Tamil Nadu Archaeological Sites – 35 Keezhadigal

Tamil Nadu Archaeological Sites - 35 Keezhadigal:

Tamil culture,  Tamil civilization, Indian civilization.

Where did it start from?

 Did it start from Tamilnadu?

Tamil Nadu Archaeological Sites - 35 Keezhadigal

We have seen a lot about these questions on other topics.  one thing is very clear without the Tamil language the civilizations could not grow. So if they are asking for proof we can show them Keezhadi. They will ask us about the Indus valley civilization. Letters have also been found in Indus valley civilization. So the argument will continue to go on and on. 

We have already shown them keezhadi and Adichanallur. But the world doesn't want to believe in the fats which we show to them. Now we know only About Keezhadi and Adichanallur, but there are so many places for us to research. But how many of those places have been researched or stopped from being researched. This topic will cover this question. Through this post, we are going to digitalize a lot of information which is available to us. Getting the information digitalized is my work, But sharing this with many other people is up to you guys. We must know about these places and questions should arise in our hearts about this research. Questions into many hearts may lead to seeking the answers for ourselves which in return will know about our history. 

 Beloved Tamil people. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.


First, we are going to look at a location called Guangzhou. There is the Museum located in Guangzhou. Tamil inscriptions are found in large numbers in this museum. A  picture of Goddess Kali is inscribed into the stone. Idol worship of Nandi is also present there. This museum features a lot of Tamil items that have been found and displayed in the Guangzhou Museum. This Guangzhou was an Ancient Port City, and there was  Tamil present there. That Museum is proof that Tamil was there. But many researchers or People hesitate to talk about these findings. Whether its the Indian Researchers or World Researchers they refuse to comment on it. Time will eventually make them speak. Before we start to discuss this each and every topic has a detailed proof and explanation with me. But if we do that in this post it will take nearly 5 to 6 hours worth content. There is a lot of information to be shared with you guys. This post is a very shorter version of the detailed information available. 

So in Krishnagiri, there’s a lot of Stone Paintings found. So it is a prehistoric rock art it dates back 4000 to 5000 years ago. These art have been found in exactly 16 locations in Krishnagiri. 

This number is only the art that we have discovered it is predicted to be more if properly researched. Report about these findings or not visible to the public. We actually don't know who found this art. Please look at the video above to see the pictures 3.51.

The next one is in Tamilnadu The East Sea shores there were so many trade seaports present. Primarily it is Located in Mamallapuram, Ezhil pattinam, Marakanum, Arikka Medu, Kavery Poom Pattinam, and Korkai. 

Arikka Medu is present nearly 4 kilometers from Puducherry. There is a river near this location called Ariyankuppam. A village is situated near the river is called Arikka Medu. Civilization Rises near rivers. So this may be called Ariyankuppam Civilization. In 1937 a french professor came to Puducherry and saw that the children were playing with some mysterious objects. These things looked ancient and he told the children to collect many more in return for giving gifts and chocolates. The children went and gave a lot of Ancient items to the professor. Everything which was found by these children is not here, they were all sent to France. The funny thing is these objects or items are sold by some of our people for a mere rs50 and rs100. Please refer to the video for more pictures about this 5.14.

Tamil Nadu Archaeological Sites - 35 Keezhadigal


So when it comes to Puducherry, this place was called Podhugo or Pothukko. The proof can be seen in the Book called Periplus of the Erythreaen sea. So the coastal area of Tamilnadu was called Trimikka. Kaveri Poom pattinam was called Kamarra. Marakanam was called Sobatna. There were so many official historical records which were analyzed before the inclusion of these words into the book.


Next Comes Nilagiri’s Karrikaiyur rock paintings which are 5000 years old. When we say rock, this one is 300 Height and 500 width rock. In the shadow on the rock, nearly 100 people can rest. These paintings are a real mystery as they have not been researched. Please check the video to see Proof 7.13.

The next one is near the Mettur Dam, Ancient Circled Stones have been found. These are erected to safeguard their land from ana enemy or to store some important objects and items. This is nearly 3500 years old. These reports are given by people who have Ph.D. and who have already received a Doctorate. There are so many reports for us to identify which are there. In the coming posts, we will look into those records.

From Dindivanum to Puducherry , in between these locations, there is a Settlement called Thiruvakkarai. In this Thiruvakkari , stone trees which are nearly 2 crores old have been found. There were so many objects like Stone Equipments and Stone weapons were found. But If you ask that the Research is still going on. The answer is NO. Trees that turn into stones have not been researched here, if there is a research setup, what hidden truth it may reveal is a Big Mystery.

The Nilagiri’s rock paintings consist of Donkey Paintings and Horse paintings. This is considered to be very rare in a Stone painting. These paintings are so rare that they can't be seen anywhere else in the whole world. Many people have repeatedly said that detailed research has to be conducted on those paintings.

Have you heard about Eyirpattinam, A lost City under the sea? A Sangam time Port City is this Eyirpattinam.  15 Kms from shore, Divers have found a Big wall, which dated back 10000 to 20000 years old. There is a huge possibility that the city to become a Huge Port city would have been visited by Greeks and Chinese. This lost city was called Sobatma by the people and researchers of Puducherry. So if we research Eyirpattinam we will know the truth about our Origins. 


The next one is Poompuhar, We have already seen three videos about Poompuhar. Nearly 11000 years old. The reports about this city are also unknown. We all know about panrotti, near that is a Village called kanisapakkam. There were a lot of items found there which date back 5000 years ago. They have asked a question that why are there human bones found? A human bone Can survive up to 2000 to 3000 years. after that it becomes dust. This is the reason why we can't find any human bones or skulls. In Kanchipuram, 3000-year-old turtle-shaped Tomb was found. From that location, many Tamil letters and items were found. Nobody is doing any kind of search in these places. Vada mangaalam and karrumakalani. In Sengalur which is near pudukottai Ancient megalithic Wares were excavated.In this place also many items have been found but no research was conducted. 

Tamil Nadu Archaeological Sites - 35 Keezhadigal

The next location is korkai which is located in Thoothukudi district. The research was started here but there reports another submitted. Sembiyan kandiyur Another location were Ancient weapon was formed which is 3500 years old. Letters in Tamizhi Was found in pottery. But there is no report submitted for this also.

Another excavation site near Palani called Porunthal, A man who is a farmer accidentally found some items which are ancient in origins. There were ancient weapons also found in this location on 2009. But still in what lies beneath the land is still unknown.

The next one is kodumanal, this dates back nearly 2500 years ago. The research which was done here was the biggest one held in Tamilnadu. The items or objects which were found in this location were never found anywhere else in India. This Kodumanal is the Most Important Archaeological site in India. 

Athirampakkam. Remember this name. This location dates back nearly 1.5 Million, what we found there was Stone Weapons. The amazing thing is People were living here at that time. Still, now no answer has been found regarding this research.

These findings are found they are just the base of all dig sites. Meaning they are the top layer of the land, if we dig deeper we may find something which may date way back. This base means 2000 or 3000 years old. 

So a lot of history is yet to be revealed to the whole world. This is the wish and hope of all Tamil people that someone comes and starts to research. In this article, we have just spoke only two lines about these amazing Historical and ancient locations, but behind this is a huge history hidden under every layer. We will try to post this in the future.

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