Seduced By Tik Tok – A Cultural Degradation

This post can be called as Advise. Experience. Warning, Alarm Bell or Care.

Tik Tok a small software. 

Did a 30 Mb Software spoil our young generation?

This post will be a search to find an answer. Many know about this issue. But we all have to understand this and help the others who are struggling. 

Why is Tik Tok spoiling people’s lives?

Who are these people that are affected?

What is the psychology behind this?

Why we are discussing this topic now?

These questions will be answered in this post. 

Beloved Tamil people. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. 

The main reason behind this discussion is two famous people in Tik Tok. The one is Rowdy Baby Surya and GP Muthu. Surya’s account has been blocked by Tik Tok. This is viral news among the youngsters. People who are above 30 age will not know about this. So this post will be hard to understand for people who are above 30 yrs old. Many people are famous in Tik Tok which is only known to the youngsters. 

Seduced By Tik Tok - A Cultural Degradation

Will any good happen by speaking this issue?

Many of us protested that Tik Tok should be banned. Because the videos were becoming unwatchable. We took a lot of steps to ban this software. 

Did we succeed in this?

No. We lost. 

Did our protest stop the growth of Tik Tok?

Nope. Nearly 134 Crore people have downloaded this app. Nearly 45 mins everyone spends in Tik Tok and nearly 10 times they reopen the app. Daily nearly 50 crore videos have been uploaded. In this highly advanced society, the highest growing app is Tik Tok in social media. 

A Question For the People who use Tik Tok.

Why did you download this app called Tik Tok?

“I want to be famous” this is one category. The second is People who wanted to pass the time. The third one is “I need Friends’. The fourth one is “ I just simply downloaded to watch the videos”. We are going to consider these four categories. 

This is a question for the ones who wanted to find friends.

Did you come to Tiktok to find friends by avoiding your real friends in Life?

You should search for an answer. Many People who entered Tik Tok were the Women who belong to 30 to 35 yrs age group. 

Why are they starting to use this app?

Because of Loneliness. To avoid Loneliness they installed Tik Tok. They start to post videos of themselves doing normal things. Many View the video and like the videos. This Tik Tok has turned into a huge problem because of these women. This is the truth. 

Did everybody belong to this age group?

Many Youngsters are also a part of this Cultural Destruction. For Ex: 2000 Rs Bra Girl. This stupid girl said, “ I am wearing a 2000Rs Bra, you can see it or Shut it and go”. 

Seduced By Tik Tok - A Cultural Degradation

So among these Idiots, we have to now turn our attention to These Male Friends. These male Friends AKA Idiots with no Brains are the ones responsible for encouraging these two categories of Women. 

Their readymade Comments “ Wow, Super”,” Maximum Sweetness”, “The red saree is not good for you, but the green was great”, “ Wow, Saree”,” You are looking great in Modern Dress”. 

Now the stupidity doesn’t stop here. They combine their videos with other women videos. They think that they are becoming famous. They believe they have achieved Stardom. Nearly 28 Women’s videos are uploaded in Porn Websites. Nearly 28000 videos have been uploaded. 

Are the only ones who are affected?

You guys are recording videos. Now the face wrap feature is so famous in Tik Tok. While you record these videos, you accidentally record your mother or father in the background. Do you even understand the seriousness of your shameful acts? 

To understand this. Women are now recording videos with their Children. So the Child is near the Bosom of their mother. You record this video and upload it and you receive likes. Likes are not for your children. But the exposure of your bosom.  If the video is repeatedly getting views this must be the reason. This has turned into a huge issue for husbands and wives. 

Seduced By Tik Tok - A Cultural Degradation

Husband combines a duet video with another woman, Wife combines it with another guy. The comments state the chemistry between the two is great. This makes people do unwanted things by exposing their body more. 

This is turning you into an Online cam girl without even you knowing it. Many may ask this question.

Why are you getting triggered for the act which I like?

It doesn’t pain us. But the path you are showing to our younger generation is the wrong path. We can identify an application whether it’s good or bad by just seeing it. It can be decided by the users who actually use it. This is why we hated Tik Tok for so long now. Now we are unable to stop the growth of Tik Tok. 

So we request that People who do good should enter this Tik Tok. The app is filled with lustful idiots and stupid people who don’t have any thinking capacity. So good people like us avoid it completely, then those souls will be lost to the dark and they will never recover. 

Can we change their lives? 

Can we make a difference?

We have to at least try to help them get out. We have to clean this mess. There are videos in Tik Tok which are worse. 

Next comes another issue. 

Have you watched these videos which are so famous in Tik Tok now?

Many scold others in videos. A Lady with a Crying face(Seriosuly We thought she lost a loved one). “Friends, I am really sorry. This is breaking my heart. My phone is damaged. So I am leaving Tik Tok. I don’t know how I will survive without speaking to you guys.”. So in this case, there are two Scenarios. This woman should be feeling lonely. Maybe she doesn’t have any family members to talk. So the friendship which cant be received from their friends or relatives. That drags these people into Tik Tok. 

Understand this 90% of the friendship which you get through Social Media is to manipulate you to do horrible things. Showing off your assets or wearing different clothes will be only viewed by Viewers who want to exploit you. They view you as a Sexual Object. 

So if you are posting videos which are useful to the Public those followers will be Genuine Followers. Because you have posted good Content which helps people, So the followers will also be genuine. 

But if you are showing your assets and dress like Prostitutes. Then if they meet you in Public he will have this itch to touch your private parts. So the videos you post in Tik Tok today will be shared in Hello App and then moves to Whatsapp. Tik Tok, Hello and Vico all belong to one company. So they are promoting these apps. Now they have started filtering the Hot stuff. 

So you have to change. People who come to Tik Tok to become famous. Please if you have any ideas or know that by removing your dress alone you are receiving likes. Please then quit this dreadful app. 

Now People who use Tik Tok have been called names like Prostitutes. Women who show their assets in these videos are being called names now. If you need or want that name you can go ahead. 

With some of these rotten apples, the Women who really are posting good and family videos are also getting affected. So people who do good things are also doubted by the community. So this platform was to showcase your talents but some Women have turned this into Cam girl Apps. 

This is an app used by The Young Generation. Every one of us who upload videos must try to educate our young ones in a good way. Please understand this. This is our responsibility. 

So are you the person who doesn’t care about who will get affected. Who just want likes. Or are you the one who cares for our society. Please upload videos which are genuine. 

When it comes to Social Media 50% is Porno related. But when it comes to Tik Tok it’s nearly 90% that’s what people believe. Please divert yourself to save our future generation.

The videos you upload. Can be morphed and uploaded into Porn websites. You will never know this, but after some time you will come to know. So when you see that video running in a porn site you will be completely destroyed and it will affect your loved ones most. So try Changing yourselves. 

You upload your child videos. A new group has started to download these videos and edit and re-upload it for bad things. Please Protect yourselves. If you want to save the Society then please only upload videos which may educate our youth. 

This post is a big request to all Tik Tok Users. Upload good content. Viewers will be low, Likes will be down. But the followers you receive will be Genuine. 


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