The Taliban Divide – Pakistan China Game


If the Taliban captured Afghanistan. Saleh wants his men to shoot him because he doesn't want to be a slave for the Taliban.  

What is happening in Afghanistan?

Why would the Taliban not form a government?

The Taliban are unable to appoint Government officers and a govt. 

Pakistan’s ISI Intelligence agency leader has gone to Kabul. 

What could be the reason for his visit?

Have The Taliban leaders arrived in Kabul?

The Crisis which happened in Malaysia and Nepal is happening in Afghanistan. 

A Different topic. But we need to discuss this topic now. 

We are going to compare many countries Strategies used to rule their countries. 

Nepal has an issue now. Sharma Oli has spoken against India. Sharma Oli didn't work for his People but for China. This created a huge issue in Nepal. So Oli resigned as PM. Many Diplomats were sent by China to Nepal to strengthen the Communist Party. Diplomats who were in Pakistan were reassigned to Nepal. After the Diplomats arrived in Nepal, they conducted various meetings with the Party’s leaders. China didn't want the Nepal Communist party to lose ground in the country. The reason is Nepal will have a puppet Govt that listens to China. This is the current status of Nepal. 

Let's move on to Malaysia now. Malaysian Politics is Complicated. The Malaysian people voted only once but they have seen nearly three PMs. So the Politics and the Position are contested only for Power but not for the people. So when the Politics is not right the People cannot live peacefully. 

Now Afghanistan. 1 out of 3 Afghans will not have food within 12 to 24 months. More than 50% of Afghan Children will be affected by Malnutrition. After the Taliban takeover, it's been 25 days. But there is no Govt to rule the people. For more than 20 years the country was devastated by war. The Taliban are unable to form a government. The reason is Kabul and Kandahar. 

Pakistan’s ISI Spy Network’s Leader arrives at Kabul. Pakistan wants Afghanistan to do its bidding. He conducted Meetings with the Haqqani network and The Taliban. The Haqqani Network says that their Influence over Kabul was the reason the Taliban were able to occupy the City easily. The Taliban have clearly said that the Taliban are one there will be no divide. The Haqqani Network will not be given Importance. Due to these issues, the Taliban have not set up a ruling government. The Taliban Spokesperson has said that next week they will declare the govt which will rule the country. After the arrival of the ISI Leader, there has been no improvement in this issue. The ISI Chief is still in Kabul to speak with the Taliban. 

Now we switch our Focus to the Panjshir Fighting. The Anti-Taliban group has written a letter to the UN. They have said that nearly 2.5 to 3 Lakhs Afghans are in the Panjshir region. Fearing the Taliban many Afghans have fled to the Panjshir region. But the Taliban are trying to kill the people who the Resistance fighters are protecting. This is an Ethical Cleansing, says the Anti-Taliban group. So a Cry for help from the Panjshir Region has come out to stop the Genocide. 

The Anti-Taliban group has also said that they have killed up to 700 Taliban's in the Heavy Fighting. 

Is this a victory for the Anti-Taliban group?

The Anti-Taliban group is fighting without any support from the International community. But countries like Pakistan, China, Russia and Iran are ready to help the Taliban. The Taliban now have advanced weapons in their arsenal. So we don't know how long the Resistance can hold the Taliban onslaught. Saleh has said that the Anti-Taliban group will never have peace talks with the Taliban. This is a Bold Speech. But sadly there is a fear that the Anti-Taliban could be defeated. 

What will happen if the Panjshir region falls?

From Kabul, it's Approx 50 Miles to Panjshir Region. The Haqqani network will take control of the region if the Resistance falls. The Haqqani network is Pro Pakistan. 

Whatever happens in Afghanistan, Pakistan will be benefitted. For the Past Ten Years Pakistan has been benefiting from Afghanistan. The US Military equipment was shipped to Pakistan. America has spent nearly 146 lakh Crores in Afghanistan. In this amount, nearly 60 Lakh Crores may have gone to Pakistan. If Pakistan cannot do good to Afghanistan. Nobody can. 

If they have used 30 Lakh Crores, Our Indian GDP does not come near this amount. When Pakistan is having this sum of money they cannot help Afghanistan. When there is an Internal Crisis in Afghanistan. 

How can Pakistan help Afghanistan?

Pakistan will not help. The Pakistan Taliban have conducted a Suicide bomb attack in Pakistan. Four Pakistani Soldiers have died. This happened in Balochistan which is near the Gwadar port. The Port is under the control of China. The attacks might continue focusing on the Chinese Port. China has said to the Taliban that the government should be against any Terrorist Organizations. 

The Taliban said that they will raise their voices for the Islam People in J&K. 

Why is the Taliban not talking about the Uyghurs In China?

An Uyghur Genocide is happening in China. For many generations, women cannot give birth to children. China has violated many human rights. The Taliban should be against China. If there is a road laid in the Wakhan Corridor which connects China and Afghanistan. There is a chance that the Taliban will go into China. This is the reason China has not improved its infrastructure in the area. 

If the Taliban ask China to build roads in the Wakhan Corridor to improve Afghanistan’s infrastructure. China will hesitate because they fear that the Terrorists may enter their country. China has said that it will improve the Afghan Infrastructure if the Taliban are against Terrorism. 

If there is a way from Afghanistan to China it will become a major issue for China in the future. Just Like Putin is to Russia, Xi Jinping is to China. Some say that after Xi China may split into many countries. Russia is silently waiting to strike China. 

If China invests in Afghanistan. Terrorism will grow. The China game will be over. 

Iran on the other hand has called for elections in Afghanistan. Nobody expected this request from Iran. If the Taliban really want to help their people. After the takeover, they should have formed a government and helped their people. 

What other issues will rise in Afghanistan for the Taliban's?

The US has left a lot of equipment in Afghanistan. But after some days this equipment may need Spareparts to function properly. These advanced weapons need a lot of maintenance. America was maintaining the Equipment in Afghanistan. The Taliban cannot maintain these advanced weapons and Equipment. This will become a big issue for the Taliban. When these weapons become Obsolete. The Taliban's have to Import new weapons. This will definitely be made in China. 

The Bitterness which Pakistan and Srilanka now enjoy through the Made in China Project. The Taliban will also taste the Noodles of China. The Taliban will get to know the real face of the Dragon. 

If the Panjshir region falls. Afghanistan will have many ethnic groups competing for power. After this a Civil war may happen in the country, says the American officials. If Panjshir falls Saleh will commit suicide. Saleh has asked his security to shoot him if Panjshir falls to the Taliban. Saleh says that The Anti-Taliban will fight to the end. He has requested the UN and the International community to interfere in the crisis. 

Will the UN support the Resistance fighters?

The International community is waiting for the next move for the Taliban. The Taliban have to appoint Chairman, Vice Chairman, Army Chief. 

Will it be from the Haqqani Group, ISIS, Al-Qaeda or the Taliban?

The World will react after seeing these events. The World is waiting for the Taliban. Once The Taliban say that the government is ready. Many issues will arise in the country. Let's discuss this in the upcoming posts. 


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