Tamizhi History

You look at a piece of art, We say WOW. How well it has been created. We also praise it as a masterpiece of the creator. We also look closely and praise the creativity of the creator. 

Lately, The one Documentary which inspired all Tamilians is Hip Hop Tamilian’s Tamizhi Episode 1 Documentary. Each and every one of us was emotionally touched by this documentary. Many Said they were amazed, Many said they Rejoiced, Others said their Pride of being a Tamilian raised to newer Levels. We ourselves in Tamil Pokkisham had been emotionally touched by this documentary. 

In that Documentary, The discussions about  Tamizhi, Tamil Brahmi, Brahmi letters, King Asoka and 18 languages were found in a script that was explained in detail in that Documentary. They wanted this message to reach each and every one of us that's why they did it like a movie. We can say that we are eagerly waiting for Episode2. 

From that documentary, we will look into some facts which were mentioned. We will discuss about Tamil Brahmi, and we will pinpoint the Minor Differences and continuity of the discussion. We will look into it in this post.

Tamizhi History

Beloved Tamil people. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

The origin of the Tamil language is unknown to us all. Still, we haven't found any proof yet that determines when and where  Tamil became a language. It's a great Mystery, and we still don't know when it all started. But for Tamizhi we can pinpoint the year of origin. So Tamizhi, Tamil Brahmi, Brahmi Letters, Devanatha Giri we will have to look into all these languages. The Dravidian Language also comes under this era. 

So Brahmi letters have been used in the Period of Ashoka’s Rule because we have already found scriptures and rock paintings that confirm this theory. Brahmi letters belonged to the language called as Piragaratha. In ancient times People who lived near the rock paintings believe that these letters lead to a treasure. Many  Indian Kings tried to Cipher these letters but were unable to do so because of the complexity of these letters. Then came the British tried to find out or cipher these letters. 

When we say British tried we should also Take into Consideration of VeeraMa Munivar and Periyar must also be remembered here. They played a major role in changing Tamil which we now speak and read. In time Tamil started to evolve from its original state to the Tamil which we now speak and read. 

For ex : A Ah, and O Oh these changes have been made by Verama Munivar. Tamil has been talked differently and also had its own unique trait, they changed it by adding few things here and there so it can be changed into a language that can easily be written and read. Please watch the video in 3.23 to know more about what Periyar contributed to the change.

Did Tamil originate from Brahmi?

The answer is NO. Brahmi letters date back 3rd century Bc. In Korkai Archaeology which is in Thoothukudi district, The Brahmi Letters found there dated back 8th or 9th Century bc. So 600 years in between these years which are mentioned above. So Tamizhi should be present in use there.

Brahmi - is a very wrong definition of this language. Because of Brahmi came from Piragaratha language. They just added just an I to Tamil thus saying Tamizhi. So if Brahmi has to survive it should be linked with Tamil. That's how Tamil Brahmi came into existence now. 

Many researchers and scholars said that Tamil Brahmi is not to be called but it should be called Tamizhi. From 1th Century Bc we have found a book that says the languages were 18 Languages. Tamil Brahmi was not there but only Tamizhi. People who came after this timeline changed that to Tamil Brahmi. 

We say about Veerama Munivar, he was an Italian Jesuit whose Original name was Constanzo beschi. He was the one to make a lot of changes after he researched our language Tamil. He was the one who determined the language writing system. 

Why did Veerama Munivar have to learn tamil?

Tamizhi History

Its because if you rule southern India whether it is Chola or the Pandian kings. There was No Ya in the Brahmi letters. So when you take Vatta Letters then there were some complications to write those. So after the changes there was the creation of South Brahmi, then Came Dravidam. But Veerama Munivar rejected all languages and changed Tamil as we know now. Periyar also did his part in changing the Tamil language by omitting ot add something to the language. So many scholars and researchers have been doing a lot of research. It all ended at the 800 Bc. But the language texts which was found in Indus Valley Civilization and Sumerian Civilization were original letters of Tamil. It is called Tamil Brahmi letters.

Whats the Difference between Brahmi and Tamil Brahmi letters?

The paintings which were found from the Asokan Era and letters which were found from Tamilnadu have no connectivity whatsoever. There was some connectivity but the differences were huge. So they have declared that Brahmi and Tamil Brahmi are separate. Tamizhi letters have been found not only in certain areas but its everywhere. It was found in China, Cambodia, Thailand, Omen and from many places in India. So in order to learn about the Indian or Tamil culture they have to learn this language. That was the main reason many foreigners started to learn Tamizhi. So to influence the Tamil culture they have to study and learn about the Tamil Language. So if you havent see the Hip Hop Tamilzha video please watch it. 

So Brahmi and Tamil Brahmi was created, now they are thinking about the creation of a new language called Sanskrit. Have they found any Sanskrit in any rock paintings or Stone Inscriptions? No. The Inscriptions were found in Granda Language and Devanagiri. These languages were pretty new compared to Tamil. When the Pallavas ruled then Grenda language came into existence. Letters from tamil and Brahmi was the essence to the Grenda Language. They have created a new type of letters called Devanagari the books which have been written in sanskrit came to existence. This is how Sanskirt survives till now forming from 2 languages. But tamil even though many tried to modify stood up tall in its uniqueness. Many researchers now say that tamil is very Unique. It cannot be connected to Brahmi, so call it as Tamizhi or South Tamizhi. 

Tamizhi is unique. 

How did it change?

What is the timeline here?

Line letters changed to round letters. It transformed into what we now use as tamil. The mystery behind this will be revealed in The Hip hop Tamizha Episode2. These documentaries about tamil language will do greater good to the next generations. A idea to create this documentary was a great one.

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