Taliban VS The World – China Pakistan Game

Taliban VS The World - China Pakistan Game:

There are many who say that India is finished because of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. In POK there could have been celebrations. 

Was there news published regarding these celebrations?

What is the truth behind the Ukraine flight hijack?

What issues will India face in the future?

What questions are raised by the World over the Afghan Situation?

This is the Afghan Taliban Update. 

Lashkar-e- Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist groups released a video taken in POK for the Taliban Takeover. There were slogans said against India. 

What do these Videos Say?

Their agenda is to create issues for India. They want to destroy India. India is only speaking against this agenda. 

In the UNHRC, the UK has clearly said that The Taliban are responsible for any event happening in Afghanistan. France has called it “ Islamic Extremism”. The Taliban actions will directly affect the Islam People all around the world. 

A Viewer asked for Proof about the 12-year Girls being forced into marriage. The Proof is in the Nationals Media. The Arab world runs this media. The News started to be published on 3rd August. The News said that Children are forced into marriage and women without husbands are also forced. This is an Islam media that has published this news. 

The Evacuation from Afghanistan will end by 31st August. The International community is asking whether the date can be extended. Borris Johnson said to conduct the G7 Conference ASAP. The Taliban and the rest of the World will not accept that conference. 

Now the Taliban have announced that the Afghan People should not leave their country. A Taliban spokesperson has said that Afghans who don't have passports from other countries may not leave the country. No Other country should encourage Afghan people to leave their country. The Rich People and the Elite People should stay in the country. After 31st August no evacuations will be held and doors in and out of the country will be closed. 

The Afghans who got out have started to tell their stories to the world. When these stories come out this will not be against the Taliban but the Islamic world. The World must act quickly to control the Taliban. When the support for the Taliban's increases, the Western Countries will try to insert their agenda. 

In America, Kamala Harris is in Asia. Joe Biden's fame has decreased. We have predicted that Afghanistan will have a war and weapons will be sold. The Weapons Manufacturers will benefit from these events. This will happen now. The Taliban takeover will force many countries to purchase weapons. The events happening in Afghanistan will be blamed on the Taliban. The Rich people will benefit from this takeover. 

The Afghan people will be greatly affected. The World must worry about the people. The food Stock in Afghanistan is up to Sept 2021. After this date, hunger will be everywhere in Afghanistan.  The UN and many media have released this information. 

What will the Taliban do after Sept?

WHO has said that for one week no medical equipment was sent to the country. This will also become an issue. The Afghan People must face this problem. Pakistan cannot help Afghanistan but only support Terrorism. 

China has said that it will support the Taliban. It says that it will help improve the Infrastructure. China says it will not betray the Afghan people.  This is China’s Debt trap. The Taliban are listening to China. 

Germany has directly said that it will not help the Taliban. Nearly 60 Countries together had agreements from Helping the Afghan people which amounted to 10 Billion USD within 4 years. Many Countries have started to cancel this agreement. America has signed an agreement with the Taliban that it will not help Afghanistan, but the Taliban should not act against America. 

The CIA's Director had a meeting with the Taliban. The CIA has said that it will interfere with the actions of the Taliban as long as American Citizens are safely evacuated. America also says that the Taliban is blocking Americans from coming to Kabul Airport. America is playing its Double role Perfectly. This is greatly affecting the Afghan People. When this news came out of the sufferings the Taliban will be blamed. Through the Taliban, the Western Countries want to brand a set of people across the world. 

If this has to change, the world should control the Taliban. America’s Double role should be exposed. This is happening In Afghanistan. This may happen in any country in the future. When the truth is told the people can live peacefully. 

Afghanistan has been cut off from the rest of the world. Pakistan is continuing its trade. The Taliban has stopped trade with India. Pakistan trade has increased by 50%. So Pakistan is profiting from the situation. The Taliban have requested Oil Resources from Iran. Iran has accepted this request. 

Russia, China and many other countries are supporting the Taliban. Putin has said that the Taliban's acft against India. Russia will stop its support to the Taliban's. We know that there is an Indian base in Tajikistan. The Indian Sukhoi’s have landed in the Base. The Indian Army helicopters have started their warning to the Taliban from the base. Many Countries have started to supply weapons and funds to the Anti-Taliban group. Ahmad and Saleh are the leading figures in this future battle. Now there is a chance that Afghanistan will witness a civil war. 

UNESCO has also issued a warning. If the Taliban's don't protect the Ancient artefacts and Locations. UNESCO will act against the Taliban. 

The Taliban have been facing pressure from all sides. Taliban have also started to oppose some sides. China and Pakistan are using this situation to their advantage. 

All we can do is “Pray for Afghanistan”.

The World media is not talking about this issue. The People in Syria, Palestine lives are important. The Same goes for the Afghan people. So this news is from all different media from different countries. All say the same. The Truth. The Links provided in the Video are from the Arab World. 

Was the Ukraine flight hijacked?

No answer from Ukraine. They have confirmed that their people and the flight are the same. But the Hijack is false information. If the Ukraine flight was hijacked this will be a great issue for Russia. We will update you if there is more news. 

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