Taliban Vs Anti-Taliban – Panjshir Army

Taliban Vs Anti-Taliban - Panjshir Army:

Ahmad Shah Massoud is the name that the Taliban don't want to hear. His son’s name is Ahmad Massoud. He has said that the events which are happening right now were predicted 20 years ago. They have stored Weapons to fight against the Taliban. He has also said that his group will engage the Taliban when the time is right. 

The Anti-Taliban group has said that they have re-captured Three Districts. 

Is this possible?

When the world is watching Afghanistan, Israel is making its move against the Palestinians. 

What is the truth?

Israel says that it will block the water services and create issues for the Palestinians. 

What is happening in Palestine?

China has said that the Chinese people may live in Afghanistan.

What is the reason?

Russia’s High Ranking Leaders are going to sign an agreement. The Pakistan Foreign Minister has arrived in Afghanistan. 

What is happening right now?

We will discuss the answers in this Post. 

The Anti-Taliban who are in Panjshir. Panjshir means FIve Lions. The Region is surrounded by Mountains, there is only one way to reach the region. The People who know the region can only come into the region. Nearly 1.5 lakh people are residing in the Panjshir region. They are a group of people who are well organized. It is impossible to cross the regions without the help of the people. 

Russia, America or the Taliban have not dared enter the Panjshir region. Currently, VP Saleh and Ahmad Massoud are staying in Panjshir. Saleh has announced that the Anti-Taliban group will fight against The Taliban very soon. 

Will Saleh and Ahmad land a blow to the Taliban?

Only 1.5 Lakh people are in Panjshir. The Taliban who are armed are nearly 1 Lakh fighters. 

How will the Anti-Taliban group fight against the Taliban?

The Three Districts which are in the region are not considered by the Taliban. Saleh and Ahmad have asked for Western Support to the Anti-Taliban fighters. 

Taliban Vs Anti-Taliban - Panjshir Army

What will be Russia’s action?

Russia is in a dilemma to hold peace talks with the Resistance fighters. If this succeeds then there will be no more fighting, Lives will be saved and they can stop a civil war. To avoid a Civil war, the Taliban has to pass a law that is acceptable to all parties. 

The Anti-Taliban request is Women’s rights should be protected. The Taliban have already started their bans. Women are banned as Teachers in Men's College. No Co-Ed will exist. The Taliban have also banned Music. 

The people in Panjshir belong to the Tajik group. The Talibans are Pashtuns. 

Can both sides put away their differences?

The current situation in Afghanistan is that people are running to buy milk. The EU has announced that they will not recognize the Taliban so there will be no further Talks. 

India and America are trying their best to evacuate the Afghan people to other countries. But there are a lot of issues. The Taliban are checking the people who are going to Kabul Airport. The Taliban have banned Afghans from leaving the country. But people from other countries can fly out of the country. Nearly 200 Indians have been held in a Hall and they will be sent to their country shortly. 

America has issued a warning to its citizens not to arrive at Kabul Airport. America and the Taliban had an agreement. But America hadn't expected that the Plan would have so many issues. America has announced that it will call each American and confirm their travel time. 

India has evacuated 168 Indians from Kabul to India. When we see the Joy of the people returning to their home country we can see that humanity still exists. 

Will The Taliban attack Panjshir?

Only the future holds the answer. 

China has asked its citizens to remain in Afghanistan. It also has asked the Chinese to follow the law of the Taliban. China has instructed its citizens to follow the Taliban law. China is the first country to say this “ If you are in a foreign country, you have to follow and respect the law of the country”. This is how China has entered into many countries. But after they have stayed they will try to bend the law. If a Chinese Citizen is in danger, The Pakistan Projects will be placed on Hold. This is the Chinese Decision. 

Russia wants peace Talks. Turkey and Greece are building Walls on the Border. America is preparing its next strategy to bring back the people to America. 

Abdul Ghani Baradar has requested to remove economic bans on the Taliban. All Taliban leaders have been banned from Travelling abroad. This ban will end on 22nd Sept 2021. 

Will the bans continue?

If the ban continues, the Taliban's cannot grow. They will remain in Afghanistan. If they go aboard they might start branches in various countries. This is the reason why the UN is extending the bans on the Taliban leaders. There is a doubt whether the Ban was included in the agreement between the Taliban and America. 

Pakistan has said that it will fully support the Taliban. The Pakistan Foreign Minister has arrived in Kabul. Pakistan is proving that it has been feeding the Taliban. This is the direct path of Pakistan to the FATF Blacklist. 

Why did Pakistan’s Foreign minister visit Kabul?

Pakistan wants the Taliban to order the Pakistan Taliban from attacking in Pakistan. Pakistan wants the Afghan Taliban to interfere and talk with the Pakistan Taliban and ask them to stop attacking Pakistan. 

Pakistan has requested this from the Taliban. China will start its talk with the Taliban. China will ask the Taliban to speak with the Uyghurs Fighters. There are so many ethnic groups, The countries that support them are doing so to protect themselves from more harm. 

Taliban Vs Anti-Taliban - Panjshir Army

This is the main reason why Pakistan and China are supporting the Taliban. 

Why is India hesitating to take a side when it comes to the Taliban issue?

India doesn't care about the Taliban's. But it worries about the Terrorist camps which may be set up in Afghanistan. India will remain Silent at this time. 

There was a Suicide attack in Gwadar Port in Pakistan. China is going to heavily invest in Afghanistan in support of the Taliban. But we don't know how the Anti-Taliban fighters respond to Chinese Citizens. China is in a tough Situation and Pakistan is also in danger. The World Analysts say that this will be the end of Pakistan and China. 

The Western Media is only talking about the Afghan Situation. But they are not talking about the Israel and Palestine issue. 

Israel has conducted Air Attacks in the Gaza Strip. More than 24 Palestines are wounded and 2 are in Critical Condition. People who support The Taliban must also Support Palestine. 

Why is there an issue between Israel and Hamas?

For the people living in the Gaza Strip, aid has been given by Qatar. The New PM of Israel has stopped the funding saying that the people don't deserve the aid. So the Palestinians don't have money, Water, Electricity. They started their protests. Israel responded violently. Now Israel is conducting Air Strikes. To stop the attacks Hamas and Israel are ready for a Ceasefire in which the Aid from Qatar will reach the people. 

Israel will instruct which families will receive the fund. Through the UN the money will be dispatched. 

So The Western Media is blaming the Taliban's and have left out the Palestinians who are fighting for their survival. The Israel Palestine issue is not resolved. Taliban Vs Anti-Taliban will start soon. 

The Taliban's only request is to remove the bans on their leaders. Then the Taliban will meet with other ethnic groups and try to form a government for all. This will happen After 30th August. 

If the Taliban manage to form a Govt and Law for everyone. Then Afghanistan will survive. 

What events will be revealed to the World?

How will the world react?

We will get the answers within a few days. We will update you ASAP. 

WIll Saleh and Ahmad Plan work?

Will the Three Districts change into 30 Districts?

Let's wait and see. 

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