Russia Ukraine War – 13 Brave Ukrainian Soldiers

Russia Ukraine War - 13 Brave Ukrainian Soldiers

Russia says that it has destroyed more than 120 Targets in Ukraine. They also say that more than 80 Ukrainian Tanks have been Destroyed. 

Will Russia continue the war after capturing Kyiv?

Russia has already surrounded Kyiv on all sides. Ukraine is still fighting for its freedom. No Country in the world is supporting or aiding Ukraine. 

What will happen on the 3rd day of the War?

Putin has given an answer. Let’s discuss this in detail. 

The Official news from Ukraine says that 137 Casualties have been reported. Ukraine has also announced that it has killed more than 1000 Russian Soldiers. There is a small Island called Snake Island. It was guarded by 13 Ukrainian Soldiers. Russian Warship warned the 13 Soldiers to surrender and they will be not killed. The Ukraine Soldiers on the radio said “Russian Warship, Go F*** Yourself”. The Russian Warship fired on the Island killing 13 Ukrainian Soldiers. The Ukraine President has called the 13 Soldiers Heroes and will be given Full Honours. 

Why didnt the Ukraine Soldiers surrender?

This is Freedom. This is Democracy and love for their Country. 

Putin has said that Ukraine Army must lay down its arms and the war will be stopped. Putin has said that he is ready to hold talks in Minsk. Russia has conveyed this to China. We cannot confirm this news. 

But we understand that Putin is ready for talks and is ready for the Minsk3 agreement. Minsk1 and 2 were failures. 

Will there be a Minsk3 agreement?

Putin has also called the Ukraine army to overthrow the President and has called for a new regime. 

In Afghanistan, the Taliban fought against the Govt. Many Tribes and Civilians fought the Taliban. But in Ukraine, the People are fighting against Russians. Putin wants to topple the President of Ukraine and war will be over. He also says that it would put a stop to the NATO Expansion. 

In many Media, there was news that Sweden was going to Support Ukraine. But this news is false. Sweden and Poland have announced that the economic sanctions from the West should be strong and Effective. Sweden has said that it has not taken the decision to send its troops. 

America, NATO, Sweden, Poland, France, the UK have not given support to Ukraine. The NATO decision is still pending. 

Experts say that Russia has moved to PlanB. Russia has surrounded Kyiv and has captured many strategic regions. Ukraine’s army is still defending the City. The Ukraine People are not afraid of the Russian army. 

Putin has said that Ukraine is not Russia’s enemy. But Ukraine Govt has acted against Russia. This has led to the invasion and Putin expects a change in the Ukraine Leadership. In Russia, people started to protest against War. So Putin has given this explanation. 

The EU and France have said that they will pass tough Economic Sanctions on Russia. Russia says that they don’t care about the Economic Sanctions as it is Providing Natural gas to the EU. 

If needed Russia can bring down the World’s Stock Exchange. 

Many Countries have warned Belarus. They are also thinking of passing economic sanctions against Belarus and its Leaders. Russia and Belarus will pass economic sanctions against the US, Uk and the West. 

UK and Russia have also said that their airspace will not be used. The War is raging in Ukraine. Many lakhs of Refugees will go to other countries. More than 1.40 Lakh People have gone to Russia. Nearly 50 Lakh People have become refugees due to this war. 

There will be a resolution passed in the UNSC. Ukraine asked India to vote in favour of it. Russia has asked for support from India. When a resolution is passed Russia and China using their VETO power will cancel the resolution. This has happened in the past and this will happen in the future. Russia has VETO power and Foreign Exchange stock with Gold Reserves. 

America’s State Secretary Antony Blinken has said that Putin is creating the New USSR. Putin is saying that Russia is fighting against Neo-Nazisim. Putin says that Ukraine has to remove its leader from Power. This was supported by the Mynamar Junta. 

Russia’s main target is the President of Ukraine. After he is removed from Power and Russia has stopped NATO Expansion. The War will be over. Until this happens war will continue. 

Is there a connection between the War Continuation and no countries helping Ukraine?

If Russia attacks NATO regions. Then NATO, America and The EU will start their war against Russia. If Russia doesnt attack NATO regions, NATO will not directly interfere. Putin knows this. The Countries in NATO are facing Interna crisis. 

Russian troops wearing Ukrainian Uniforms have captured many Military Vehicles on the way to Kyiv. 

Russia is advancing Rapidly and it’s called the “ The Russian Blitzkrieg”. Putin has asked to remove the Leadership of Ukraine. 

America is saying that the casualties will go up within two days. 

The Big war has not started. The Main countries have not yet supported Ukraine. Russia is ready for everything. 

The War will continue. 

What will happen in the coming days?

Is there a possibility of a ceasefire?

Ukraine’s President has called for a meeting with Putin.

Will Putin respond?

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