The Mad Man – How USA Became Super Power? Part 15

The Mad Man - How USA Became Super Power? Part 15:

1905, there were tensions between Russia and Japan in an Imminent war. Whichever country America allies with will win the war. But America wanted peace through Diplomacy between Russia and Japan. So that war has been stopped by America. For this effort, the American Prime Minister received a Nobel prize. But after 40 years America used Nuclear weapons on Japan. 

From 1905 to 1930 America was the one who was responsible for the growth of Japan and after some years America destroyed Japan. 

Why did America do this?

How is Capitalism in America?

How did America was born?

How did America become a Superpower?


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1870-72 Communism was the talk of the town. Communism has spread to Europe. The president during this time was Ulysses Grant. After him, 5 presidents came but they didn’t win the hearts of the people. So we are going to look at the last president of the 19th Century and look at the Mad Man. 

So Ulysses hated Communism. America during that time faced a lot of issues. In 1872 nearly 1 lakh American workers protested that they need enough salary for their work. Still, America faces this issue. But now there is another issue in America which is Corruption. 

So During Ulysses Grant Presidency, his friends got commission nearly 3 Million Dollars. American People got enraged. People are protesting here and Grant’s friends were corrupting the system. 

But People recognized that Ulysses was not the problem but his friends. So in the next election Ulysses was elected President. So Grant says that laws should be put for the company which opposes the Workers union. SO for Owners, a govt was created. There was a lot of fun houses created in America.

Now we have to look at India. The Cinema Graze, Are our youngster’s slaves to cricket?

The same formula was applied in 1875 in America. So when laws have been passed to protect the Owners, the workers started protesting. So to calm them down a lo of Fun Houses was created. So the govt said that the people are working, so after work come and enjoy in the fun houses. So the workers who earned the money will spend it in Fun houses. So to come again to these fun houses we have to go to work.

So all the plan was devised by the owners. So the worker’s benefits were not a topic here. The reason is many who immigrated to America were rich people. They came to America for business and to have slaves. So these rich people had egos. They only competed against each other to determine the winner but didnt care about the workers. 

Ulysses said that don’t care about the Owners but take care of the workers Union. So days go by the protests stop people work and go spend it in Fun houses and then come to work again this becomes routine. This changes into Monopoly. 

Monopoly means all resources go under one person. Particularly The Crude Oil business belonged only to the Rockefeller Organization. So if Rockefeller thinks about Leaving America then the country will face a lot of problems. So The govt has to stop Rockefeller leaving the country. So there was a lot of Owners. So American Goct work was to favour these rich people. This is how Capitalism happened in America. 

SO we left out the Five Presidents after Ulysses. After them came William McKinley. 1897 to 1991 Mckinley was president. 

What did he do?

We have to clearly understand this as this is the start of the 20th Century. The first steps to becoming a superpower were taken by America in this time. Both Spain and Britain were in competition to become a Super Power. Spain had dominance all over the world. In the east, their dominance reached the Philippines. Britain had many countries as their colonies. America was carefully noticing it. They had many Entrepreneurs and they made a lot of money. They have already enslaved the mass population. Now they have to become No1 Country in the world. Already they are No 1. But the Authority to do this hasn’t received by America. 

How can they do this?

Who to oppose to achieve this objective?

If they oppose Britain, many in America who are from Europe will leave America. 

How about opposing Spain?

So America finds out which countries are against Spain. They knew that Cuba is against Spain. America wanted to help Cuba. Warships went to help Cuba, their objective was to destroy the Spain navy. They also wanted to bring in Cuba and the Philippines into their control. Only 5 months the war took place, April 1898 to August 1898, Spanish retreated from Cuba. America helped many countries which were under the contri\ol of Spain. So many small countries which were colonies wanted their Independence. 

The Mad Man - How USA Became Super Power? Part 15

At this time America had two good occurrences.  America’s Dollars was changed as the currency for many countries. America was called the Big brother. So if a country faces any issue then America will come to rescue, America has Military, Businesses. So the propaganda worked and America started to become the No 1 Country. 

After this cam another issue Communism against Capitalism. That issue was resolved by Theodore Roosevelt The Mad Man. 

Why Ulysses didnt get elected?

Ulysses was assassinated. So Elections came and Theodore Roosevelt becomes President. Ulysses Grant came from a poor family. In Mexican War he was a General, so he worked a lot to become PResident. 

But this Theodore Roosevelt is the Son of a Rich man. He was the son of a Multi-Millionaire. He has two issues with his health one was asthma and the other was his eyesight. 

How did he overcome it?

He was engaged in sports to recover from Asthma. He doesn’t want to travel in the safe lane but he chooses the hard way so he can be a part of the history books. His method was not finding a solution but to write the history in a hard way. This is why he was called the Mad Man. He proved that this method will work. 

At one time there was an issue where he has to choose whether he heeds Capitalists or the Workers. He said he didnt need them both. The govt was shocked to hear this and told that it will greatly affect the country. Roosevelt said Defined Capitalism. 

Can you define Capitalism?

Roosevelt says that all Capitalists are Monopolies. There are nearly 30 families which control the countries resources. Whoever can come and do business in America cancel that law. So if there are companies there should be laws for them. We are not doing anything against the workers. But if someone is producing Crude Oil then they should not do another business. So the experienced companies will be given the appropriate sectors. This is called Defined Capitalism. The Entrepreneurs loved the idea, no competition will come in their business. So they all accept the laws. 

The Mad Man - How USA Became Super Power? Part 15

What is capitalism?

Is everyone Rich?

Everyone is rich. There is no Middle class. So you have to be a workers or an owner. So if you want to rival an existing company, then the govt will take steps to eradicate the rival company. So Roosevelt has done his job.

Even after this, there were issues. Through this law many became super-rich. After this only in 1928, the Great Depression came. 

We all know Why the GReat depression came?

How did the Stock market crash?

What were the reasons?

So America now will start with WOrld War1. For this war, America takes the next step. 

So the series was 

How America got its Independence?

How America got immigrants?

How they earned money?

Who was responsible for the growth of dollars?

Finally, America has passed a law Defined Capitalism. 

How America Became a Superpower using Defined Capitalism?

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