Sharma Oli Dissolves Nepal Parliament – Nepal’s Future?

Sharma Oli Dissolves Nepal Parliament - Nepal's Future?:

If every wish is granted to you.

Is there a god?

There is a god. 

Nepal with the support of China was acting against India. On 21th Dec Nepal parliament has been dissolved. Nepal will face elections in 2021. 

Is this a Curse or a Blessing for China?

What will happen to India Nepal Relations?

What will be India’s next Strategy?

Will Nepal be governed by Communist or Congress?

We will answer these questions in this video.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Nepal is currently ruled by the Communist Party. The name of the party is the Nepal Communist Party(NCP). 

Is this NCP a single party?

Two Communist parties joined to create a New Communist party called the NCP. It was created in 2018-19. But in 2020 they have dissolved this alliance. 

Why does China need Nepal?

China needs a Buffer Zone. To Continue occupying Tibet, China has to make Sure India’s interest lies elsewhere. So China needs Nepal as a scapegoat. We all know that China’s ruling party is the Communist Party called CCP. China wanted Nepal to be ruled by a Communist party. 

The Tyrannical Dictatorship done by Xi Jinping in China must be done in Nepal also. China was trying its best, for the past 6 months Nepal was facing many issues. 

Our Question is,

If Nepal has many issues to face. Why did they release a new map of Nepal?

Why did they show it to the International Community?

Sharma Oli’s biggest Political Stunt is this map. You can understand the issue when you research it deeply. 

Sharma Oli Dissolves Nepal Parliament - Nepal's Future?

In 1992 China and India wanted to lay a route through Lipulekh pass which connects three countries. No country in the world opposed the idea. So the project was completed. In 2018-19 the Lipulekh area and the route was in the Indian map. After March 2020, Nepal suddenly said that the Lipulekh area and the route belong to them. The New map of Nepal consisted of Lipulekh pass and the route. 

When Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Nepal. 

Why did the Nepal Govt give Importance to the new map?

The reason is Nepal politics has started its downfall before March 2020. Sharma Oli and Prachanda had a big issue between them. 

Who is Sharma Oli?

Who is Prachanda?

Both belong to different parties with Communist Ideology. Sharma Oli belongs to Communist Party of Nepal which follows the Ideology called Unified Marxist -Leninist. The other member is Pushpa Kamal Dahal who is known as Prachanda belongs to the Communist Party of Nepal which Follows Maoist Centre. These two leaders Policies are different, but they allied in the Election against Nepal Congress Party. They also win the election. 

After winni9ng the Election Sharma Oli wanted to become the Prime Minister of Nepal and Prachanda will be the Chairman of the Communist Party. This deal becomes a big issue. Already they had their differences. 

In 4th March 2020, Sharma Oli underwent medical treatment for a kidney transplant. Sharma Oli should have appointed an acting Prime Minister until he completely recovers. He should have named Prachanda as the acting Prime Minister. But Sharma Oli didnt do it. This is the start point of Political issues. Due to these issues, the Ministers were unable to do their jobs. The Ministers will listen to the Leader of the Party. Sharma Oli has not appointed any acting Prime Minister. 

When This happened, The Coronavirus started to spread rapidly in Nepal. Due to Political issues and Sharma Oli’s carelessness the people of Nepal suffered a lot says Prachanda. He starts a campaign for Sharma Oli to resign from his Prime Minister position. 

Sharma Oli Dissolves Nepal Parliament - Nepal's Future?

This news reaches China. China wanted the Communist parties to be in rule. China changes the Ambassadors to Nepal. The list of Chinese Ambassadors to Pakistan who acted against India was taken. China replaces the Nepal Ambassador. 

Now Nepal’s Communist party issue has been taken over by CCP. China thought of leaving out Sharma Oli. To strengthen the Communist Party in Nepal Sharma Oli should be sidelined. 

After Sharma Oli has been sidelined,

Can the CCP solve the Political dispute in Nepal?

To divert the issue, China assigns a New Project for Sharma Oli. China says that it has a border dispute with India. Using this opportunity Sharma Oli was instructed to release a New map of Nepal. China intension was the Communist Party and the People of Nepal will side with Sharma Oli. China thought that Sharma Oli’s Political issues will be resolved by releasing a new map. 

Sharma Oli releases a Map. This causes a very big issue. People in Nepal were supportive and against the NEw Map. 

India starts its game by sending Military Generals, Foreign Minister to Nepal to meet with many Political Party leaders. India warns The Opposing Parties of Sharma Oli’s true Intentions. India also warned Sharma Oli that China is trying to enslave Nepal. The Truth has been revealed by India to Nepal and its people. Now the issue has gone one step further. 

Sharma Oli decides and orders to change the Constitution of Nepal. He held a conference to change the Constitution. If there are Nine Numbers invited then Nine Members should be present in the conference. In the Nine Members, Five support Sharma Oli. The 4 Members support Prachanda. Two of five are in confusion to take aside. 

Sharma Oli wanted to change the law immediately. This became a huge issue. China is pressuring from One side. Sharma Oli says to China that within One week he will solve the Political Issues. 

The decision to dissolve the parliament is an act against China. China wanted both Communist parties to be one and also wanted to sideline Sharma Oli. Sharma Oli by taking this action has resulted in Direct Election in Nepal. This Election will be held in April 2021 and May 2021. 

Can a Prime Minister Dissolve a Parliament?

Sharma Oli Dissolves Nepal Parliament - Nepal's Future?

This is the ongoing issue now in Nepal. One side says that Prime Minister doesnt have the power to dissolve the Parliament. The other side says that it can be done. 

This is Election Time in Nepal.

Will the Nepal People believe and vote for the Communist party?

No. They will not vote. They have seen the Political issues and Dramas conducted by these two Communist party Leaders. The Ministers didnt do their jobs during the pandemic. So due to this, the next election will be a very important one in Nepal. 

Will there be an Indian or Chinese Domination in Nepal?

There is no need for domination. Please let the Nepal People live in Peace. For the past 28 years, Nepal People have witnessed many political changes. There is no Political Stability in Nepal until today. 2017 Elections were conducted and in 2021 they will be a new election. Many People in Nepal want a Military rule in the country. 

China until today thought that Nepal will be its supporter. Now the Communist PArties in Nepal has failed Miserably. SO China will now take steps to dominate Nepal. India will closely watch the situation. 

The Map which was released by Nepal may be changed if Nepal decides to have a discussion with India. In the Geo-Politics played between India and China, Nepal is an important part. 

What will happen next?

What are your comments?

Will Nepal escape from China?

What will be election results?

If India takes the right steps. Nepal will become a supporter of India. 

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