The Velvet Revolution history – How Czechoslovakia Partition happened?

The Velvet Revolution history - How Czechoslovakia Partition happened?:

After India got its Independence it was split into two divisions India and Pakistan. 

When One Country Splits into Two Divisions, Violence was everywhere. 

How many innocent people Died during the Spilt?

As Indians, we know our Bloody History. 

Is India the Only Country which has a bloody past when the Division happened?

That is Strong No. 

In History, there are so many countries which are East and West Germany, North and South Korea. So through this Division of a country, many innocent people have lost their lives. 

Why is a country divided into two, three or Even Four?

What are the reasons for these divisions?

After listening to this video. You will understand whether the Past is repeating itself or History is the Present. 

The Disappeared Countries. Part4. 

If there is no evolution of a Revolution, Philosophy or Policy it will end in a failure. This statement cannot be refused by anyone. 

The Berlin Wall. 

How the Berlin wall was built?

How was it destroyed?

How did East and West Germany become One Country?

Who is killing the Innocent People in Somalia?

We are discussing the answers in this series. 

We are going to discuss Czechoslovakia. Many People don't know about this country. But the name of the Country which is in English may be heard by many people. 

How was Czechoslovakia created?

Let's travel back to World War 1. World war 1 is over.

Which country was responsible for starting a World War?

The victors start their search. Everybody knows that Germany was responsible for World War2. The Austria Hungary Empire was the one responsible for starting World war1. Austria Hungary was one of the Central Powers Countries. So the world wanted to divide the Empire into many countries and achieve total Freedom. This was decided by France, the UK and the USA. After the war, Austria and Hungary were divided into separate countries. 

Did Austria and Hungary the only countries in the Empire?

Austria Hungary Empire consisted of countries like Serbia, Poland and many countries were a part of it. So After the war, the countries were divided and borders have been drawn. 

But France, America and the UK were afraid that the Empire may be built again through Revolution. So they wanted to combine the remaining states and Announce it as a New Country. This idea was constructed with a Concept which was language. The people who Spoke Czech and People who spoke Slovakia. 

The Velvet Revolution history - How Czechoslovakia Partition happened?

The three countries wanted these two regions to unite as one Country. So to unite the two people they had to find a common ground. They understood that Czech and Slovakia languages came from One language called Slavic. For this reason, they united the regions that became Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia was born. 

This union was not a request or a revolution of the People. They didn't ask for a united new country. This country was born because of World Politics in some countries. 

Czechoslovakia had many issues. The Czech people were under the control of Austria and Germany. Slovakian people were under the control of Hungary. So these two people were under the control of Austria and Hungary. Language and Culture were different. So the people who had different languages and Culture started to live in groups in Czechoslovakia. The Czech People were 50% when Czechoslovakia was born as a country. The Slovak people were only 15 to 20%. The remaining people were Germans and other nationalities. So the Czech people were higher in numbers. The Country was created and small issues started to happen. 

Czechoslovakia has to face a major issue called Communism. Before the entry of Communism, World war 2 had started. Hitler was defeated and Germany was divided into two West and East Germany. Europe was divided by an Iron Curtain. East Europe contained Russia, which controlled Czechoslovakia. 

Many of the Czech people didn't believe in religion. The Slovaks strongly believed in Catholicism. The Czech people thought that the country belonged to them, due to their population Numbers. 

The Czech people were supportive of Czech Leadership and planning. The Slovaks just wanted a normal and Middle-Class life. In this time, Communism started to spread all over the world. The Slovaks who were Catholics started to leave their beliefs to follow Communism. This was an Advantage to the Czech people because Majority of them didn't believe in Divinity. So the Country slowly started to adopt Communism. 

When The Czech people were the majority, The govt was favourable to the Czech people. The Slovaks started to recognize this issue. The Slovaks thought that they had a country and they were still slaves in their own country. Slovaks started to think about a separate country. When somebody speaks about Nationalism, it was considered a Crime under the Rule of Communism. Due to this, the Slovaks spoke among themselves and it ended. 

When the Slovaks stopped thinking about Nationalism. In 1989, The USSR started to fail. 

We have already discussed The Warsaw Pact in the Previous Video. People who didn't see it please check out the description in the video. 

Through the Warsaw Pact, The USSR was able to dominate many countries. In 1989, The Warsaw pact ended. When this happened, the Slovaks in Czechoslovakia started to speak. They started to think about a separate Country. Chances of a revolution were started by the Slovaks. Students started the revolution for a separate country. This revolution was called The Velvet Revolution Or Gentle Revolution. 

The revolution was started due to the death of a student. The Next issue was the Economy of the Country.  Communism has failed in the country. The government wanted to invest. The Czech dominated government wanted to invest in regions occupied by the Czech People.  Businesses were started in these regions. This was a big issue for the Slovaks. They recognized that Jobs are not available to them. The Economy supported the Czech Population. 

The Velvet Revolution history - How Czechoslovakia Partition happened?

The Slovaks asked the Question,

What is the use of being a united country?

The ruling Political Party, Opposing Parties, Politicians, and the next generation of Govt officials. Understand one thing, if people are not treated as equals. People will start to rebel against the Country and the government. There should be no differences in the Nation. This statement also includes India. 

So there was no equality in Czechoslovakia. The people started their Protest for a separate Country. This protest changed into the Velvet Revolution. The Revolution happened throughout Czechoslovakia. 

In 1991, two leaders were selected. Czech Province elected a president. His name was Vaclav Klaus. The Slovak Province elected Vladimir Meciar. The two leaders had a meeting. They discussed that there were many issues. So they discussed the division of the Country. So they discussed the Partition. The Country had two provinces. 

In Jan1st 1993, they signed an agreement and the partition was made. The two countries are the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This was the day Czechoslovakia disappeared from the World Map and two countries were born. 

The Velvet Revolution history - How Czechoslovakia Partition happened?

But there was no loss of Lives when the Partition happened. There was no violence. The Velvet Revolution was a gentle Revolution where people peacefully protested. This partition is now called the Velvet Divorce. 

In the History of the World, this is the first time a country was divided into two countries without any violence. 

When discussing this history. We should also discuss Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia disappeared, but there was the Violence and Civil war. 

How did this happen?

Is Yugoslavia a disappeared Country?

What was the Country’s Policy?

What was the People’s revolution?

Let's discuss it in Part5.

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