Tamilnadu Lockdown 144 – Whats Next?

Tamilnadu Lockdown 144 - Whats Next?:

Are we safe now?

We are safe now.  

Will we be safe in the coming days?

It is up to each and every one of us. Many warned that Corona Cirus will affect in India. 

Did we learn from the warnings?

Will the events happened in Italy and China not happen in India?

There are a lot of questions. This post will answer the questions and improve our awareness.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Money is a printed Weapon. That weapon is going to play in the Stock Market. From Jan to March nearly 39000 Lakh Crore rupees has disappeared from the Stock market. Today alone Sensex has fallen to 3,935 Points. 1000 Points going down is very rare. But now the STock market is continuously losing 1000 points. Right now it is in 28000, and it will continue to fall down. 

The reason is Lockdown. In India, nearly 75 districts are in Lockdown. From Tomorrow 144 order has been issued in Tamilnadu. 

Do we need the 144 Ban order?

Yes, it is necessary. In Italy, the Virus is spreading rapidly. Officials and Politicians are suffering now and saying that they didnt take the situation Critical. In India, we are safe now. But we have to know about some news. 

In India, the testing kit is low in numbers. Because of this in India, we are not aware that this is an outbreak. There are chances that in the coming days we will know the Severity of the virus. People who are roaming the streets will actively spread the virus. If you stay home then the spreading of the virus will be low. So if you are active then the virus will actively spread. 

Tamilnadu Lockdown 144 - Whats Next?

What should we do?

Till March 31st the 144 ban order has been issued. 

Will the virus stop spreading after 31st march?

The govt is doing it for your own safety. IF the virus keeps spreading after 31st march then the order will be extended. IF the virus stops spreading then the order will be lifted. Priority is our lives and safety.

What is the truth behind low test kits in India?

In India. Only 12 testing labs have been given authority to test by the Indian Govt. One is in Vellore and another is in Chennai. Please check the video in 3.35. Maharastra has 5 testing facilities. Please understand that minimum number of people are affected in India. But it may rise so please be careful. We can’t predict that these numbers of people are affected by the virus in the world stage. This number is not predictable now. Because of this lack of statistics, nobody can say whether it is serious or not. 

But one thing is clear Corona Virus is Airbourne and by touching it spreads. 

What is included in the 144 ban order?

Private Companies can function, but priority should be given to People who are working from home. Industries who produce necessary goods can function with minimum workers. All other industries should be shut down. In Transport Taxis and Autos are not allowed. Vehicles carrying food will be allowed. Shops which sell food products should only be open. Big Shopping complexes should be closed. People working in medical dept should be working continuously. All Schools and Colleges should be shut down. Nobody is allowed to come out of their houses for unwanted reasons. No celebration functions should be held. Please don’t do it as there is a chance to spread the virus. Tamilnadu is in Stage 1 right now. So if we don’t want to move to Stage 2 we need 144 Ban Order. 

Tamilnadu Lockdown 144 - Whats Next?

Will People lose their jobs?

Are people scared?

Only time can answer this question. The govt says the people who are unable to come to work should be paid their salaries. Many subsidy money will be given. Many states are planning it like Madhya Pradesh. There is a chance the TN govt will do the same. We know that daily labourers will be the most affected. To save you the govt has to act and we think that the govt will act. People like us can help the people who are below poverty line. Humanity should rise and fight against the virus. Don’t believe in any religious leaders. All prayer houses are closed because of Human safety. 

Hotels may be opened. You can only get parcels from hotels. Amma Food will stay open. Parcels only are the order. Old people and Pregnant ladies should be cared for by the district authorities this is also in the order. This is the right time to do their jobs Govt officials and District authorities. 

Within 2 weeks youngsters will be needed. Whether it is for the Govt or for Medical purposes. This happened in China, so people who are treating the affected persons will need help, so if there is a delay in that then there will be a delay in stopping the spreading of the virus. Youngsters may be called as Volunteers so be ready. The Govt may call for help. So to save ourselves we should help. This will not happen now. But if the virus spreads rapidly, the govt will give us the training to tell you where they need your help. That is the time for youngsters to act. Until then don’t go out. 

Tamilnadu Lockdown 144 - Whats Next?

Districts in Tamilnadu have been sealed. People cant travel from one District to another. 

How to prepare for this situation?

Please buy the necessary things for your house. Please don’t overbuy things. These products should be available for people below poverty line also. Please have stock which you need only. You can help the people in lockdown. If we do this alone we will be able to see through the 144 ban order. This is a war against humanity. 

Will humans win or the virus?

We can stop the spread of the virus in Tamilnadu. But how we are going to deliver this message to everybody not to come out of their houses. You guys reading this post should spread awareness. In the media, there is a lot of news, but there is fake news also. 

Don’t believe in fake news. Please don’t go out now. Please pass this message to many. If we escape this, we can stay safe. 

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