The Wonoboyo Treasure – Ramayana & Old Testament

The Wonoboyo Treasure - Ramayana & Old Testament

The Mysteries behind Ramayana and Old Testament. Indonesia is a country that has 17000 islands. It is the 14th Largest Country in the world. Indonesia is also called the Golden Earth. 

Why is Indonesia called a Golden Earth?

From India to, China many Kings have used Indonesia for their trade. 

Are there Treasures in Indonesia?

How can they discover these treasures?

Why is it that Indonesia has not revealed the Treasures to the World?

This post is about Indonesia's Unsolved Mysteries. 

A woman named Cipto owned Paddy Fields. An Irrigation project was started by Cipto and her workers. Her Paddy Fields were in Wonoboyo Village. On 17th Oct 1990, the workers started to dig. From Wonoboyo village approx Six Kilometres there is an important temple. After digging 2.5 Metres the worker hits a stone. He thought that it could be a stone. But the sound indicated that it was not a stone. He started digging further with his hands and he found a jar. The Jar was filled with gold. The Workers started to dig further for more treasure. The Information spread into the village and people started to dig. They found many Jars. The jars seem to be from China. The Jars had gold and Silver. The Total weight of the Gold was 16 Kg gold. Silver was 8 to 9 Kilo. There were gold coins and Diamonds. They understood that they had unearthed a Treasure. 

The Indonesian government was informed. The government wanted to conduct a complete study on the treasure. The Temple which is Six Kilometres from Wonoboyo Village is Prambanan Temple. 

Does it denote a Temple from Brahma?

The Temple was built in the 9th Century for the Gods Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu. 

Why did they build the Temple in the 9th Century?

The Temple was in ruins for many years, says history. In the 9th Century, Buddhism started to grow in Indonesia. Hinduism was decreasing so they needed to build a temple. This was the reason the temple was built. The Temple sculptures depict the stories of the Ramayana. 

The 16 Kg golds were gold statues or artefacts. The TReasure had 6000 Gold Coins. The gold ornaments are wearable. There were also Gold Spoons and Bowls. In One Bowl the Ramayana Story was printed. 

Did this treasure belong to the Prambanan Temple?

The Indonesian government wanted to conduct more research to confirm that the treasure belonged to the Temple. In the research, they found a Gold coin that had letters. The letters were “ta” which used to be a currency in Ancient java. The language Kawi had Saragi diah Bunga. The Kawi language was used in Ancient java. 

Ancient Java had links to Sanskrit and Tamil. 

Who were the Kings during this time?

They started their research on the Kings. The King of the Kingdom of Mataram. Mataram was also called the Medang Kingdom. This kingdom existed in the 9th Century. The Kings built these temples. Among the Treasures, there was Hanuman Statue. In the Eastern Region of Java, they tend to draw Hanuman drawings. The Central region used to draw Java. So looking at the statue they confirmed that it was from the Central Region. They also confirmed that the treasure belonged to the Royalty. 

The Wonoboyo Treasure - Ramayana & Old Testament

Why did the kings place the treasure in that spot?

The region’s sand was sent to research. They confirmed that the Sand was from a Volcano. There was a kingdom in this region. Due to a Volcano Eruption, the People who lived in the region migrated to other regions. The Treasure could have been buried. 

The next question was,

Can they find other treasures in Indonesia?

There are a lot of islands in Indonesia. There are islands named Madhura, SwarnaBhumi. Many from India traded with the region. In ancient days it used to import and export gold. Islands called Sumatra, Java.  The islands were called Golden Islands. 

In the Bible's Old Testament. There are writings about these Golden Islands. King Solomon recruited workers from Ophir. Workers from these islands travelled to King Solomon's kingdom. They cannot identify the exact location of Ophir. But in Sumatra Island, there is a mountain called Ophir which is also called Gunung Amas. Gunung Amas means Mountain of Gold. 

We cannot confirm the information of the research. 

Who buried this treasure?

This is still an Unsolved Mystery. The Treasure was placed in Museums. The Indonesian government has given permission to showcase the treasure in various countries. 

There were many treasures discovered in Indonesia. There is an important place in Indonesia which is called The Golden Earth. 

The Cultural Minister of Indonesia said that he has not seen a treasure like this in his life. Indonesia is still researching the treasure. 

Ramayana and Old testament in One Place. This is a Mystery. 

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