Russia’s Sudden losses – What will Putin do next?

Russia's Sudden losses - What will Putin do next?:

After hearing the name America, the country which comes next in our minds is Russia. The Cold War. Shattering the Soviet Union Russia to trying to Dominate Russia now is America’s Aim. There have been so many issues in between these two countries. On April 11th 2020 American Researchers and Scientists are in awe, A Satellite is following America’s Satellites. 

Who Spies on a Spy Satellite?

Russia. President Putin had the support of the people. But now the situation has changed. 3 out of 4 Russians supported Putin, but now 1 out of 4 only are supporting Putin. 

Why did Putin lose favour among his people?

What is Putin going to do next?

Will Russia change which America Expected?

We will discuss in detail in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

China, Russia, America and India. These 4 countries alone have Anti Satellites which can destroy Satellites stationed in Space. Russia this April Send an Anti Satelite into Space. Americans after hearing the news warned Russia. They said that Russia has two satellites following the America Spy Satellite. America said it will not forgive this incident. The Anti Satellite’s name is DA ASAT. 

Russia's Sudden losses - What will Putin do next?

Which two Satellites are following America’s Spy Satellite?

Cosmos 2542 and Cosmos2543 satellites. So in Space technology, Russia is equal to America. Weapons also its the same. Turkey is an enemy to Russia. Turkey now says that it will buy weapons from Russia and America should not oppose it. Weapons supply Russia is equal to America. Russia is becoming equal to America in Confirmed cases of Corona Virus.

In Russia, daily nearly 10000 People are getting affected by the virus. The third most affected country in the world is Russia. There is a chance that Russia may move to Second Position. 

In Landscape, Russia is the largest country. No Country can conquer Russia that easily. The Russian People totally believed in Putin. They needed nobody else but only Putin. But now in Surveys takes many Russians are voting against Putin. Only 28% of Russians are supporting Putin. The Survey was after 2014 who Russians want as their president.

Where did Putin do wrong?

Today in Russia they lifted the lockdown. Putin was in full control of Russia. The same Putin now says that Governor of the regions can take decisions whether they want Lockdown or not. The Russian people have other doubts. So long go Putin made his appearance. After 2024 Putin may not be the President, but he will be able to change laws to control the whole of Russia. All these events were supposed to happen in April to May. But due to Corona Virus Putin calculations didn’t work. 

Russia's Sudden losses - What will Putin do next?

Putin also had calculations to become a Super Hero among his people. On May 8th and 9th, in these dates Russia Won World War2. Putin wanted to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the win in a big celebration. So from April, there have been many rehearsals. Suddenly Coronavirus started to spread to Putin has decided not to continue with the celebrations. 

There are other reasons also. The Rehearsals happened in April. The Troops which participated in the Reheasels nearly 1000 of them are affected by the virus. Putin’s calculations went wrong. Putin gives authority to the President to oversee the operations containing the virus. But the president is also affected by the virus. 

So a Spy, Who is a Chess player, good In Hockey a Person who got Black Belt in Self Protection. Putin has done it all. In 2015, Crimea was annexed by Russia. People said that they will give their lives for Putin if needed because he got back Crimea. During that time nearly 89% of the People were supporting Putin. When Russia annexed Crimea many countries forced Economic Sanctions on Russia. In Directly there was an order not to help Russia. Even after these economic sanctions, Putin turned Russia into a powerful country. 

Where did Putin lose his favour?

Russia initiated a Price war against Saudi Arabia. Try Searching Oil War in youtube. Due to Price war, the Crude oil price went down. Russia income is mainly based on crude oil. Russia to produce 1 barrel of Crude oil costs them 40$. But now their cost is 30$. So when they sell for 30$ they face loss. 

Russia's Sudden losses - What will Putin do next?
Russia's Sudden losses - What will Putin do next?

Saudi Arabia has increased its VAT tax to 300%. 3 times increase. The reasons will be in the next post. This is also a result of the Price war. Russia is facing a lot of losses. Last week in Russia unemployment is 13 lakhs. Many companies are not working. One SIde the Corona effect the other side the Price decrease of Crude Oil then comes Economic sanctions and the last In- Country Politics. 

A Person can be president two times in Russia. But Putin tries to become president again in 2020. The elections should have happened in 2020. But this is also postponed. According to today’s situation if they conduct polls Putin will lose. So Putin has a lot of issues to handle. America is using this situation perfectly. 

Through Price war, America is helping Saudi Arabia. So if Russia reduces the price Saudi Arabia will also do the same. America is ready to fund Saudi Arabia in this price war. 

Does Saudi Arabia need Money?

Saudi Arabia needs a lot of money. Russia is using its Foreign Exchange stock and spending it. Russia infrastructure is in a pause state now. Putin has said that not to prioritize Infrastructure but to rebuild the economy. This is the reason they have lifted the lockdown and he has let the governors decide whether to continue the lockdown or not. People who are above 65 yrs should not come out. Russians believe they can rebuild their economy. But Corona Virus is spreading so Putin’s calculations may turn wrong. 

Can China help Russia?

No, they cant help. China is facing America now. So the Communists countries China and Russia can help each other?

Communism is only for namesake. China is no Communist Country. Russia also doesn’t follow 100% Communism there are mistakes.

Will Russia and China unite and face America?

Russia's Sudden losses - What will Putin do next?

When that time comes there will be a war. When Russia’s Situation worsens. America warns China also. America will force economic sanctions on China. They will cancel the Phase 1 agreement. China is using a cyber attack to discover the vaccine of America. These accusations are kept by America upon China. So these issues will end at some point. 

Many Countries don’t have money. The other Issues are Un-Employment, Infrastructure and the economic crisis.

Which Country will overcome the hurdles and become the next Super Power?

Let’s wait and see. Next post will be

Why Saudi Arabia increased the VAt tax?

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