Srilanka Dire Situation & Debts – The Hidden truth of the Rakapaksa’s | China Debt Trap

Srilanka Dire Situation & Debts - The Hidden truth of the Rakapaksa's | China Debt Trap:

A Country needs Rice and another country needs rubber. Export the rubber, but the country will pay less price than the Market Price. For the rubber exported in large quantities, they will export Rice.

This is how Srilanka depended on China in 1952 under the Rubber and Rice Concept.

30th August 2021 Srilanka has announced an Economic Emergency. If there is an Economic Emergency within 14 days the govt should find a resolution and announce it in the Parliament. There are 225 members in the Parliament. There was voting which took place in the Parliament regarding the Economic Emergency. 132 Votes for Economic Emergency and 51 votes against the resolution. So the economic emergency resolution has been passed with the approval of Parliament. This economic Emergency has not been announced for nearly 40 to 50 years in Srilanka.

The 1952 Rubber and Rice is now connected to 2021 Srilanka. Srilanka’s GDP, Future Projects, Debts, The Current govt all are based on this concept.

If you think that this post is for the Srilankan People. Then you are wrong. This Post is for Indians and the Future.

We are just saddened by the state of Sri Lanka now. The main reason why Srilanka is suffering is the Current Govt. Srilanka is a democratic Country. In the History of Srilanka, No Politician has dominated the Country. The Country’s Finance Ministry, Economic Policies and Defense are under the Control of a Single-family. Rajapaksa, Gotabaya RajaPaksa and Basil Rajapaksa are enslaving the Island Country. Eight family members of the Rajapaksa are dominating Srilankan Politics. In this modern world, even the Monarchy cannot rule a country with Eight Main Members.

What is happening in Srilanka?

A CCP kind of rule is happening in Sri Lanka. One year ago Gotabaya Rajapaksa said that they are following the Chinese CCP rule. From 2019 Srilanka started to drift into Rajapaksa Madness. The Economy of Srilanka started to decrease in 2019. There was a terrorist blast in the Church resulting in a major hit on Terrorism. This is a huge factor for the decrease of the economy. Sri Lanka was in a 6 Billion USD debt to China. Srilanka had to lease the Hambantota Port to China. When the Debt started to rise, two events showed that Srilanka is a slave to China.

The First is the CCP’s 100th Anniversary. The Occasion was marked by Srilanka which minted two gold coins to honour the CCP. This is the first time that Srilanka has minted coins for another country. For freedom fighters or if a country has helped another country greatly they would mint these coins. But no country has minted coins for a political party from another country. The Srilanka People were shocked by their government actions.

In 2020 Sri Lanka formed a High Commission. Moragoda was the head of the commission. He took over the Commission in 2021. He released a report to the Sri Lanka govt not to side with China but to side with India. The High Commissioner in his report has said that Sri Lanka has to conduct many Joint Military exercises with India. Sri Lanka has to utilize the Indian Line of Credit. Sri Lanka has to engage with Business deals with Indian Companies. The Sri Lanka High Commission has released this report. The main reason for this report is Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Gotabaya has promised his people that he will ally with neither China nor India. He wanted friendly relations with all countries. But due to Mahinda Rajapaksa’s friendly relation with China. Sri Lanka is facing many issues now. This is the reason they have announced the Economic Emergency. Srilanka’s Debt to GDP ratio is 101%. So the Debt is larger than the Income of the Country by 101%. India has a ratio of 26%. India has a massive Population with a Land Mass. The Public Debt Vs GDP ratio is 21% to 26%. But Srilanka’s Ratio is an alarming 101%.

Some say that Srilanka’s entire debt is not to China. Srilankan govt has released a Graph. Nearly 10% of its Debts are to China. Another 10% are from Japan. 47% are from International Capital Markets. 22% from Multilateral Development banks. 4 to 5% From India. The 47% International Capital Market represents Big Corporates. More than 50% of these Corporates are from China. So China has directly given 10% and Indirectly through Corporates have lent money to Sri Lanka. So the international community cannot blame China directly. But Srilanka has been fooled. The Western Countries call Srilanka “Backdoor for China”. China will enter South Asia through Sri Lanka. Through the Balkan States China entered the European Union. This is the reason why China is using Srilanka.

Has China helped Srilanka?

The Answer is No. China has a debt Trap Sri Lanka. China is planning to build a Vaccine Manufacturing Unit in Srilanka.

Does Sri Lanka have the resources and land to take care of the waste produced by this Vaccine Factory?

Near Hambantota Port, nearly 400 Acres have been allotted for the plant. So Srilanka will become the Waste Ground of China. China will dump its Waste in the country. Srilanka is an island nation that is incapable of holding this Toxic waste.

How did Srilanka accept this project?

We don't know how China managed to convince Sri Lanka. But Srilanka has received 350 Million USD for the plant from China. China said that there was an agreement between the two countries for a loan of 1.2 Billion USD. If it helps it should be free. But China is asking for interest from Srilanka. To pay the Interest Debts Srilanka is getting more loans from China. Sri Lanka had to Pay 400 Million USD to India. Srilanka lent money from China and gave it to India. Srilanka said that it had excess money thus paying back India.

Within 5 Months of Debt Settlement to India, Srilanka has announced Economic Emergency. Sri Lanka says that it has no Dollar Stock, there is no money, the economic growth is -3.6%. If this continues for One Year Srilanka will become bankrupt. They have to generate more money for their debts. They have to pay huge interest to China. If Srilanka cannot pay its debts they have to lend their entire Country to China. Sri Lanka was unable to pay back 6 Billion USD so they had to lend Hambantota Port and surrounding regions to China. Soon, Sri Lanka has to lend more regions to China to pay its Interest. This is the time Srilankan govt has to think carefully.

Is the Srilanka government thinking carefully?

China wanted Srilanka to change its ruling model as a democratic country into a Chinese Communist Model. Within the Communist Ideology, there is a Leninist model. China wanted Srilanka to follow the Leninist Model. This is the reason the Eight members of the Rajapaksa’s are ruling the Island Nation now.

China has only one party in their country. The CCP's 14 main members will take major decisions from the country. In Srilanka, the 8 members of the Rajapaksa family are making decisions for the country. The Rajapaksa family is living lavishly. Hambantota is the Hometown of the Rajapaksa. The Money received from China is used for the family's benefits. Many Srilankan Families are now standing in lines for Basic and Necessary Products. People have not drunk coffee for so long, A Kilo Sugar costs rs230 to rs300. This is the Worse Situation in Srilanka.

If Srilanka has to escape it has to move away from the Claws of the Dragon. People must rise against the Rajapaksa's. The Island nation is dependent on Tourism. Many tourists must travel to Srilanka to increase their Economy.

Moody’s has downgraded Srilanka’s Credit Rating by two. In Many Countries, Srilanka’s Credit rating is decreasing. Srilanka has to overcome this issue. The High Commission report must be taken seriously.

Milinda Moragoda report says that Srilanka has sided with China. There was a project which was started by Three Countries Srilanka, India and Japan. They signed an agreement for a project which is the East Container Terminal Project in Colombo Port. China has forced Sri Lanka to cancel the agreement. Srilanka didn't discuss the cancellation with India and Japan. The report says that this was a great setback for Srilanka.

Srilanka is not blamed here but China is making its move. The Information shared in this post must be shared with many people. The Sri Lankan people have to understand the Politics which is played.

Please check the Description of the video for Proof. Please understand the current Dire Situation.

How can the Srilanka people request their government?

How to make Rajapaksa listen?

If the People start to speak about this report. The Govt may side with the people. If the Srilanka people know these details they will ask questions against their government. If the People don't raise questions they will be enslaved by the Rajapaksas and China.

Change the Enslavement into your rights.

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