Russia’s Invasion on Ukraine Started

Russia's Invasion on Ukraine Started

Ukraine Crisis the World was waiting for the fighting to start.

Russia has announced that it will conduct a Special Military Operation in Ukraine. Putin has said that there is no other solution. 

The UNSC meeting has been announced. The G7 Countries will talk about the Crisis. Joe Biden is giving a press meet against Putin. 

How is this Crisis turned out to be a real threat to World Peace?

Today at 3.00 PM we will go live to discuss the details. 

Putin has announced a Military Operation in Ukraine. He also warned that the Countries which interfere with this Military Operation will face Consequences they have never seen. Russia invaded Ukraine saying that the People of the Donbas region wanted help from Russia. East Ukraine has asked for help from Putin. Donetsk and Luhansk have Russian and Pro Russian populations. They have been against Ukraine Govt since 2014. This was the reason the Minsk Agreement was signed. 

Putin said that Russia has recognized DPR and LPR as the Independent States. After his announcement, America, Japan, Germany, The UK and the EU passed economic sanctions on Russia. America and the West were against Russia. So this will affect the Russian economy. They expected Russia to back down. 

Without warning, Russia has started their Invasion of Ukraine by attacking the Military Bases in East Ukraine. Russia has laid out the PErfect plan for its Military Operation and is destroying Key Ukraine Military targets. 

After this attack, the Air India flight to Ukraine has been called back. There is a ban for Commercial flights to fly in the war zone. There is a chance that the military may shoot down the Commercial flights. 

Joe Biden has said Ukraine to Hold as American Military is preparing for war. He also said that Russia will be held accountable for shattering the Peace of the World. 

At the end of World War 2, The American Population was 6.3% of the World Population. But half of the Worlds assets belonged to America. This is the Undeniable Truth. 

To protect its assets and Interests America increased its Military Budget from 13 Billion to 50-60 Billion USD. By 1953 America increased their defence Budget. NATO was created to destroy the USSR. In 1991 the USSR Collapsed into 15 Countries. America and Russia are competing for the title of the World Leader. In this Competition, the affected are the Ukrainian People and Ukraine. 

Putin has said that he doesnt want to annex Ukraine. But he doesnt like the Govt which is acting against Russia. Putin said that to protect the Citizens of Ukraine he has to conduct a Military Operation. 

The UN chief has called for Ceasefire under the Pretext of Humanity. UN has called for Peace. 

The international community has set up Emergency Phone numbers for the stranded Citizens in Ukraine. 

Due to the Invasion, The Crude oil price has increased by 2.4%. A Barrel now costs 102 USD. The Crude Oil cost will increase and will reflect on World Economy. This will affect many Countries' Budgets. The Russian Stock Market has been suspended. There are chances that the Indian Stock Exchange may suffer. 

Russia needs Allies. Russia’s Prime Minister is going to travel to Kazakhstan. 

Will China support Russia?

Iran cannot speak out as it is dealing with the Nuclear Deal. The Deal is in a Peculiar State, there are chances that the agreement might be signed. If Iran supports Russia. The Nuclear deal will get affected. This will result in a massive loss for Iran. Iran will remain silent. 

France, Germany, Japan, the UK and the USA will take action against Russia. We will discuss this in the Live Stream. 

It may look like we are taking Russia’s Side. But the truth is that 6.3% of the Americans in the World population wanted to enjoy half of the Worlds assets. Due to this many countries were destroyed. 

This is not a Ukraine VS Russia War. This war started when NATO and America expanded into Ukraine. Russia says that it will not have a NATO threat on its Border. Russia says that the War has to happen to stop this threat. 

We will discuss in live about the other countries with Similar Issues. Please wait for the Live Stream.

War in Ukraine has started. The Live stream is also a prayer for the Ukrainian People. Ukraine doesnt have the Military Power to hold Russia. Civilians have joined the Military to Protect their Country. 

Let's pray that the Citizens are Protected and the War will come to an end very soon before the situation escalates. 

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