The Taliban Advance – China Russia Iran

The Taliban Advance - China Russia Iran:

In the news lately, we see the news happening in Afghanistan. The Taliban issue and the exit of German Troops and American Troops. China and Afghanistan Meetings. China, Russia, Iran and America meetings with the Afghan Govt. Afghanistan is asking for help from India. Taliban wants to ignore India. China will use Afghanistan as a weapon against India. There is so much news coming out of Afghanistan. We will hear this news in the future. 

We have already discussed the Afghan situation. But in this post, we will share the updated details. We can predict what is going to happen in Afghanistan. 

Please decide whether to discuss this topic or not. We have female children or mothers, even neighbours.

Are they safe in our country?

We will say Yes they are safe. But Women in Afghanistan are not safe. 

Afghanistan has nearly 407 Districts. Taliban have already captured 188 Districts in Afghanistan. Nearly 14 Capitals have been captured by the Taliban. 

What will be the next move of the Taliban?

WIll the Taliban rule the occupied territory in peace?

Will the Taliban provide the children education?

Will the Taliban Provide Excellent Medical Services?

The Answer to these questions is NO. 

The Taliban get the lists of Women from the religious leaders in the area. The list contains age groups from 12 to 42. Women who are unmarried, Women who are divorced are on that list. The list has been taken from the Captured Territory. The Taliban go door to Door. They force the women to marry their soldiers or work as Sex Slaves. 

This has happened in Srilanka. It has happened in Many Countries. But now it is happening in Afghanistan. 

Many countries are not asking questions. Countries like Iran and Pakistan and talking with the Taliban. Iran has been ruled by Islam Leaders. But in Pakistan Democracy rules. If Islamic leaders come to power in Afghanistan then it is an issue for Pakistan. We still don't know who is ruling Pakistan. Whether it is a democracy or Military rule we still don't know the answer. If an issue like Islam based leaders should rule Pakistan arises. The Pakistan government will not be able to stop this from happening. In this situation, Pakistan has asked for help from China. 

The agreement says that All US Troops will leave Afghanistan by Sept. But America has announced that the Withdrawal of troops will be completed within August. Germany had the 2nd largest troops in Afghanistan. Now Germany has said that it will not return to Afghanistan at any cost. So when countries leave Afghanistan the Taliban power keeps increasing. 

The Taliban Advance - China Russia Iran

What do the Taliban ask?

The Taliban wants Ashraf Ghani to re-sign his position as PM. The Taliban request includes the Taliban as governing bodies and conducts elections for the people to choose their leader. The Taliban ultimately asked for a Govt that supported them because they are the majority population. 

Now we know why Pakistan wants China in Afghanistan. China wanted to enter Afghanistan. China has a 25-year agreement with Afghanistan which is nearly 400 Billion USD. China’s promise is to build infrastructure worth 400 Billion USD in Afghanistan. China will also give the same offer to the Taliban. 

China ten years ago, Improved Afghanistan’s Infrastructure. The used machinery and technology in Afghanistan are now not maintained. China’s biggest advantage is it can improve any country’s infrastructure at a cheaper cost. This is how China has been able to help other countries. 

Afghanistan is also called The Burial Ground of Empires. Many countries wanted to keep Afghanistan under their control. The list contains Greeks, Mongolians, Mughals, Britain, Russia and America. Their aim was to conquer Afghanistan. The American Troops were present in Afghanistan for 20 years. But America was never able to conquer Afghanistan. This is the reason it is called the Burial Ground of Empires. 

But China has approached the Afghan Situation Differently. China has not sent its Military troops into Afghanistan. China is only going to send its money into Afghanistan. So China is also going to give Technology to Afghans. For nearly 20 Years America was fighting the war. Due to the war, the Infrastructure of the country was completely destroyed. China will announce itself as a saviour. The Taliban will lend money from China. 

The recent news says that the Taliban are advancing in a Taliban Blitz. Many Army Headquarters have been captured by the Taliban. The Taliban have taken prisoners of the Afghan Army. Many Soldiers have escaped into Tajikistan. 

The Taliban Advance - China Russia Iran

When The Taliban capture a Military Headquarters. The weapons stashed there are now in the hands of the Taliban. Many countries are funding the Taliban and they are also receiving free weapons. 

The American army has given the Afghan Army some weapons to defend against the Taliban. When the Taliban capture a region, the Afghan army cannot move all its weapons. The Weapons are in the hands of the Taliban now. The American technology advanced Weapons are currently used by the Taliban. 

These Taliban are the ones who are mistreating 12 to 42 aged Girls and Women. This is an act against Humanity. The Taliban will be despised for the act they commit against Women. This proof will reach the International community. 

The Taliban will not be supported by The World Bank or Un will not fund the Taliban. 

When the Taliban take over the country by September. The Taliban will need money to run a govt. But due to these acts, they will not receive any funds. The Taliban has to work with China to overcome this issue. 

What will Russia do?

Russia knows that through the Belt and Road Initiative China is finding many Asian Countries as Allies. Russia is keenly and closely monitoring this situation. There are chances that Russia and China may compete with each other within 2050. Russia knows that it has to be alert in this competition. But it is not advisable for Russia to act against China.
So Russia, Iran and China together will lead the Taliban's. Pakistan will act as a Broker. We don't know how the Afghan PM will escape the Taliban advance. Ghani has been requesting India to send the IAF. But sending the IAF into Afghanistan will do nothing. The Issue is the Taliban is supported by many countries which include America. 

So If the Taliban are not a threat to America. America will not be involved in Afghanistan. When other countries have failed, India has to stay silent and watch the events unfold. 

There is a theory that says that India has been supporting the Taliban. The Pashtuns. The Taliban Majority population belong to Pashtun. There may be a chance that the Bollywood Stars may belong to the Pashtun. 

The Taliban Advance - China Russia Iran

The Pashtuns are also in Pakistan. When the Taliban's take over the Country they will want to reunite the lost territories which are called Great Afghanistan. On the Afghan Pakistan border, there are Taliban. The Taliban's may attack Pakistan. So Pakistan has to be alert in this situation. To stop the Taliban from Attacking Pakistan they need China. When China overlooks Pakistan and sees Afghanistan as a Viable Partner. There will be no balance and many issues may be created. 

Overall we are going to see a lot of changes in Afghanistan. Three countries will lead the way, Iran, Russia and China. These three countries will try to dominate the Countries which border Afghanistan. 

If America lifts the ban on Iran, Iran will become more Powerful. The Competition will be between Iran or China. America will try to force these two countries to become enemies. When America’s Superpower status is disappearing. America will try to indirectly create issues for China. 

China has now wanted to help the Taliban. All directions lead to a major Conflict. If this continues, China and Pakistan will be greatly affected. It will also affect India. 

So we have discussed the issues in Afghanistan. 

What issues are the Taliban's facing when capturing territories?

The Taliban are dependent on China. China has no other way but to help the Taliban. The Countries America and India will watch these Events. 

How will they act against China?

There are so many ethnic groups within Afghanistan. These countries may support these rebels. When issues were created, The Afghan People must face the consequences. 

What we can do now is Pray for Afghanistan.

Within one or two years we will talk about this “Pray for Afghanistan”. If the International community intervenes now they can save Afghan People. 

Will they help the Afghan People or not?

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