Sumerian is Tamil

Sumerian is Tamil

Sumerian is Tamil:

Science researchers are saying that the culture of Sindhusamaveli and Sumerian are same.The latest research report about Keezhadi was submitted. In that, the writings of Sindhusamaveli and Keezhadi are Similar. So Sindhusamaveli Civilization and keezhadi Civilization were present at the same time. There is a chance these two Civilizations maybe one. We got proof that Keezhadi civilization has appeared  2600 years ago. Researchers all over the world have said that Before Keezhadi there was Sindhusamaveli and Sumerian Civilizations.

What are the links between these Civilizations?.

Is Sumerian a Tamil Civilization?

How did it divide into one and more countries?

In this post we are going to learn about the answers of those questions.

Beloved Tamil People.Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

I have collected all the data of today’s topic in the websites:, and from the book of “Enadhu India” by S.Ramakrishnan.
Now, we are going to talk about lot of things. When the result of the excavation research about keezhadi is released, at the moment of priding ourselves we have to learn some details to get slightly proud i.e., What is the link between Sumerian civilization and Tamizhas?
Just pay full attention to my words. Many truth are hidden behind it. With this video, a lot of research may be taken on the future. I am sure that it will be happen. Before entering the topic I would like to ask you a question.
We have already known about the word “PIZZA”, this is a new word to India.
Right now this is famous in India.
Before 10 years is there pizza in our India?
So, one object and its name were used in some other country. Whenever the Culture of that country is spread here then only we learn about it. Is this Correct? If you say yes, then you will accept some findings in this topic today.
Now, we will learn about Sumerian civilization! Before that we need to know about the word “Meru”. In Tamilnadu, in our Tamil Literature or Tamil poetry  we can find the word “Meru”.
What is the meaning of the word “Meru”?. Meru means “A high place” and this word is used to define the highest mountain.
Where have we used this word?
You should have heard about it. This word is used in Silappadhigaram and also in Manimegalai. An analysis from Researchers have stated this word as “ The Himalayan mountain”. We are going to learn like these concepts here. So we will consider this word “Merumalai” as “The Himalayas”.
I will ask you  another question?
Did you know about how Mt.Everest got the name Mt.Everest?
We were Slaves for some time to the British Raj.  At this time the name of Mt.Everest is “Kodumudi-15” .Yes!! Kodumudi-15 is the name of this. after that  it was called as Mt. Everest. The name Mt. Everest derived from the name of a British Engineer called  “George Everest”.
Who gave the authority to change the name as Kodumudi-15 to Mt.everest?
It is also an English man who was called as “Andrew Scott Waugh”. By his authority, The name of George Everest is kept on Mt.Everest. Normally the height of Everest from the sea level is approximately 9 Km. We can say that as 8848 meter. Everest is the name of an English man and now we are calling it.

Sumerian is Tamil

Sumerian is Tamil

How the Everest dependend country called it?

Even today Nepal people called it as “SagarMatha” Please check our video in the top for Proof. 5.03 It is a definite proof, the Nepal people still call Everest as Sagarmatha. In that Certificate we can clearly see this message , “Mr.Michael Aaron Hamill of U.S. has successfully climbed 8848-meter height Mt.Sagarmatha (Mt.Everest)”. Sagarmatha is the ancient name of Mt.Everest.
We have already talked about where is the Mt.Everest located on? It is in the Merumalai that is the Himalayas. Himalaya includes all ancient culture. It was the starting point for everything.
What are they?
Sindhu Civilization, Sumerian Civilization, China’s Manjalaattu Civilization, Southeast Asia’s Angorwat Civilization, Babylonian Civilization, Mesappatomia Civilization, Mayan Civilization, etc. So these civilization were formed in that Merumalai. It means that Merumalai bears so many rivers. Pay attention here please, Every starting block of an Civilization must be based on the rivers. Asia’s many rivers start to flow from this Mountain to  china, Pakistan, india, Bangladesh,myanmar, Thailand, gambodiya, Vietnam etc like that it helps those countries to live. Now we learned that all the civilization is wake up on this Himalayan Mountain is truth.
Tamil has one word, “Angu-Ingu, Appadi-Ippadi” in this, the opposite of one word is defined by changing the first letter of it.
We have seen the place of Merumalai and underline the word “Meru”, Above Place and below place.Two civilization were started in same place. They need to define the top and bottom of the place. For that they used the words “Sumeru” & “kumeru” so the word sumeru explains “Sumerian Civilization” and kumeru explains “Kumari civilization” like it changed. The same place started civilization and the ancient people whom are diverted in to top and bottom of Country. The top one changed in to Sumerian civilization and bottom one changed in to Kumaricivilization and they separated in to different places and now, we have the proof that Tamizh culture lives in different countries by saying these two civilization.
Sindhusamaveli civilization may also be the Tamil civilization was proved by their writings. They saved everything in a historical record. We going to see about it.
Some others were laughed and trolled when I say about Kumeru but we have that proof too.
Before that in silappadhigaram “idaininrongiyanedunilaibavvamummeruvil” is present.
And the word meru is present in Megamalai too is noteworthy.
Now, you asked a question how the sumeri civilization is spreaduptoIraq?
The spreads from “Kasumeru” to “ Iraq” civilization is called as sumeru civilization.
Kasumeru, Kashmir!! YES,Kashmir.
The times go by the word “Kasumeru” changed in to “Kashmir”
British never used lengthy words so they shorten the word as Kashmir.
Like that, the movement of civilization from Kashmir to Iraq is called as Sumerian civilization and they follow the Tamil civilization and tamil culture is noteworthy
Now the truth was understood by upcoming details.
Did you have any proof to prove it?
Yes, hereafter we are going to see about “Pamir” which is the world’s first university. What is the meaning of this? we have seen about pamir that’s not a pamir that is “Paameru”. It means a ten mountains which meet at one point and that point is called as “PAMIR”. By days go, the word Pameeru changed in to Pamir. You can ask, it means thakchasheelam is the related place of pamir. Thakshasheelam is a tamil word. It is a well known word. At before it was called as “Thasashailam”. “Sailam” means “Mountain” and “Thasa” means “ten”. The meaning of this word is ten mountains.

I say you, Sailam is called as salem. In that many mountains are there so they called it salem. The word thasaseelam is changed in to thackshaseelam. You can’t believe my word and learn with focus because I going to explain two or three times.
already we knows about the bottom of the merumalai is Kumeru or kumarikandam. In the south of the Merumalai there is country which is called as thamboliya. That thamboliya peoples are called as Khmer and also in another way too ieKhambhucheannad Cambodian. And they were determined as Cambodians. A King ruled that kingdom in 68 AC, who was called as “Kambuchae” .
there are more articles released in Thailand , China and on gamboliya.
Everyone knew about the “agathiyarmunivar”. You can saw his statue at anywhere on gamboliya.
In gamboliya, there also Tamil culture lived. There is some relationship between Tamizhas and Gamboliyas .you can also search it,there are some more link between them. Whenever we tell about Gamboliya our mind remind us the temple “Angkor wat”. If we find out the difference between the temple we can get a clear view of Tamil history. At the next post we will see it briefly.
If I say all the details of history in this single post it may confuse your mind. Just hear this post repeatedly, discuss it and share it to get a clear view. We don’t have proof to prove it so we need to ask question why we can’t do this? like that question may arise on your mind. We will get answer for those questions, our next generation will try to get it. Just by sharing we must ask question to prove our identity."

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