Sylvia Raphael Mossad – Spy Heroines Part 6

Sylvia Raphael Mossad - Spy Heroines Part 6:

When we speak about Spies we remember James Bond. But Women have played a major role in spy activities throughout history. 

Let's discuss Spy Heroines Part6. 

We will discuss Sylvia Raphael. If we look into the Female Spies from the Mossad List we can see Sylvia Raphael’s name. Mossad said that she was a failure as a spy. But Mossad continued to employ this female spy. 

Who was this Sylvia Raphael?

What were her missions?

Did Sylvia fail in her missions?


Did Mossad fail?

Let's discuss this in detail. 

In Part5 we discussed Modern Cleopatra. But Sylvia Raphael is a famous name. There are many films released. Sylvia’s life is a refreshing part for women. 

Sylvia Raphael was born in South Africa. Sylvia Raphael was born to a Jew Father and a Christian mother. 

In 1947-48 Israel was created. The family decided to go to Israel. The family history of Sylvia is painful as many members were killed in the Holocaust. So Sylvia was taught by her parents to protect Jews. 

In 1969 the Family left South Africa and Came to Israel. Sylvia Raphael worked as a teacher. When she was working she received a call. The Man told Sylvia that she has been selected to work for the government. She was given a hotel address for a meeting. 

Sylvia Raphael Mossad - Spy Heroines Part 6

Sylvia’s question was how she can help the country?

The Phone call ends as she was told that she will receive the details in the hotel. In 1972 Sylvia received this phone call. She has been in Israel for only three years. Within the three years, the Mossad agents have learned the history of Sylvia Raphael. The agents knew that her father was a jew and the family wanted to help the Jews. The Agents thought that Sylvia Raphael will be a great candidate and have analysed the full details of her. 

The next day Sylvia Raphael goes to the Hotel. The Man called Himself Gadi. Gadi was his Code Name but his real name is Moti Kfir. Moti Kfir said that he saw an intelligent and beautiful person. Kfir said that he knew all the details about Sylvia’s family. Kfir reveals to Sylvia that he is a Mossad agent. He informs Sylvia that Mossad has chosen her to be a spy. Sylvia has her doubts. But Kfir convinced her that she will be given proper training. Kfir told Sylvia that she will be sent to Canada. Sylvia now leaves for Canada after informing her parents. 

For Six Months she was trained to be a spy. She was trained to play double roles. Training to be a spy and not be discovered even by her family. She was trained to use weapons, Take Photos and Use Wireless communications. She was given a Job in Photography in Canada. 

Sylvia was a natural Artist and she had a great interest in Photography. So she was a natural Photographer and no one will doubt her. This was Mossad's idea for Sylvia. After Six Months in Canada, she was sent to Paris. She worked as a Mossad Spy in Paris.  

In 1972 Black September happened. Eleven Israeli Olympic team members were killed in Munich. This tragedy was planned by a Mastermind called Ali Hassan Salameh. In 1973 Mossad tracked Salameh to 1973. Mossad had to kill Salameh for the Munich Massacre. 

Mossad chose Sylvia to assassinate Salameh. Sylvia was ready to carry out her mission. But Sylvia has some personnel issues. Her issue was her First Love. Sylvia was in Love and due to her work she might lose her love. 

Sylvia wanted to talk to Mossad’s Superior Officers. Mossad gave a job to her lover. In Mossad’s History, this was the first time two members from the same family were working for Mossad. Mossad did this because they recognized Sylvia as an Intelligent person. 

In 1973 Sylvia left for Norway. Her mission was Ali Hassan Salameh. He was the founder of Force-17. Mossad did not have any Photo of Ali but Sylvia was given a detailed description of the person. Sylvia had to use the information and find Ali. She discovers Ali’s location. Sylvia sees that a man matching Ali’s Description has been found but the man seems to be simple. 

Sylvia has doubts whether the man was Ali. She had doubts that Ali knew that Mossad would come after him. Sylvia was with her team which had two members. She knew that carrying out this Operation with her Team would be impossible. So she told Mossad that the Man she identified was not Ali. The other 5 members of the team confirmed that the man was Ali Hassan Salameh. Sylvia accepted her team's decision and decided to assassinate the Person. 

Sylvia Raphael Mossad - Spy Heroines Part 6

A member of her team said that Ali was accompanied by a Pregnant Female. Sylvia replied that the Mission has to be carried out. So A Plan to assassinate Ali in front of his wife was set up. 

Ali Hassan Salameh and his wife were returning from a Hospital. A Car carrying Mossad Agents came near them. The agents got out and fired 14 shots into Ali Hassan Salameh. Ali was dead on the shot. His wife was not hurt. The team came to find out that the dead man was not Ali Hassan Salameh. Ali was not In Norway. This murder happened in Lillehammer, Norway. 

The Community in the Lillehammer were a close-knit group. The news of a Murder spreads like Wildfire. When Fleeing from the Crime Scene, Sylvia and her team were arrested by the Police. The Reason for the team’s capture was the rented car used for the murder. 

The team has given original Proof to the Car Rent company. Norway knew that these are Mossad Agents. The Murdered Victim was a man who was working in a hotel. Norway was furious at Israel as its Citizen was murdered in the street. Norway filed a Murder case against the Six Mossad Agents. Sylvia was sentenced to 51/2 years in Jail. 

After 15 months in Jail Sylvia was released and deported to Israel. Mossad told Sylvia that they had helped her for early release. Mossad said that they had paid 2 Lakh USD to the Pregnant women. The case was thus closed. 

Sylvia says to Mossad that she cannot continue as a spy. Sylvia was in love with her Lawyer. So she married him in 1976. Sylvia died at 65 years old due to cancer. 

If you notice these Spies and Scientists, death will be a mystery. This is happening throughout the world. There will be a mystery behind their deaths. Sylvia dies but she is on the Mossad List. 

This mission was not a failure for Sylvia or Mossad but due to the Incompetence of her team. Mossad had learnt its lesson from this Mission. Due to lack of information, this resulted in a failure for Mossad.

Imagine how these Female spies could have lived their lives. 

Sylvia was a teacher who became an Agent. She travelled to Canada and then Norway and Managed a team of Mossad Agents. 

Please Search more for Sylvia’s history. There are a lot of movies released. 

We will continue the Spy Heroines Series. Let's discuss the Indian Female Spies in the Upcoming posts. 

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