The Welsh Roswell UFO Incident Explained – Berwyn Mountains UK

The Welsh Roswell UFO Incident Explained - Berwyn Mountains UK:

23rd Jan 1974, nearly 47 years ago, in the skies there was a round object which was approaching earth. This object was seen by the Locals of a village who have seen this object. Many thought that it could be an Airplane, some say that it could be a Stone from Space. Others said that it could be an Alien Spacecraft. At exactly 8.38 PM this object reaches earth. It crashes lands in a mountain. 

Did the people go to investigate the object?

No. The Police arrive at the scene first. Then the army arrives at the Crash site and asks the Police to leave the area. 

What were the mysteries behind this crash site?

Has the mystery been solved?

In 1947 America, there was news that aliens have crash-landed in Roswell. This is the news that is spreading around the world. Many claims that they have seen the UFO or the flying saucer, but these claims were lies. 

But in 1974 a Whole Village said that it had seen a UFO. The govt to cover up the news had to build up fake news. 

Roswell happened in America. But let's discuss Welsh Roswell which happened in the UK. 

Many UFO researchers and Scientists go to this place called Welsh Roswell - Berwyn Mountains. The UFo incident was witnessed by the Villagers living in the area. 

The government said that it was a Jetfighter. But the people disagreed stating that the crash led to an earthquake which measured from 3.7 to 4.7 Richter. The People were in fear when they were told that an Aircraft crash-landed and caused this earthquake. 

Many villagers have already called the Police about the incident. The Police quarantine the entire area of the Crash site. The People were scared and started to move away from the Crash sites. 

The Welsh Roswell UFO Incident Explained - Berwyn Mountains UK
Flight Path

After the arrival of the Police, The Airforce authorities from Royal AIrforce have also reached the crash site. Then the army in huge numbers came to the Location. The Villagers were evacuated from their Houses. Reporters were restricted to the area. People or the press didn't have any clue about the incident. 

The Press and the People asked questions regarding the crash site. But the army said that it cannot disclose the Information. No information was shared with the Public. This crash happened in 1974. A Nurse from the region gave an interview. She described the Object as huge and round in shape. When it crashed there was a loud bang heard for miles. But she says that she saw bodies and these bodies were not human. After the interview, the Govt approached the Nurse and no information of her whereabouts are known until now. 

The Interview was never published. The Interviewer who got the information from the Nurse dies Mysteriously in 1979. The British government didn't want any leak of information. 

What crash-landed in the area?

What actually happened?

Was it an Alien Craft?

Did Aliens Crashland?

When many questions were raised, Investigation into the Crash started. After so many years of research, they discovered the Truth. The Investigation was started in 1979 by One Person. His name is Author Adams. He worked as an Electronics Engineer in Charcot Aircrafts. 

He was obsessed with finding the truth behind this Welsh Roswell incident. He was searching for evidence in the mountain. He investigated the crash site. He sees a mysterious Metal on the ground. He picks it up and sends it for lab tests. The test result said that this metal is not from earth. He also discovers that the metal was producing Electricity. He immediately contacted the Daily Express in the UK. He says that he has discovered a Mysterious metal. He also shared the test results. His doubts increased and he thought that the Object which crash-landed might be a UFO. The Daily express wanted Adams to write an article about his discoveries and they will release it in the Daily Express. 

The Welsh Roswell UFO Incident Explained - Berwyn Mountains UK

When he started writing his article. He was contacted and warned by the British Govt. He was told to not share the information. The government says that it is a National Security issue. 

Many UFO researchers said that a Flying Saucer carrying aliens crash-landed in the area. But others said that due to landslides in the Mountain the big Bang was created. This was the theory given by the British govt. 

Researchers asked a question,

What was the object which fell from the sky?

The government said that it could be a Meteor. While entering the Earth Atmosphere it has burned into ashes, said the Govt. So the villagers saw a Meteor which burned into ashes while entering the earth’s atmosphere. 

How did the landslides happen in the mountains?

How did the earthquake hit the area?

There were many questions raised to the British Govt. The Villagers started to share this experience. Thirty minutes after the crash there were many lights in the sky. Lights in the sky are the Information that started the Investigation. 

Why were there lights in the sky after the crash?

In this investigation, Russ Kellett found out some information. In India, we have the right to know the law to receive Govt documents. So Russ under the Rights to Know Law prepares an application. The government replied to this application. 

In the reply, it is said that on 23,24 and 25th Jan 1974, there was a Military Operation conducted by the Airforce and the army of the British govt. The Military Operation was named Photoflash. 

After the object has crash-landed, The Royal Airforce has deployed 10 aircraft to the area. These aircraft were equipped with Powerful Lights. They used these Aircraft to search the entire forest. This happened on 23rd Jan at 8.38 PM. The next day the Air Force was involved in a Photographic Survey. The Airforce took photos of the entire mountain. Russ Kellett now knew that there was a Military Operation conducted in the crash site. 

There were theories that Two UFO’s came to the location. The UFO which crash-landed was retrieved by the British govt and has been dumped in the sea. The alien bodies were retrieved and taken away to a Military Base. This is the Theory of Russ Kellett. 

The Welsh Roswell UFO Incident Explained - Berwyn Mountains UK

Does Russ Kellett have any proof?

He has collected a lot of evidence. On 23rd Jan 1974, there were 999 Phone calls made to the Local Police station. People from various locations have reported that they saw a Flying Saucer or a UFO. 

What did these people actually see?

The Report given by the Govt of a Meteor is not applicable when these people have seen the Object falling from the Sky. They have also reported this from various locations. 

What was the Object?

This is the first question. The army had said that Russia had launched a Missile against Britain. The govt said that by conducting a Military Operation the Missile location was cleaned up. The British government didn't want to reveal the attack to the world as it could lead to another World war. Russia strongly denied this information. The British govt after days said that it was unofficial news. So the Missiles theory is false. 

The theory which says that earthquakes were caused by Landslides cannot be accepted in the Scientific World. 

So the Theory which suits is that there was a UFO that hit the area. The Aliens who were in the Spacecraft were taken to a Military Base. There is still a lot of mystery in this incident. 

Russ Kellett is still conducting his investigation. He has sent many applications to the British govt to give the Specifics of the Military Operation conducted in 1974. He is still fighting to know the truth. This is the reason this incident is called Welsh Roswell. 

Now the real questions we must ask,

Why Should the British Govt Deny a UFO crash?

Why are they trying to cover up the incident?

There may be reasons. Humankind is not ready to accept the information that Humans have already made contact with Aliens. There are theories that say the aliens are controlling some countries. They have given advanced technologies to these countries. There are so many conspiracy theories out there in the world. 

We are still looking for ET. 

If we have made contact,

Where are the aliens now?

What are their reasons for visiting earth?

Many Researchers and Scientists are currently researching this topic. Humankind is still looking for ET in the Universe. We still don't have confirmed the news. But the mystery still remains. 

There was another incident which happened in 1980. We will discuss this in another post. 

After America Roswell Incident, There is Welsh Roswell which happened in the Berwyn Mountain in the UK. 

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