The Real Valimai Update – Real History of the Satans Slaves

The Real Valimai Update - Real History of the Satans Slaves:

“We are the Venom you Churned out. We are Satan's Slaves. The Dark Web is our world. 

Anyone who dares set foot in it” These is the words in the Glimpse of the Valimai Movie. 

“Arjun you have touched my Ego, Get Ready for the game”. Ajith replies that the Game has already started. 

There is a word that has been used in this dialogue. Satan’s slaves. 

Who are Satan's Slaves?

What is the connection between Satan's slaves and the Valimai Movie?

What is the connection between Satan Slaves and other Motorcycle groups?

When was this Motorcycle group formed?

What was the reason for the formation of the Motorcycle Group?

Is there a Mafia level based on these Groups worldwide?

We will discuss the answers in this post. This is the real Valimai Update. 

“This could be something big” is the last dialogue in the Movie Glimpse. We can hear the Villain’s voice in the background saying “We are Satan’s Slaves”. But in the Glimpse, the Villain's voice appears first. We will discuss the details of these Motorcycle groups. 

“We are the Venom you Churned out”, So among us, we have Churned some people.

Are they the Real Villains?

They are not Villains, but the formation of these motorcycle clubs are caused by Many Political leaders and countries. 

After World War2 the Enlisted Soldiers were dismissed. The Soldiers who faced the horrors in the War were dismissed because of their rage or mental state. These Soldiers who came back weren't able to live normal lives. These Soldiers were not able to lead a normal life but they had money. Using the Money they wanted to enjoy life and the idea to start a Motorcycle group came into their minds. 

From 1940 to 42, the first Motorcycle club was started. The Club was formed by Soldiers. Veteran soldiers were the ones who started these clubs. This is the starting point for the Motorcycle Clubs. 

What is the connection between the Motorcycle Clubs and the Satans Slaves?

We need to know about AMA(American Motorcyclist Association). America’s Motorcycle enthusiasts and Riders can register in this Association. A Law was passed that the Rider is allowed to participate in Races after Registering with the AMA. Some riders felt that AMA is becoming too crowded and they wanted to form their own Association. The Riders said that they will not follow the rules of the AMA and they started a new group. Thus the Outlaw Motorcycle Club was formed. The Outlaw is now known in many names. The Extreme name of this Outlaw club is One Percentage Club. It means that 99% of the raiders in other clubs follow the rules and regulations. But these riders in 1% will not follow any rules or regulations. There were three main groups. The first is the Outlaw Motorcycle Club AKA Outlaws, Hells Angels and Bandidos. These three groups were formed at the start. This all happened from 1940 to 1960. 

 The Real Valimai Update - Real History of the Satans Slaves

There were many women in the Motor Cycle Groups. The Bikes will be costly and will be used for racing. 

What is the difference between AMA and Outlaws?

AMA registered riders can participate in Racing events. But in Outlaws anyone who pays the money can participate. This started a Gang war. Many groups were split and formed. 

In 1967, England Satans Slaves was formed. The Satan Slaves call themselves the Leader in the Motorcycle groups who have advanced Technology. The Satans Slaves started their fight against many Clubs. The Satans Slaves were started in England but they spread out to other countries by Opening branches. In England they have 18 Branches, Scotland has 1, Germany 6, America More than 10 Branches. They had to create an emblem to showcase their Club. They were a Jacket which has a Human Skeleton Head and the Words Satans slave. If other riders use their logo they will attack them. The Club members were Riders. They transformed into Womanizers. For Women, the riders got into fights. They also started robbing many banks. More than 55 Riders were arrested in 1979. 

 The Real Valimai Update - Real History of the Satans Slaves

In England, a very important bank was robbed. The Investigation says that Satans Slaves are behind this Robbery. Until 2005 the Satans Slaves Crime list is long. 

What is the connection between the Motor Cycle Group and the Valimai Movie?

Director Vinoth is a director who does extensive research for his movies. He did his research to direct the Movie “Theeran”. The Movie Saturnga Vettai is also based on real-life events. Satans Slaves Boker gang leader was jailed for molesting a Six-Year-Old Child.  These Cases have not ended by 2008. 

The Satan Slaves rivals are the Road Rats Motorcycle club, West Coast Angels Motorcycle Club, Black Label Society. These Motorclubs were formed by Soldiers. These Soldier members have committed crimes. 

In 2021, in Chennai, Tamilnadu there is Bike races that are held inroads. The Bike craze has affected many people. 

If you have a 15 to 21 Yr old child ask them about the Motorbike Gangs. They will explain the rest. 

Satan Slaves have committed many Crimes. 

Is the Valimai Movie based on these Motorcycle clubs?

We have discussed the History behind the Motorcycle Clubs and Satans Slaves. The ego clash between these clubs may be the Idea behind the Valimai Movie. 

In the Valimai Glimpse, we say that “The Dark Web is our world”. There are suggestions that this is the Deep Web. These Motorcycle groups conduct their races on websites which is the Dark web. 

So the Satans Slaves which was started in 1967 is the one which is in the Valimai Movie Glimpse Teaser. We cannot confirm this Theory. 

So now you know the real history of the Satans slaves. 

In the Valimai Glimpse, we saw Power, Boundless Power which is needed in the world now. 

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