Russia’s Space Military | Tzar King of Bombs

Russia's Space Military | Tzar King of Bombs:

Russia is using Space as a MIlitary centre says the UK and America. 

Can they use it as a Military Centre?

This was a conspiracy theory days ago. Space will be the next Military Centre where countries will concentrate. 

This video is a Second Part of the EMP Series. 

Is Russia using Space for Military Purposes?

What results did the Nuclear Weapons test of Russia Yield?

What was America’s counters for Russia’s actions?

We will discuss in detail in this post.

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In 23rd Sep 1949, America’s White House is very active. Many are expecting that the PResident is going to speak about a big issue. Harry Truman announces that Russia has successfully tested a Nuclear Weapon. He warns the International Community. 

How did America know about Russia’s Nuclear Tests?

Truman says that Russia has completed the Test one month ago. 

Why did America have to call for a press meet?

America was the monopoly on those times. 

In 1945, America has already tested Nuclear Weapons and they have bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. America said that it has the Nuclear weapon so it will be the Super Power. America could have determined that no country should yield this power called the Atom Bomb. They formed a committee. This is called US Atomic Energy Detection System(USAEDS). 

This is an intelligence committee to seek that any other country has the Atom Bomb or not. 

How did this intelligence network work?

The Planes which fly over various countries. They used passenger planes to gather sample air and tested the air. The intelligence informs America that Russia has tested its Nuclear Weapon. So to confirm the information America has to use USAEDS, they flew passenger flights which were allied Countries flights of Russia. They discovered that there was Radioactive debris in the air. They used the Codeword as WB-29. So America discovered that Russia has successfully tested the Atom Bomb. Russia didnt accept the truth they stayed Silent. But they were continuing to test the Atom bombs from 1949. 

Russia's Space Military | Tzar King of Bombs

From 1950 and 1960 America conducted various ATom Bombs tests. This was a huge pressure for Russia. The Cold war has begun. America anytime can bomb Russia. So the Russian govt ordered their Scientists to develop the Atom Bomb. The Russian Scientists wanted to create an Atom Bomb which was 3800 times more powerful than the American Atom Bombs. The Russian Atom bomb was 7300 times stronger and deadly. But the Scientists were afraid that the radiation could affect their country. So they reduced that Yield by half. The Bomb was 100 Megaton Yield and they changed it to 50 Megaton Yield. This bomb is named a Tzar Bomba ” King of Bombs”. It was also named a Big Ivan and Project 7000 and according to America’s CIA, it was called Joe111.

Russia's Space Military | Tzar King of Bombs

So Russia’s dream was to build to the biggest atom bomb and it should be a threat to their enemies. So Russians build a bomb which had 27 Ton. To carry this Bomb they needed a Bomber Aircraft which is capable of carrying off the bomb. So they did many modifications to their Bomber Aircraft. The Russians used the TU-16 Badger. So they do modification in the TU-16 and they load the Atom Bomb in the bomber this happened on Oct 1961. So the bomber was escorted by another fighter for tests. The tests happened in the arctic region. The Atom Bomb was 8 Metres height and 2 metres in width. When they drop the bomb the earth will tremor, it may affect the earth.

So they decided to blow the bomb in 14000 Metres from the land. When the bomb blasts there were chances that the TU-16 will get caught in the explosion. So they fitted a parachute for the bomb. Three minutes were allotted for the bomb to be blasted. So the two aircraft must increase their speed to maximum and escape the explosion. This was the plan. The Aircraft was painted reflective paints. When the bomber was flying 34000 Feet in the air they dropped the bomb. When the Bomb reached 14000 feet in the air it blasted. 

How much TMT is comparable to the 50 Megaton Atomic bomb?

5 Crore Ton TNT is needed to compare it with the Tzar bomba. For Ex; Empire State building in America, 275 Empire State Buildings weight of TNT. When the bomb exploded nearly 700 to 900 Kilometres are from the Blast Zone tremors because of the bomb. This bomb is very destructive than the sun. The Smoke from the bomb was seen from many Kilometres. The Mushroom Cloud spread over 60 Kilometres. The World’s Biggest bomb exploded. So in 1961, the International community knew about the Atom bomb. 

Russia's Space Military | Tzar King of Bombs

America through its Intelligence got the yield of the bomb. They get the results that all the bombs used in World war 2 combined power are 10 times smaller than this Atom Bomb. This atom bomb has three stages. Russia has done the Second stage. Russia has developed the third stage Atomic bomb. So making an enemy out of Russia is bad for America. 1962 was the year which saw more Atomic Bombs tested in this world. Both countries continuously tested atomic bombs. The Radioactive elements mixed with the Earth’s atmosphere. TO save the atmosphere there were many laws declared by the International Community which was masterminded by America. India acted against the International law resulting in India becoming a nuclear state. 

American Monopoly was destroyed when Russia developed their Atomic Bomb. They gave some results and technology to China. America gives technology to its allies. Scientists travel to many countries. Thus the need for Uranium started to increase. The Nuclear weapon is the one which is keeping the world in peace. 

EMP is stronger than Nuclear Weapons. 

Why is it more deadly than Nuclear Bombs?

In this Modern world, Computers, Electricity, Internet are the main source of income for many people across the world. In India this is the situation, imagine Russia and America’s situation. America is fully operated by Computers and mechanized. If the computers fail in America all work will be stopped. This is the reason the country which has the EMP weapon will rule over the world. This is still a Conspiracy theory. 

America has already tested its EMP weapon. China has EMP weapons and Russia announced their EMP cannon. India also has its own version of EMP Weapons. 

What is the Accusation placed on Russia by America and the UK?

Russia's Space Military | Tzar King of Bombs

The accusation is Russia has launched an Anti-Satellite weapon to destroy America’s Satellites in space. The Russians are testing this Anti-satellite weapon. In Jan2020 America announced that two Russian Satellites are following America’s Satellite. Americans said it as a spy satellite. But now America says that it is not two but three Satellites. One Russian Satellite has been sending to space by Russia then it separated into three Satellites in Space. 

How is this possible?

We can store 2 vessels in a Big Vessel. Russia launches a big satellite which contained two satellites as the cargo. So three satellites belong to Anti-Satellite types. They have named it as Cosmos 2542 and Cosmos 2543. This was the first announcement from America on Jan2020. But now they have included another satellite called Observer 45915 small satellite.  

Can they launch satellites like these ones into space?

What do the Anti-Satellites do?

Is Russia spying on other satellites?


Is Russia trying to destroy the other satellites in Space?

What will happen if Russia destroys the other satellites in Space?

Let’s discuss this in another post. 

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