Seeds – A Powerful Weapon to Control the World | Danger to Earth

Seeds - A Powerful Weapon to Control the World | Danger to Earth:

Must do some changes before talking in this video. 

FC5 Potato type, without the knowledge of the Corporate the farmers have planted it. Due to this, the farmers have been sued. This lawsuit was filed by Pepsico against four farmers. 

We the people who have love and affection upon farming and farmers raised our voices against the Corporate. As a result, Pepsico has withdrawn its Lawsuits. But they have said not to plant those seeds again. 

One Corporate is able to stop the planting of Potatoes in India. 

Will this situation happen in Tamilnadu.India?

Many say that the Seeds are the greatest Weapon.

How is this statement possible?

Are we going to speak against Corporate in youtube?

The people who do fact checks. There is a request from us. Please educate the Youngsters and Farmers,

How to buy a patent?

What are the procedures?

There are many science channels. So our request is to educate the people on this topic. 

A Very Important Topic. We are going against the Corporates. This is a huge group. We are not afraid as we have the support from you. 

When it comes to farming we feel happy and also fear. Happiness is that we are all farmers. Fear is when we speak about farming, it becomes political and they start to brand us. 

So this is not a political video. But for people who think this is political. We are going to speak about some Political parties. 

Our Farmers have been protesting for nearly 70 to 75 days now. This protest is against the Farm Bill. 

Seeds - A Powerful Weapon to Control the World | Danger to Earth

What are the farmers protesting against?

The farmers are protesting against the law. The Law which has been brought in by the BJP party. 

How are the farmers protesting against the Law?

This law can be a boost to the Corporate Sector. Whether its Contract Farming, Price Determination or MSP. The farmers think everything will be controlled by the Corporates. 

Who is standing against the farmers?

The Corporate and the Law which suits the Corporates. The Law passed by this Central govt. 

This is our stand.

Take for Eg: The Review of the Movie called Bhoomi. The YouTubers who have given negative reviews, they will have different opinions when it comes to BJP and the Farm Bill. If you ask a question to these YouTubers, 

What will you say about Corporates being the enemies of Farmers which has been portrayed in the movie?

Bhoomi has been released in Corporate OT. 

How will they speak against Corporate?

They will say Corporates are not against Farmers. They will say that the Directors are the real enemies. 

Seeds - A Powerful Weapon to Control the World | Danger to Earth

Understand one thing, Whoever stands against the farmers whether they are Corporates or the govt. We should be ready to stand against them. 

But the real truth is Congress and BJP both parties support the Corporates. When we try to expose the truth, we are being branded as supporting a particular party. 

If we don't release this video now. We will have this guilt after ten years for not releasing a video about this topic. 

Can we oppose the Whole of Corporates?

We can't stand against All of the Corporates. The technology we use comes from the Corporates. 

You may ask us a question,

Why are we protesting against the Corporates when it comes to farmers?

Another question,

How can some people control the whole world?

Some People believe that few people cannot control the whole world. 

Please understand the Politics behind the Review of the Movie Bhoomi. They will say that few people cannot control the Whole World. 

Now let's discuss Natarajan who has been selected in the Indian Cricket Team. We should all be proud of him. But even in Cricket, they say a Normal person like Natarajan who doesn't belong to Brahmin society has been selected to play for India. This is huge. This will be their statement. 

Their Aim is 3% of Brahmins controlling India. This is their Propaganda. There is real truth in this statement. So 3% Brahmins control India say the Youtube Channels. 

But they will refuse to believe that Few people control the Whole World.  Their main aim is to not make people believe the people in this concept. 

Seeds - A Powerful Weapon to Control the World | Danger to Earth

Can Some Corporations control the whole World?

We say that the Indian farming can be controlled by four Corporates. These four corporates are the reason why Indian farmers are using genetically modified seeds. 

Whoever wants to fact check this statement please go ahead. Videos can be published against this statement. 

In India, This seed Business is nearly 15000 Crore rupees. Nearly 50% of the Whole Seed are brought by the farmers from the Four Corporates. Not only the Seeds but even the Fertilizers are been given by the Four Corporates or their Branch Companies. The Fertilizer business is nearly 20000 Crore Rupees worth. This is annual. There are only high chances that this business will take off. 

So Seeds nearly 15000 Crore Rupees and Fertilizers above 20000 Crore Rupees. 

Is the Profit going to only four corporates?

This is unbelievable. 

Can these four corporations control India?

They can control India. We will discuss the reasons now. 

First, many people think that India should join RCEP or TPP and accept the Free trade agreement. 

Many Could have asked this question When Britain exited through Brexit. Scotland wanted to be a separate country. 

What could be the reason behind the Scotland Separation?

Behind all these issues, there is the World Bank, World Trade Organization, IMF are working. 

If we say, These three organizations are working for another Power. Then it will become a Conspiracy. With Proof, if we can show the world then it becomes the Truth. 

In 1947-48 the WTO was called GATT(General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade). 

Why did they start this organization?

World War 2 Is over. Many countries faced huge losses. To rectify this issue, one country which has abundant Natural resources is needed by another war-torn country. There is abundant Oil in one country which is needed in another country to re-build. So to sustain the world, the countries had to exchange goods. But Some countries did not want to share their resources and remained Self-Sufficient. But this cannot help the world to move on. This was the reason GATT was established. Countries like America were keen on GATT. 

Seeds - A Powerful Weapon to Control the World | Danger to Earth

So 23 countries join this agreement with India signing it. In 1947 Oct discussions were made and in 1948 GATT was born. Many Countries like India in the sectors of Agriculture and Textiles businesses were not exported to other countries. So this is called Closed Economy. 

We discussed Harshad Mehta videos. 

How did Harshad Mehta become a rich person?

In 1991 the Share market of India was opened to the world. Before 1991 it was a Closed Economy. There is a lot of heavy work behind every video through this Connecting the dots. 

So in 1948 GATT was introduced and agriculture was its big issue. This agriculture should be accessible by other countries. The One who controls the food, Will control and enslave the people. India is an agricultural country and it is heavily dependent on Agriculture. India cannot export the food because the Indian Population has to be fed. This is the reason the Indians are standing against the Corporates. This is the reason behind the frustration of these Corporates as they cannot see any profits. 

The Corporates have to take control of the Agriculture in India. This will result in exporting food to other countries and earning huge profits. Diseases are based on food and medicine for diseases that are based on food. So they have to take control of the Food. 

So GATT held many meetings in many countries such as Uruguay. They come to an agreement. They wanted to change GATT into WTO. The WTO will give guidelines for exports and imports of Countries. Agreements will be made and trade will flourish. So the world accepts the Idea.

WTO also says that it has to bring in TRIPS(Trade-Related Intellectual Property Right). 

Through these rights, the WTO says that one country has agriculture and many farmers are involved in it. The other country can send seeds to the Country for Yields. But the Patent Rights for the seed will be with the giving country or Corporate. This seed should not be used again without the authorization from the other country or Corporate. 

So For EX: If an Indian farmer is using country Seeds. The Corporates will buy these seeds, change the Structure of the seed and make it into a Hybrid Seed and get the Patent rights for that Seed. 

This is the reason the Science-based youtube Channels must talk about these seeds, Patent rights. You need to educate people on this topic. You must educate the Youngsters. If Our Channel speaks about it. The topic may be Incomplete and mistakes. Science channels can take this topic and educate the people. 

Youtube is not only for earning money. We can use Youtube to educate the people on these topics. 

If these Science channels take this topic and educate the people on Patent rights of Seeds. This will create a huge Change in India this year. 

Only two things will rule the world in the coming days. One is Farming and the other is 5G. If we ask China about the patent rights of 5G we will know the answer. 

Your search for Patent rights for agriculture. You will come across the truth. 

In these two patent rights, India’s score is very low. Very low patent rights are in India. This is the awareness of the Indian People. So we have to educate the people. This is a responsibility for all Indians. 

SO WTO is born, Trips have been signed. When it comes to intellectual Property it became a huge issue for many countries. Countries like Malaysia and India refused to accept the law into their Country. 

But right now in India. The Seeds nearly 7% to 10% are from the Corporates. Cotton nearly 80 to 90% Cotton Seeds are from the Corporate. 

Why is India dependent on Seeds from Corporates?

Can the Indian farmers sell their goods on their Own?

Seeds - A Powerful Weapon to Control the World | Danger to Earth

2004 Congress Party Rule. 2019 Rule BJP rule. These two national parties wanted to bring in a new law. In 2004, it was called Seed act 2004. In 2019 it is called Seed Bill 2019. 

If you search for these Seed Bill there will be no details in google because no one discusses this topic. 

Through this Seed Bill Law, a few corporations can control the Whole World. Four Corporates are enough to increase the Hunger or Reduce the hunger rate. 

Small news.

Bill gates said that importance should be given to Lab-Grown Meat and Genetically modified seeds. He also said that within a small area if we plant these genetically modified seeds the Yield will be high. 

If we ask a question,

Why should we turn to Lab-Grown meat?

We can't grow livestock the expenses and the area they occupy is huge. This is Gates' statement.

But the Bill Gates report was released recently. 

What does the report say?

In America alone, nearly in 18 States Bill Gates has bought farmland which is nearly 2 Lakhs 46000 Acres. 

Within 2 acres we can get much yield from the Bhoomi Movie. The reviewers gave it a negative review. 

Why has Bill Gates bought 2 Lakhs 46000 Acres of Farmland in America?

Can we get an Answer to this question?

They are trying to change our attention from Farming. The Corporates are engaged in occupying the Farming Sector to enslave the Indian people. 

We are not opposing all corporates. We are opposing Corporates who plunder our Natural Resources. Let's discuss more on this topic. 

We discussed Brexit, RCEP and TPP. The reasons will be discussed in the next video. 

So Connecting the dots is not over. 

We requested Fact Check Channels to educate the People on Patent rights.

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