discuss the MIG-21. The MIG type Jet fighters were introduced in 1960. In 1963 the MIG-21’s were imported by India. When America and the UK were against India. Russia was the country that supported India by giving India the MIG21’s. 

Since 1963 India has imported nearly 800 Jet fighters from Russia. Many of the MIG-21’s are not in service now. All MIG21’s will be obsolete or of no use within 2025. India has lost more than 200 of its Top Pilots. There were so many issues with the MIG21’s. Many MIG21’s have crashed due to technical issues and India has lost its Pilots. India needs to replace these MIG21’s. 

According to the World Air Forces directory, India has been placed in 4th Place in the World in Air Force. The IAF has a total of 672 aircraft. As a replacement for the MIG21’s, there will be the SU-75. 

India has been importing the MIG-29’s since 2012. Recently India has signed an order of 21 MIG-29’s. The cost is nearly 900 Million USD. India needs to upgrade its Jaguar Class Jet Fighters. India has two options, it can upgrade the jaguar or it can buy the more advanced One Rafale base level Aircraft. This is the Information of the IAF. 

India has nearly 500 Mirage 2000’s. India has to stop the service of the Mirage2000’s within 2030. The Mirage is Becoming Obsolete. India has upgraded the Mirage2000 into Mirage 2000-5 MK. 

Russia SU-75 "The Checkmate" - Indian Airforce Details

Now we know that MIG21’s are outdated. We have placed the order for 21 MIG29’s. We have a low number of SU-30’s. So the IAF has to stop using the Jaguar, Mirage2000 and MIG 21 soon. The current numbers of Rafale and TEJAS Jetfighters cannot replace these Jet Fighters. 

India has three choices: the F-16, Saab Gripen and SU-75. 

The SU-75 or the Checkmate is the low-cost jet fighter that will be available for India. The SU-75 costs nearly 25 to 30 Million USD which is 200 Crores in Indian RS. 

Is there a chance that America can deliver the F-35’s?

The chances are low. India is going to purchase the S-400 Anti Missile systems. America will deny the purchase of F-35’s which has the S-400 Anti Missile Systems. India must work fast to develop and produce the 5Th generation Jet fighters. 

Russia SU-75 "The Checkmate" - Indian Airforce Details

India may import the SU-75 from Russia as a replacement for its Obsolete Jet Fighters. It is very important for India to develop its own Jet fighters. 

Why can't we mass Produce the Indian TEJAS?

The Indian government has placed an order of 80 Tejas which costs nearly 6.58 billion USD. 40 of the first badge will be delivered in a short period. But the 80 Tejas cannot replace the MIG’s which we have right now. The Numbers are too great. 

The SU-75 has AI. It has a 360 Degree Radar System. The Advanced Capacity for carrying Five Missiles. Without Refueling the SU-75 can fly up to 3000 Kilometers which is light. The SU-75 may be transformed into an unmanned Jet Fighter. 

Which is the best choice?

Is it the SU-75?


Is it the AMCA?

AMCA will be available to India in 2025. But India has to replace many of its Jet Fighters within 2025. India can buy the SU-75 as a Replacement. 

In Air battles, Jet Fighters are important. But the Pilots are very important. Their Experience and their skills will win the Air Battle. 

An excellent example is the 1963 Airbattle of India. Please search for the SU-75 for more information. The Youngsters must know the Capabilities of the IAF. 

Did they introduce any helicopters in the MAKS-2021?

The young generation of India should learn Technology and must possess Knowledge of the IAF. This will create Awareness. The Awareness will change and India can master the Air. 

The Next Generation must know all the details about the IAF. We have spread the knowledge. It is up to the Young Generation who should pursue our Dreams as a Nation. 

You may ask us a question,

We are already Importing Many Jet Fighters from other countries.

When will India be able to export these advanced Jet Fighters?

When the knowledge is spread throughout India and People know about these Jet fighters. Then the time to export these Jet Fighters will come. 

The Indian army is not to destroy enemy Countries but to protect our Motherland. 

We will update the army news on our other channel. 

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