Starlink VS 5G Network | Project Starlink Explained | China’s loss?

Starlink VS 5G Network | Project Starlink Explained | China's loss?:

In the 1990s 2G was used in the European Union. In 2000 Japan was using 3G for the first time. America was the first country to use 4G Network. 

Which country will be the first to use the 5G network?


Are we going to use Starlink instead of 5G?

SpaceX has already launched thousands of small satellites into space. Recently they have been updating the technology. 

Will Starlink be launched in India?

Will it be GIO Vs Starlink?

What does TRAI say?

What are the mysteries behind the Tweet of Elon Musk?

We will discuss in this video.

We have already discussed the full details about Starlink and 5G Network in Tamil Pokkisham. 

We had a doubt whether to discuss Starlink or 5G network in this video. We know that 5G will be the technology which will rule the world. While this is happening Starlink has been running its Demo’s in countries like Canada, The UK and The USA. The internet is directly connected to the Satellites. Starlink’s Internet has been used in many houses. 

China was saying that it will dominate the 5G Network. Analysts say that Starlink will be the biggest threat to China’s Dreams. Elon Musk has said that he is no competitor to anyone, but he will take over a market which he will create on his own. 

So this may be a Strange Topic. 

In Jan 24th 2021, Nearly 143 Satellites have been launched by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. The World was surprised. They were wondering about the growth of Elon Musk who has joined with NASA and is sending 143 Satellites into Space. In the 143 Satellites, 10 of them were under the name of Starlink. The Indian media and our Science-based youtube Channels did not discuss this topic about these 10 Satellites. 

What is so important about these 10 Starlink Satellites?

 Starlink VS 5G Network | Project Starlink Explained | China's loss?

There is an organization called the FCC( Federal Communications Commission). A Request from Spacex was placed to the FCC. SpaceX said that the satellites which they launched are supposed to be orbiting in Low Earth Orbit, but they need permission to station their satellites in Polar Orbit. 

What type of Satellites are allowed to be stationed in Polar Orbit?

Spy Satellites to spy on another country will be stationed in Polar Orbit. Satellites which predict the Weather Forecast will be stationed. The satellites which take images of Earth. FCC has given permission to station Spacex Satellites in Polar Orbit. A total of 42000 Satellites will be launched into Space by Spacex. 

How many Satellites have India, America and Russia have launched into Space?

How many Satellites in total are orbiting around Earth?

The numbers may be only 2000 to 3000 Satellites. The exact numbers may be above 2000 Satellites. So only 2000 Satellites are launched into Space by the World. But Elon Musk has said that he will launch nearly 40000 Small Satellites into Space. 

These Small satellites will be in the size of Tables. The satellite may be nearly 200 Kilograms. 

The newly launched Ten Satellites will communicate with each other. 

How will the Satellites Communicate?

The satellites will communicate through laser Lights. They have launched a new Technology called Space Laser. This may be a new technology for Spacex, but America and DARPA have experience in this technology. 

Elon Musk has said that the Ten Satellites uses Space Laser Technology. But the Satellites which are going to be launched in 2021 all will have Space Laser Technology. 

 Starlink VS 5G Network | Project Starlink Explained | China's loss?

Now the questions is,

Why are they using the Space Laser Technology?

Space Laser is also called FSO Link(Free Space Optical Link. ). If a Satellite wants to communicate with another Satellite in Space. It will send a Signal to the Ground Station on Earth. The Ground Station will communicate with the other Satellite. This is the Current Technology used. 

Through Space Laser Technology, a Laser Beam will be sent from one Satellite to the other. So the Communication will be Direct. By directly communicating, it saves times when a satellite sends a signal to the Ground Station to communicate with another Satellite. Within Seconds many GB’s of data can be transferred. Through this technology, the Satellites can easily communicate with each other. If SpaceX masters this technology, the high-speed data and Devices will belong to Spacex and it will be the Starlink Technology. So high-speed data transfer technology will be available. 

How will this technology be useful to people?

There are chances that there are negative aspects of this technology. We will not speak about the changes as they Will become Conspiracy Theories. 

Let's discuss the current situation in this technology. 

First, we need to speak about the Space Debris. If a satellite becomes faulty and is not repaired, then it will become a Space Debris. So whatever we launch into space whether its Missiles or Satellites. They have become Space debris. But there is a stats which says that 30 Nuclear Powered Satellites are now Space Debris orbiting the earth. 

Where did these 30 Nuclear Powered Satellites come from?

The International Community asked the same question. They say that 29 of those Satellites were sent by the USSR. 

Can they bring back these Nuclear Powered Satellites to Earth?

The answer is “They Don't Know where the satellites are” and it cannot be done. We know about the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster. 

What will happen if this disaster happens in Space?

The International Community has decided to not send Nuclear Powered Satellites to Space. The countries are allowed to launch Solar Powered Satellites. But there are possibilities that countries have sent Nuclear Powered Satellites into Space. 

Now let's get back to Starlink Satellites. 

What is the next move of Spacex in the Starlink Project?

 Starlink VS 5G Network | Project Starlink Explained | China's loss?

SpaceX has already launched nearly 1023 Satellites into Space. Nearly 18 Rockets were used to launch the 1023 satellites into Space. The Softwares used for the launches are constantly upgraded. Until now there have been Starlink V 0.9, 1.0 Software related satellites launched into space. 

SpaceX has announced that it is looking to hire Lead Software Engineers. These Engineers will work on the Starlink v1.5 and V2.0 Production. So SpaceX is recruiting engineers. This means that the next stage of Starlink is underway. 

Now the World asks a question to Spacex,

Will Starlink be an alternative for 5G Network?

When it comes to 5g Network in India, GIO is the company. The 5g Network will be 10 times faster than 4G. To use the 5G network many Towers should be set up in houses. 

In India, there are 6 Lakhs Cell Towers. If they are going to bring in the 5G technology, they will have to build 10 to 15 Lakhs Cell Towers in many locations. 

Will birds die due to these Cell Towers?

If we speak about it they will call it Conspiracy Theory. 

In India, they have to build 10 Lakhs Cell Towers. They will also change many pieces of equipment. So to fully implement 5G Network in India they need at least two to three years. 

But China wants to be the first country to use 5G Network. The EU used 2G first, Japan 3G, and America 4G. Huawei and three other mobile Operating companies are working for the Chinese govt. Whether its China Mobiles, China Telecom, China Unicom are given orders directly by the Chinese Govt. The order was to join forces with Huawei and introduce 5G Network all across China. 

There is information that China has already introduced the 5G Network. 

 Starlink VS 5G Network | Project Starlink Explained | China's loss?

Elon Musk says that 5G network Towers should be built. If a tower is built in a Largely populated area the companies can earn profits. But it will not be profitable in Rural Areas.

For Ex: In A village there are 500 people. For the villagers to use 5G Network, they have to build the towers which connect to a City. Elon Musk says that this task is Impossible. So according to Elon Musk calculations, if the market for 5g Network is 1 Trillion USD. Elon Musk only needs 5% of the total profits through the Starlink Project. There are many rural areas in the world, the 42000 Satellites which Spacex has launched can provide Internet Services to the Rural Areas. SpaceX also has FCC approval. 

SpaceX came to India and had a discussion with India’s TRAI. SpaceX's request was to conduct test runs of Starlink Internet In India. TRAI has asked for suggestions to Telecommunication Operators. If Starlink comes to India and Indians start to use the Service. This will be a huge blow for China which is aiming for the 5G Market in India. Huawei has many Pattern rights for 5G Network. 

If India uses Starlink it will be an advantage. Instead of building these Towers and in the process destroying our Natural Resources, India can use the Starlink Satellites to provide the Internet Services. 

If we ask you the question,

Which service would you support, whether it's Starlink or 5G Network from China?

Easily Elon Musk will win this competition. Elon Musk became the world’s richest man. Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon became the 2nd Richest Man. 

Has Jeff Bezos invested in Satellites and the Internet?

He has and his project name is Kuiper. So Through Kuiper project, Amazon wanted to Launch 3200 Satellites into Low Earth Orbit. Amazon placed a request to the FCC for approval. FCC has approved the project. Amazon will also be involved in Launching satellites in the future. Jeff Bezos recently took his position as the World Richest man as Amazon stock rose by 1.5%. 

What happened to Google’s Project Loon?

Project Loon is a network of Stratospheric balloons launched into Space, to provide internet Services all over the world. Google has shut down Project Loon. They did it because Elon Musk is in a winning position. 

If India gives access to Starlink. The Starlink Satellites can track each and everything happening in India by 24/7 without any delays. We already discussed the data transfer of Project Starlink. 

What are the Cons of Project Starlink?

IF India wants to test a Nuclear Test. An alert will be sent to Spacex through the Satellite. So there are chances that Project Starlink may become a Spy Agency for many Countries in the World. 

If you are a gamer you will know about the Ping. There will be a Delay when playing Online Games with players from Other Countries due to the distance. Through Starlink the Delay will be no more, In the Gaming Sector or In a Virtual world the delay is a huge issue when playing Online Games. But using Starlink the Delay will be gone, as data would be transferred through High-Speed internet. 

So High Speed and High Data means Data Processing. So the time taken by the AI to make decisions regarding Data Communication will be based on the Starlink Project. 

Now you would have known something about Future Technology. 

The Next Question is,

Will 5g Network reach India?


Will Starlink reach India first?

What changes would the Indian Youngsters need?

Let's discuss this in another video. 

Please Search for Space Laser Technology and Starlink’s next strategies.  

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