Treasures of Pyramids – Did humans build the Pyramids?

Treasures of Pyramids - Did humans build the Pyramids?:

A 50 Lakh Ton Pyramid. 

How did they build the Pyramid?

What technology was used to build the Pyramid?

Did the Slaves build the Pyramid?

We answered these questions in Part4. 

This is part5. Ancient Egypt Part5.

What are we going to discuss in this part?

To build the Pyramid many Limestones were required. 

There are two theories that say that Humans or Aliens should have built the Pyramid. 

In this part, we will discuss the theory which says that Humans build the Pyramid. 

Let's travel back in time. 4500 years ago. The Fourth Royal Generation. The Pyramid of Giza was built for Pharaohs called Khufu. The Pyramid of Giza is one of the seven wonders of the world. Many Pyramids have been lost in time. 

How many Pyramids have been discovered?

From Egypt, Nearly 140 Pyramids have been discovered. 

Are the Biggest Pyramids found in Egypt?

No. The Megastructures are in other locations built by the Mayans. Let's discuss this topic in another post. 

Treasures of Pyramids - Did humans build the Pyramids?

The Pyramid of Giza was built nearly twenty years. For Every 2.15 Minutes, one Mega Limestone has been moved into position. 

In the last Video, We discussed that the Pyramid of Giza was not built by Slaves. But we didnt give you prove whether the Pyramid was built by Humans or not. 

We have been asking different questions in this series. 

The First video was,

Who helped the Egyptian Gods to build the Pyramids?

People in ancient Egypt thought that their Pharaohs were gods. Osiris was helped by another person to build the pyramid. 

Where did this Osiris come from?

It is said he was from a Distant Eastern Side. It may be Modern India, or Kumari Kandam, or Atlantis or MU or Lemu. These Continents are no more as the sea swallows those lands. 

Did a person move from these places to Egypt?


Did this person come from another location?

In the next video, we asked another question.

Who was Moses?

How did Moses Reach Egypt?

In the Third video, we talked about the Connection between Tamils and Egyptians. 

What connections did they have?

In the fourth Video, we asked Who built the Pyramid of Giza?

People who have listened to the first four videos may feel the excitement. 

So in this part, We are going in search of many Mysterious Caves found in Egypt. 

Treasures of Pyramids - Did humans build the Pyramids?

The year is 1814- 1821. The location is Thebes. Tutankhamun's father Akhenaten ruled over Amarna. Many Archaeologists did their research in Thebes. They discovered many maps from Ancient Egypt. These maps were sold to King Charles Felix. The King didn't have scholars who read ancient Egyptian. So the King treasured the Map and Protected it. 

The Researchers who found out about the maps. Started to do their research based on the map. In the map, the researchers say many lines which may be borders. Many Mountains have been identified in the maps. The Colours of these Route and Mountains are in Different colours. In one particular location, we can see the Gold Coloured Region. This particular location is in Wadi, Egypt. This map is called the Turin map. While the researchers did their study they were able to identify these stones in the locations. 

In a Depth of 160 Feet, the researchers unearthed Caves. While they began their excavation, they found Gold. So they came to the conclusion that Egypt was plenty with Gold. They started their search for these Gold Quarry. 

Do these Gold Quarries still exist?

Can they unearth more gold?

Was this the only map available to the Researchers?

The year as mentioned before was 1814. 

We should also know a place called the Library of Alexandria. In Ancient Times, The library was built in Egypt. The Empires which conquered Egypt tried and destroyed the Library. The Library of Alexandria which had much history was burned down. Nearly 40000 to 4,00,000 Ancient scripts have been lost to the fire. 

If we look into Egypt’s History, the Gods worshipped by Egyptians were gods in Rome and Greece. The gods with different names were present in the Civilizations. The reason is the Scholars of Ancient times came to the Library and they always had to make another copy of these ancient scripts. The Scholars who used these texts took the information which was needed for their civilization. 

There are some shocking revelations to be revealed. Egypt had no connection to the Ancient Sea routes. But in the Library, there were maps which showed the Sea Routes and the Countries which existed at that time. 

How was this possible?

There are a lot of questions. Now we are back to the Turin Map. According to the Turin map, the archaeologists found many quarries. They discovered many LimeStones varieties. The Full details about these Stone quarries were in the Turin Map. 

Treasures of Pyramids - Did humans build the Pyramids?

From the Pyramid nearly 500 to 800 Kilometers they have brought the Stones to the Pyramid Locations. This became a fact with the discoveries found in Aswan Quarry. 

There is an Obelisk in the Aswan quarry. A Single Mega stone that has been turned into an obelisk. The Obelisk is large Pillars. The Aswan Quarry Obelisk is three times bigger than the Obelisks found in Egypt. When the Aswan Obelisk was built, it took a long time, small cracks started to happen in the obelisk. Due to this, the Obelisk of Aswan was not completed. The Obelisk of Aswan quarry weighs 1200 Tons. 

How did they sculpt this obelisk?

What kind of instruments were used to build the Obelisk?

How could they lift the Obelisk up if the work was completed?

The Researchers and Scientists have no idea how the ancient Egyptians could have completed these tasks. The Aswan Quarry obelisk in one Mega Structure. 

The Granites used in the Pyramid were taken from the Aswan Quarry. The archaeologists thought that many queries should have existed and the hunt to identify the queries began. They find many quarries. The Quarries found near Thebes and Amarna are found in the maps. 

With this information, we can confirm that humans moved the Stones to the Pyramid build locations using the Nile River. But we need proof to make this a fact. 

To find out the truth many archaeologists conducted many types of research. One of the Main Archaeologists was Pierre Tallet. Talet was a person who researched the History of Egypt. He discovered many Ancient Scriptures in the 19th Century. In 1950, two French Pilots wrote guides. 

With the Proof in his hands, Talet came to the conclusion that there are many tunnels in Wadi, Egypt. He thought that treasures beyond imagination would exist in these tunnels. 

In 2011, Talet started his excavations using the sources he had. He found nothing big, but he discovered a Small Storage room. 

What did the Storage room contain?

Important parts of a ship were kept in this storage room. 

In 2012, He continued with his excavation. Nothing important was found. He continued his work in 2013, his team unearthed more than 30 Ancient paper scrolls. Among the findings, he discovered the Diary of Merer. Papyrus Logbooks are called the Diary of Merer. Merer was a person who brought 200 people to build the Pyramid. In the Logbooks Merer has clearly said that Clothing and Technology has been given to the Builders. 

Treasures of Pyramids - Did humans build the Pyramids?

Who Did Merer directly report to?

Merer reported to Khufu’s brother. He had given reports regarding the stones from different queries and their timings. Full details have been recorded in the Diary of Merer. The Diary of Merer dates back 4000 to 4500 Years ago. Talet’s findings are the most ancient Paper Scrolls which have been found in the Modern Age. 

According to the Scrolls, the Stones needed for the Pyramids have been moved using the River Nile in ships. The researchers came to a conclusion on how they moved the stones. 

But still, a question remained,

How did they manage to lift these stones to load into the ships?

The researchers say that they could have used the Sledge Method. 

Is there any proof to confirm this theory?

In the Drawings in the Caves and Pyramid, there are drawings that depict the Sledge Method. The drawings show that the people moved stones using the Sledge method. 

We discussed that the Aswan Quarry was the location that produced the Granites of the Pyramid. 

Where is this Aswan Quarry located?

The location was called the sonnet. Sonnet is one of the Ancient Egyptian Gods. This god is the start of everything. From the place Sonnet, Egypt's landscape starts. A God similar to Sonnet is mentioned in Greek mythology. 

If they worshipped these gods, somebody should have taught them about these gods. 

Many researchers say that the Ancient Buildings in Egypt must have been built by Great Architects.

What does science say regarding these mega-structures?

What were the treasures and Technology?

 There is another theory that suggests Aliens Built the Pyramids. 

What is the base for this theory?

Let's discuss this in part6. Please wait for part6. 

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