Schools Vs Third wave of Coronavirus – Dr N.K Arora Answers

Schools Vs Third wave of Coronavirus - Dr N.K Arora Answers: 

The daily cases of Coronavirus in India have come down below 1,00,000. This has happened after 63 days. This is great news.

With the great news comes another news that says ICMR - National Institute of Virology has identified a new strain of Coronavirus.

Amidst this news, they say the third wave will greatly affect Children.

How will the virus affect the children?

Seems they are going to mix the vaccine. 

What good could that “Mixed Vaccine” do?

What kind of research is going on now?

We have a lot of questions. The answers will be delivered to you in this post. 

National Institute of Virology - Pune has identified a New Strain of Coronavirus called B.1.1. 28.2. WHO has already said that the mutation of the coronavirus will continue and a new Strain will be discovered. WHO also said that vaccinating is the only way to control the New Strain of Coronavirus. 

Regarding the vaccination, a question was asked to Dr N.K Araro 

Who is this Dr. N.K Araro?

He is the Chairman of the Covid-19 Working Group. 

Who does the Covid-19 Working Group report to?

It reports to NITAGs(National Immunization Technical Advisory Group). The guidelines from NITAGs are followed by the Indian Govt. So the person belonging to the NITAGs will answer the questions asked by the common Folk. 

Schools Vs Third wave of Coronavirus - Dr N.K Arora Answers

The question was

Why are people only talking about Covaxin and Covishield?

In Twitter research has surfaced stating that Covishield creates a higher number of Antibodies than Covaxin. 

Dr N.K Arora commented that scientists are working Day and Night to create nearly 30 vaccines. So Scientists are currently working hard to find new vaccines. 

The Next question to Dr Arora, NITAGs and ICMR has started three types of tests. 

The research to find new vaccines is ongoing the reasons are,

  1. Mixing of the Vaccines. For eg: The first does maybe Covaxin and the next does maybe Covishield. 

How does the body create antibodies increasing the Immunity Power?

The research has been conducted to identify the results. 

  1. Both vaccines are not available in all states. Even if it's available it is not available in Many Hospitals. 

So if they conclude the research of mixing the vaccines.

What will happen?

People can be vaccinated with different vaccines. This is the main reason behind the research. 

  1. Accidentally the vaccines have been changed and injected into people. 

Dr N.K Arora accepted this statement and said that is the reason behind their research. If accidentally the Doses of Vaccines have been mixed. 

What kind of Side effects will they face?

Using Mixed vaccines or using the same vaccine for two doses.

Are the results the same?

These were the answers given by Dr Arora behind the research done. 

Schools Vs Third wave of Coronavirus - Dr N.K Arora Answers

The truth is they are going to mix the vaccines. This method has been tried in Canada and the UK. Scientists are currently researching the Side Effects of Mixed Vaccines. Many Scientists are currently working on the research. Many Academics are conducting Tests. Dr N.K Arora has revealed detailed information about the study. 

The Reporters asked the Dr,

Will there be a 3rd wave in India?

Dr Arora says that there is a possibility of a third wave. But in Delhi, nearly 70% of the total Population have already been infected by the Virus. He also said that they are conducting research.

What kind of research has been done?

Many people do not recognize that they were infected by the Coronavirus because there were no Symptoms. The people may be affected by a normal fever. The People without any symptoms who took the Coronavirus tests had been identified as Positive. 

So in Delhi, nearly 70 to 80% of the population has been affected by the Coronavirus. 

The Research was conducted to find out the Antibodies in the people. The next research is identifying the Interval Days when the Cured patients are again infected by the Virus the Second Time. So they are calculating the Re-infection rates. ICMR and NITAG’s say that the percentage is 5%. 

For Eg: If 100 People are affected by the virus and cured. After two to Four Months, nearly 5 out of 100 people may be Re-infected by the Virus. 

In India, The Population is 135 Crores. The 5% reinfection rate is considered to be high. 

Will taking the vaccines reduce the Reinfection rate?

No. The Reinfection rate will not go down. The re-infection rate will stay 5%. So No vaccine or not the Refinection rate of 5% will not go down. But Re-infection can be seen in fewer people, says research. 

The next question was, 

The CUrrent Vaccines require two doses.

Has there research been done to reduce the dosage to only one?

There is no research conducted to reduce the dosage to One. 

But there was news one week ago, The Cured patients can be injected with one Dosage of Vaccine. Dr N.K Arora has disagreed with this news. 

The Sputnik and Johnson & Johnson vaccine require only one dosage. There is no research regarding this statement. But there is no research by the NITAGs which says that one dosage of Covishield or Covaxin is enough. 

Is the NITAGs conducting the Vaccine Tracking program?

This tracking program is functioning. To identify the Doses injected into a person. They also track the Days Interval of Dosage and where the person has been injected. To get all data regarding this they have to use the Vaccine Tracking Program. So Vaccine Tracking has been implemented. 

The Vaccine passport, Many countries have given a go for this program. If a person has been injected with two doses of Vaccines. That person can travel to countries. This is called Vaccine Passport. India was against this Program. But the Indian government has issued a Statement recently if a person wants to go to other countries, they have to be injected with two doses of Vaccines. The Indian govt will give Vaccine Passport to the People. 

Schools Vs Third wave of Coronavirus - Dr N.K Arora Answers

The next news comes from Karnataka. Doctors said that some of their aged Patients bodies do not create Antibodies. 

Was it the truth?

Dr Arora Replied that they are conducting research on the subject. He also said that antibodies in humans cannot be created at the same time. Some people's bodies may take three months to create Antibodies. Some bodies may take one week or one month. Depending on the immunity system of the person, the creation of antibodies is determined. So bodies can take time to create antibodies in Aged People. When there is a delay in the antibodies, the aged people may be infected by Coronavirus. This proves the 5% Reinfection rate. 

The next question asked was,

Is there a research paper released by India?

Dr Arora replied that there has been a lot of research going on now. But the records are not made public due to certain reasons. Within two weeks a research paper in India might be released to the public. 

So the complete research study will be released to the Public in India. 

Will the vaccines fight against the New Strain of Coronavirus?

Dr Arora replied that there is a huge chance that the vaccines can fight against the New Mutated Viruses. He also added that nearly 13% of the Entire Indian population have been injected by Vaccines. If the vaccines are not injected. The third wave in India might make me more Deadly. Vaccination is the only way India was able to control the Second Wave. 

How does the Third wave affect Children greatly?

An announcement was given that Children aged above 2 yrs old should be given a mask. Below 2 yrs old there is a risk of Oxygen level decreasing in a child’s body. So no masks are needed. 

How many children are affected by the virus?

Children who have Fever for continuous 5 days, must take the Coronavirus tests. Without reasons don't take CT scans. Dr Arora said that a CT scan is not needed for Children. If needed they can take RTPR tests. 

Right now the situation is the Children suffering from Fever, a very low percentage need Medical aid. In this Low Percentage, the Children admitted into ICU wards percentage is very low. Dr Arora says “Don't need to panic”. 

He also continues, that Schools and Colleges may be opened. The Children have been staying in the houses for over two years now. So many states may consider slightly open the gates of the Schools. If they open the schools the children will spend their time with their friends. 

As Adults, We know how to maintain Social Distance, use masks, Wash Hands and Use Sanitizers. But many of us don't follow the guidelines. Children cannot be asked to follow these rules. Due to this, the Virus may spread to many children. 

Coming back to Politics, Political Elections, and Mass Gathering conducted by Political parties. Many people gathered to support political parties. Carelessness led to India’s Second Wave of Coronavirus. In the second wave, the Children are in their houses. 

So if they open the schools, when the third wave hits India, it will greatly affect the Children. This will lead to a third wave of the coronavirus in India. Thus coming to the conclusion that the third wave might Affect the Children greatly. 

Now, this was his statement. 

So if they open the Schools, then the Coronavirus cases might increase. If this happens then the third wave will hit India. The Third wave will greatly affect Children due to the opening of Schools. 

What are they really trying to say to the people?

Are they asking the Schools to be shut down?

What do you think about this issue?

Is there a research paper that says the Third wave will greatly affect the Children?

Nope. There is no such Research paper. There is no research going on in India now. There is research that is testing whether there will be side effects for Children after being vaccinated. 

But there is no Valid Proof that says that the Third wave will affect the Children. 

But there is a possibility if the Schools are reopened that may lead to the third wave. 

The government has announced that it will give 20 Kilo Rice to the people who are vaccinated. But in America, the government is giving away Ganja, Tickets to Amusement parks, Lottery Tickets and many more. 

How will the vaccine Program be a Success in India?

So the question still remains,

How will there be a third wave?

We think you have the answer to the Possible Third wave in India. Our advice is to keep your children safe. 

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