Russia’s Grand Entry into the Donbas Region

Russia's Grand Entry into the Donbas Region

Russia President Putin has recognized the Rebel-Held Areas in Ukraine. After Russia’s announcement, many countries and UNSC held many meetings. Many Countries are thinking about Economic Sanctions on Russia. 

Putin after the announcement said that the two regions should be protected at all costs. As a Peace Keeping force, Russian troops have entered the Two regions. 

This move is against the World. Let's discuss this in detail. 

Many countries have been blaming and pressuring Russia. But Putin does not fear anything. 

The Western Countries warn that if Russia invades it will face Severe Economic Sanctions. The Media portrays Russia as the main culprit for the Ukraine Crisis. Many Political Experts say that Russia will not invade Ukraine. Now Russia has turned the tables. The World is watching Russia’s moves. 

America, Germany, the UK, France, Turkey and many countries have spoken against Russia. But Russia is still making headlines. The Reason is the Russian announcement on 21st Feb 2022. Russia has not invaded Ukraine. Two Ukraine Soldiers have been killed, but the Russian Soldiers didnt kill them. Russia has not argued with any countries. 

Russia’s President Putin spoke to Russians in a Press meeting. Putin says the two regions Donetsk and Luhansk will be recognized as Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic. After Putin's speech, the Russian parliament announced it as a Separate Country. The Leaders of the Rebels meet Putin and Sign an agreement. The Agreement was regarding Trade and Security. 

DPR, LPR regions leaders and Putin sign the agreement. Putin recalled the Minsk agreement in 2014 &15. The Minsk Accord was signed between Ukraine and Russia. When Russia annexed Crimea, there was fighting in Donetsk and Luhansk. Russia and Ukraine massed Troops in the regions. A Ceasefire was ordered and the withdrawal of Troops was agreed upon. The issue was to be resolved due to peaceful conversations. This is Minsk1. But after three months the Minsk1 Agreement was over. Ukraine and Russia violated the Agreement. SO the Minsk1 was cancelled. 

In 2015 Germany, Russia, Ukraine, France signed the Minsk2 agreement. There were 13 Important Points in the Minsk2 agreement. Among the 13 Points was one point no country will be a threat to Ukraine. Russia says that according to the Minsk2 agreement NATO should not be present in Ukraine. America is also sending troops to Ukraine. America has said that Ukraine will soon be a Nuclear State. Joe Biden has said Ukraine will be a Nuclear State Soon. Putin doesnt care whether Ukraine is a Nuclear State or not. Putin directly or indirectly says that he is ready for a Nuclear War. Putin recently conducted a Nuclear Drill. Now there is a chance for Ukraine to be a Nuclear State. Putin's calculations are accurate. 

In the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, Russians are the Majority. They want the regions to be reunited with Russia. Russia also recognised the People’s wishes and two new Countries were created. The International community says that this is an Internal issue of Ukraine and Russia is taking Decisions on its own. 

These Two regions will one day become an issue for Russia with China. On 19th Feb 2022, The Foreign Minister of China said that the internal crisis should be concluded by the country. No other party or country should be involved in the internal crisis. He also stressed that the Sovereignty and Integrity of Ukraine should be protected. Many Countries have said that they will not recognize the Separatist regions as the Independent States. So according to China's statements, China should not recognize or must stand against the Separatists in Ukraine. 

If China allows this to happen, Hong Kong will start its protests for a separate state. Taiwan has already announced that it is an Independent Country. There will be issues in Tibet. China may face issues in the South China Sea Islands. So this crisis has put China in a difficult situation. 

After Russia’s Recognition,

What will be China’s reply?

Russia has said that Security for the two regions will be provided by the Russian Army. 

India was asked to say its part in Russia’s Announcement of the two regions. India has urged for a De-Escalation and a Peaceful solution to the crisis. India has not taken sides and has called for Diplomacy. 

Russia in the UNSC council says that there are people living in East Ukraine. Russia says that due to fighting there people are suffering and they need medical care. Russia has sent 228 Tonnes of Humanitarian aid to the Two regions. Russia has also said that Russian Troops will enter the regions as “Peace Keeping Force”. So in East Ukraine, a new border is drawn and within Russian troops will be deployed. 

After Russian troops enter the regions,

What will happen next?

Russia will target the Baltic Countries. New issues will be created in these regions. Russia will become the Newly created USSR. 

Nord Stream 2 Pipeline provides Natural Gas from Russia to the EU. The EU is not ready to stop the pipeline. Nearly 40% of the Natural gas for the EU is coming through the Nord Stream2. Putin says that in East Ukraine he is helping people. He also says that he finds no issue in Providing the EU with Natural Gas. 

Russia’s Foreign Minister said that Russia is ready to talk and find a peaceful solution for the Ukraine Crisis. He says that Russia is not ready for a War. The War Propaganda by the West is false and Fake. Russia only wants to help the East Ukraine People. 

If this Crisis continues, France, Uk and America will pass Economic Sanctions. The UK is now discussing the Economic sanctions which may be passed on Russia. Joe Biden wants to Block Russia from obtaining USD. Countries like Iran, Cuba and Vietnam with Low USD Reserves have Developed. Facing all struggles they have overcome their obstacles. 

Can America just ignore Russia?

America has to think about the Big Beast USSR. In 1991 USSR collapsed, But in 2022 it is obtaining a new form. Putin also said that NATO was created to destroy the USSR. He also says that NATO will destroy Russians. He also warned that in the Baltic Nations there are Majority Russian Population. Putin now indirectly calls these Russians to fight against NATO. 

America sees this as a direct threat to NATO. America is preparing for New Economic Sanctions. We will update you when the news is released. 

What will India do?

India has arranged three special flights of AirIndia to Ukraine. India wants to bring back its Nationals. On 22 and 24th Feb 2022, India will operate these three flights. India wants nearly 40000 to 1 Lakh of its Nationals back to the Country. 

The People in West Ukraine are not directly affected. East Ukraine is the region with the threat. India wants to evacuate the Indians from East Ukraine. From the Donbas regions, nearly 44000 to 60000 People have gone to Russia. Many Russian Families are moving to Russia. 

The Russian border has moved into the Donbas Region and Russian troops will be stationed. When Russia enters DPR and LPR.

What will the west do?

They will act against Russia. We will discuss more in the next post.

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