Russia’s Ultimate Move – America’s Failure

Russia's Ultimate Move - America's Failure

The Indian govt has announced that due to Ukraine Crisis it has requested students to come back to India. It has also promised the students that they will be safely brought back Home. 

America has stationed nearly 7000 soldiers in Poland. Russia has stationed nearly 30000 troops in Belarus. 

There are other countries that are near Ukraine.

What is Russia's issue with these Countries?

What could be the next step for Russia?

Russia has announced that it will conduct a Nuclear Weapons Test. 

How will it impact the crisis?

Let's discuss this in detail. 

The World is not ready or don't want another War. People in the World don't need war. 

But the events which are happening remind us that War is Evitable. 

What could America gain if there is a war?

The US State Dept has agreed to sell 250 MIA2 Abrams tanks to Poland. They also agreed to provide Military Equipment to Poland. Poland has to pay for this Military Equipment. It is estimated that the Sales is 6 Billion USD. 

Is Poland against Russia?

To know more we should discuss the events that happened in 1939. In 1939 USSR and German Foreign Ministers met and signed an agreement. This pact name is Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. The agreement speaks about Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Romania. USSR has agreed that Germany can invade Poland. When Hitler invaded Poland the USSR remained Silent. Some regions of Finland and Romania were occupied by USSR. 

In 1940 Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania called The Baltic Countries were occupied by USSR. When USSR collapsed in 1991, the three countries were declared Independent countries. In 2004, these three countries join NATO. In 1999 Poland Joined NATO. This is the reason Poland and the three Baltic countries are against Russia. This is the reason America has stationed its troops in Poland. 

When USSR was formed there were countries that acted like Shields. The enemy must fight through these countries to reach the USSR border. So One side of Russia’s Shield in the Baltic Countries. The Western Countries wanted to pressure Russia through Poland and the Baltic Countries. Russia annexed Crimea and allied itself with Belarus. 

Now the Crisis is in Ukraine. Russia said that NATO forces will not be permitted into Ukraine. If NATO submits to Russia now. Poland and the Baltic Countries may think of leaving NATO. Russia can easily invade these Countries and annex them. 

In Latvia nearly 38% of the total population are Russians. In Estonia nearly 24% are Russians. In Latvia, nearly 2,80,000 People don't have Citizenship. These People cannot be Govt Servants. These People without Citizenship hate their Govt. Russia can use this to its advantage. There are Pro-Russian people who are living in these countries. 

If Russia invades and Annexes Ukraine. Then it will turn its attention to the Baltic Countries. Russia has a strategy for these Countries. 

Joe Biden has said that Russia will surely invade Ukraine. Biden shows the satellite images which was taken on 16,17,18th Feb 2022. Many military bases were created and troops are in formation. The Satellite images show that 32 SU-25 Ground Attack Helicopters, an S-400 Anti Missile System, a Unit of Drones are stationed in an Airfield in Belarus. This airfield is just 30 Miles North of the Ukraine Border. So a perfect division for an attack has been stationed in the airfield. 

Russia has also stationed 50 Helicopters in Lida Airfield. There are tanks that are stationed. All this information is received through the American Satellite Images. Using this information Joe Biden has called for a United Front if Russia invades Ukraine. The US is sending this Propaganda to the EU. When Russia says that it is just conducting Drills the EU will not believe in Russia. 

In 2008 Russia occupied some regions of Georgia. In 2014 Russia annexed Crimea. Russia started it by saying it was conducting Military Drills. When Russia conducted its Drills there will be an internal crisis in Crimea. Then Russia said that it is sending troops to protect the Russians in the region. Then Russia annexed Crimea. 

The same situation is happening in Ukraine. There has been an internal crisis in Ukraine. If an invasion happens and Ukraine believes in the Western Countries. It may become the next Afghanistan. If Russia annexes Ukraine it will continue to the Baltic countries. America knows Russia's plans. 

Russia’s only way to threaten America and the World is to show off its Nuclear Arsenal. We will soon hear about this in an announcement. Putin has ordered a Nuclear drill. Putin will also be present in the Drill. 

EU and many countries signed an agreement. If a country wants to conduct a Military Drill with 9000 Soldiers. Then the particular country should inform the other 56 countries which signed the agreement. If the Military drill has more than 13000 Soldiers then the remaining 56 Countries will send officials to the Drill. Russia has also signed this agreement. So Russia has placed many Small Units in various locations. They have placed these Divisions in Crimea, Donetsk, and Belarus. So the Division will not reach more than 13000 Soldiers. But Various Smaller divisions now Surround Ukraine.  Russia is doing this legally. So the other countries cannot raise questions for Russian Deployment. 

Russia knows the Cunningness of America. Russia is a Superpower because of Putin. Putin’s dream is to create a New USSR. The Ukraine crisis has played well into Putin's hands. 

American Media says nearly 50% of Russian forces are ready to attack Ukraine. 

How will Russia start its Invasion?

From Belarus, three Russian Divisions might attach Ukraine’s Capital Kyiv. From Crimea, four divisions might attack Ukraine. This Data is published by the BBC. The Pro-Russian separatists will be active in Ukraine. This will be the strategy of Russia. If Russia manages to occupy Ukraine, it will set up a Pro Russian govt in Ukraine. This is the plan of Russia says American media. 

In Kyiv nearly 28 lakh people are residing. America says that it will prioritize the safety of the Citizens of Kyiv.  America has already signed a military agreement with Poland. They are ready to provide the Military Equipment to fight against Russia. 

If Russia invades Ukraine, America will profit from the war. This is the Cold war plan which has been followed by America. Russia knows the Strategy of America. This is the reason Russia has not yet invaded Ukraine. It's taking its time. 

Russia knows that China will support it. When China directly intervenes in this issue. Russia will change to an Aggressive mode. 

The Ukraine crisis is just a Starting Point. The Baltic countries issue will be raised. The Crisis is a ticking Time Bomb. There are Russians, Pro-Russians in these Baltic countries. Russia will use them to the maximum. 

This is the latest update on the Ukraine crisis. We will update further if there is more news.

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