Tamil Nadu Politics 2019 – No More Politics

“Intha Nadum Nattu Makkalum Nasamai Pogattum “


"Let this Country and the People Be Destroyed"

This is just dialogue from a movie. When we hear this many of us wonder how true this simple dialogue is?. When we see Injustice in front of us and when we face that Injustice alone and look around for support there is none. Many of us stand still and just watch. That Instant this dialogue comes into our minds. "Let this Country and the People Be Destroyed"

Another Instance, when a Rightful Candidate gets defeated by another Candidate who belongs to a much bigger party. We will definitely know that The winning candidate from The Big party will not do anything for your district or to the people. But the rightful candidate still losses. On that Instance, we will have this same Dialogue in our minds. "Let this Country and the People Be Destroyed"

When Terrorists attack our Country and our Brave Military men fight them and lose their lives to save us. These so called Politicians and Government officials don’t even care about the losses of our Army men. That Instance we will think in our minds."Let this Country and the People Be Destroyed".

Medical Services and Education the most important and basic things for a country. When these basic services are not available to all the people of our country. What’s the point of speaking about Equality and Freedom in our Country?

Water A Basic Resource for a human to live. Many villages in our country doesn’t have Purified Water supply. Many purified water gets wasted in many Cities in our country. What can we do against this Government which doesn’t provide us with a Proper Water Supply?. We will not blame the Government alone, The people who cant think for themselves or the People who cant identify where this issue is coming from. Can we also blame the People who only sell their votes to get money from Corrupt Politicians. What can we do with these People?

Right now The campaign for the Election is happening all over the country. Many Parties have their own agenda in this election to get the votes from the people and win this election. The main agenda which these politicians use is this. Whatever issue or problems we face daily , these politicians give false promises that our Issues or Problems which we face will be rectified. This is how they are getting votes. This is the Nicest trick of the Politician to turn us into just VOTES.

An Example:

If you are against the 8 Way Road, these politians will use that to get your votes. They will say that “We will support your cause , if we are put in power”. Their agenda is one thing. Turn you into a Vote that is the main agenda for a politician. They will say whatever is necessary to get your vote.

We have spoke about politics in Our youtube channel. Election day is very near for us. I think we have shared the necessary information you need in our youtube channel.The feedback or questions we received from the Previous videos are

What are the work for Counsellors?

What is Rajya sabha?

These questions will be answered to you when the time comes.

A Gem Among the crowd.

Did you know that a Youngster who is in his college went out to Bus stands and Railway stations trying to educate why people have to vote?. This youngster went out and gave speeches on why we should vote and he also spoke about the Issues and problems we face together. But the sad thing is “NOBODY LISTENED TO HIM”. Other youngsters who are the same age to him wear headsets and were listening to songs. They didn’t even care what the guy was trying to do. How are we going to change this Social disgrace? How are we going to change our Society?. Not a single person cared about his speech. We ask more students and the next generation to get involved in politics, what's the use if you don’t listen to them when they come out with their speech?. Keep in mind that youngster is a College student.

We don’t have any rights to force someone to vote for a Candidate. Because it's their Freedom to vote for whoever they think is the rightful candidate. But we can educate people on Why they have to vote?. Try to educate people on politics.T hey should learn to distinguish between candidates and parties.W ho should they vote for? Why they should vote for the candidate? We should try to educate them in this process.

This College Student whos name is Ganesh A Gem Among the Crowd who goes to subway stations and Bus stands and trains trying to educate Election awareness to the people.

Here we would like to salute our Brother Ganesh. We need more youngsters like our brother. Hats Off Brother. Support our brother in any way possible we have shared his details in the below link.

Here on the Political Videos or articles will be less in number. As you all Know we are losing views in our Tube channel when it comes to politics. So from here on we will move to more Scientifical topics and so on. We have to move with the world to survive.

Ganesh Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB72...

Email : ganeshkumar.plr@gmail.com

Ganesh Contact no.8248605653

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