The Creation of RAW 1968 – RAW Part 6

The Creation of RAW 1968 - RAW Part 6:

In 1965 for 25 days war was fought between India and Pakistan. After heavy fighting India wins the war. After the war, RN Kao came up with a plan to create a Spy Agency. RN Kao was an expert in the spy agency, he has learned a lot from the CIA, Mossad, MI6 and many other secret agencies. 

How did RN Kao create India’s cowboys?

What were the rules and restrictions given by Indira to the Secret agency?

Did India's Political parties believe in Indira Gandhi?

What were the Political parties' views on creating the secret agency?

Let's discuss this in detail.

This is the RAW part6. 

ARC(Aviation Research Centre). RN Kao was the head of the ARC. At one point India and America conducted an Operation. Nearly 18 Aircraft landed in India. The Main Person behind this Operation was RN Kao. 

RN Kao knew that in 1965 India’s Intelligence was weak. He wanted to change this situation. He prepared a report and wanted to meet with India’s PM Lal Bahadur Shastri. After the death of Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi became the PM of India. 

The Opposing Parties said that being the daughter of Nehru is the only qualification Indira Gandhi has to become the PM. Even Indira’s own party had doubts about her. So every decision or move Indira Gandhi made was closely monitored by every Politician. 

RN Kao started to share his ideas with many people. One among them was the Very Important P.N. Haksar. RN Kao and Haksar studied at the same University. RN Kao was the Junior college mate to Haskar. Haksar takes RN Kao’s plans to Indira Gandhi. Indira Gandhi strongly believed in Haksar. Indira Gandhi started reading the Report given by RN Kao. She knew about RN Kao and his service to India. Indra Gandhi analysed all the information. She wanted to know the Pros and Cons of creating the Secret agency. She knew many countries will be watchful if India creates a Secret Agency. Haksar and Indira Gandhi went through the Report by RN Kao. 

The Creation of RAW 1968 - RAW Part 6 | Tamil Pokkisham

One day Haksar was called by Indira Gandhi. She says she had to meet RN Kao alone. RN Kao was called to meet with Indira Gandhi. RN Kao was waiting outside the Office of Indira Gandhi. 

RN Kao was called into the PM room. She says that she had read the report. She also asks RN Kao which countries are ready to help India create a Spy agency. RN Kao gives full details to Indira Gandhi. RN Kao’s report was created with the records of Mossad, CIA, MI6 and France General Directorate For External Security, Japan’s Public Security Intelligence agency. 

Indira Gandhi was hearing everything. RN Kao has structured RAW very carefully. He also says that he has other ideas which were in the report. 

Indira Gandhi was surprised that RN Kao had friends in many Secret Agencies. But RN Kao replied that they were not his friends but India’s. 

Indira Gandhi gave three options to be added to the Creation of RAW. Her first order was any member can be recruited by RAW. Two people in RAW will be directly appointed by the PM. The third Order was RAW should not be like IB. 

RN Kao also gave his Ideas. He asked for 250 People working in IB. The Second request was he should be able to make decisions without interference from the Indian govt. RN Kao also says that RAW reports will be delivered only to the PM. Indira Gandhi and RN Kao now wanted to create RAW. 

When her Party knew about the creation of RAW. Indira Gandhi had many internal issues to solve. She said that India Needed a Spy agency and it will be created. 

In Many Countries, Spy agencies were created. But after some years it will be split into two or more. Indira Gandhi ordered that RAW will not be split and use of Advanced Technology will be implemented into RAW. 

Indira Gandhi funded a total of 20 Lakhs rs in 1968 to create RAW. 

Now RN Kao had another issue,

How to select agents to work in RAW?

Many agents are needed to work in RAW. But to lead them RN Kao needed 4 people who could lead these agents. RN Kao knew that he had to recruit fast and form RAW. The first head to be selected was Sankaran Nair. We discussed that Sankaran Nair was the person who replaced RN Kao in the Ghana Issue. 

RN Kao knew that he would face a loss by Selecting Nair. Sankaran Nair was a hot head. RN Kao's exact opposite character was Sankaran Nair. 

Why did RN Kao select Sankaran Nair?

He was a hothead when it came to serving his Motherland. This was the reason RN Kao selected Sankaran Nair. RN Kao approached Sankaran Nair and told him about RAW. There was no rank in the Spy Agency. Sankaran Didn't have any value for rank; his objective was to protect his motherland. 

The Creation of RAW 1968 - RAW Part 6 | Tamil Pokkisham

If Sankaran Nair joins RAW. Many in IB will not support RN Kao. The reason was the failure of IB in 1965. The Pakistani attack was not predicted by the IB. So a committee was set up to investigate the reasons. Sankaran was a part of this committee. The reports given by Sankaran had thrashing words against the lack of IB. IB officers were very angry with Sankaran. When S\IB was against Sankaran, RN Kao didn't know how many agents would come forward to join RAW. RN Kao expressed his concerns to Indira Gandhi. Indira Gandhi smiled and said that many people are waiting to serve their country. 

RN Kao selects 250 People from IB for RAW. After Sanakran selection, RN Kao selects another person. His name was P.N. Banerjee. He was an ex-army person from West Bengal. RN Kao wanted Banerjee to head the RAW Branch which will operate near East Pakistan. P.N Banerjee was offered and he accepted the job. The Third Person was Major I.S Hassan Walia. He was the person who collected the resources and selected the Officer place for RAW. They also wanted to create TeleCommunication & Technology Monitoring. Now, this department must be led by another person. His name was Brigadier M.B.K Nair. He was an expert in this technology. 

Now the Team has been formed under the command of the RN. Kao. So the decisions taken by RAW will be informed to these five Persons. 

If the Five are attending a meeting. There will be no Pen or Paper in the meeting room. There will be a sign which says “Knowledge is Power”. They didn't want the information to be leaked to the outside world. Whatever happens in the meeting room doesn't come out of that room. This is how RAW Operated. 

The Report given to Indira Gandhi will be written in a paper when he waits outside the PM's Office. He was very careful about the reports. This is how RAW was created. 

After the Creation of RAW, RN Kao wanted to eavesdrop in many countries. RN Kao gave an order that the Indian Satellites should be directly controlled by RAW. 

Did RN Kao share his decisions with others?

In The Secret agency, the Head is called the Director. But In RAW The head is called Secretary Level who reports directly to the Pm of India. RN Kao can make decisions and send them to be authorized by the Pm. All outposts on the Indian border were placed with small equipment. Rn Kao released a list to spy on 13 countries. The members of RAW were shocked to hear this list.

They asked,

How is this possible?

Rn Kao said that it is possible. But they have to increase their Digital Communication. Communication was key to RAW. Now RAW had to spy on other countries. It had to send spies to other countries. Plans were set in Motion and new jobs were created by RAW. 

Then, Indian Diplomat, T.N Kaul creates new jobs in the Indian Embassies across the world. The Workers sent to these embassies were RAW agents. RAW agents became Embassy Workers. 

Using this infrastructure, RAW was able to collect information from Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, South East Asia, Africa, and many other countries. 

RN Kao also wanted his agents to conduct Psychological Operations. China is currently engaged in Psychological warfare with India. 

But in 1968, RN Kao had already done Psychological Operations. Through these operations, we received a lot of information. 

From 21st Sep 1968, India’s Spy agency was created. RAW needed advanced Technology and training. 

The Creation of RAW 1968 - RAW Part 6 | Tamil Pokkisham

Which countries helped India?

RAW agents were sent on training to Russia from the KGB. Agents were sent to Israel for training from Mossad. America’s CIA trained RAW agents. The trained Agents returned and began training other agents. So Many Agencies have given training to RAW agents. 

In 1968 RAW was created, in 1971 war with East Pakistan. Bangladesh a new country was created. 

How did India manage this victory?

What was the contribution of RAW in this war?

A Decision was taken by Indira Gandhi. 

Who were the leaders who stood by Indira Gandhi?

Let's discuss this in the next part of RAW. 

How was this post?

India didn't need just a Spy agency. India wanted to create a Perfect Spy Agency. This was the main reason behind the creation of RAW. We will discuss in detail the Operations done By RAW. 

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