Trump Speech Explained

Trump Speech Explained:

Julian Assange is the founder of Wikileaks. He is in Jail now. A Reporter asks Julian a question “If you want to travel back in time which year would you go”. He replies he will travel to 1979 and change History. That year is the start of a new era. This was the year America’s Dominance started in the Middle East. 

Trump called for an Official media meet. This was an important meet as Iran has said that it has attacked and killed 80 American Troops. 

What Did Trump Say?

What is the truth behind this?

We will discuss in detail.

Beloved Tamil people. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. 

We saw this Press meet. We were analysing whether Trump said was true or not. We will discuss the Possible Scenarios for both countries in this post. 

Before the meeting, Trump was delayed. Trump starts by saying Unethical Usage of Nuclear Weapons will not be Tolerated by Any Country in the world. He denied that 80 American Soldiers are killed. Nobody was killed and the Troops are well. There was minimal damage to the base. Whether its the base defence or the early warning system worked great and was helpful in avoiding any deaths. 

He also said that the event which happened in 1979 will not happen again. 

What happened in 1979?

We will discuss in the next post. 

Trump turns his attention on Soleimani. He says that America killed Soleimani, reason that he was responsible for the deaths of more than 1000 American Soldiers. He also gave training to Hezbollah. He was the guy responsible for causing many issues in various countries.  He continued that America should have killed Soliemani earlier. Now the world will be at peace. He also gives another reason. Trump says that Soleimani was planning an attack against America.

Last month 21 to 24th  A Person was killed. Soleimani was responsible for the killing. He also warns the Terrorists that they should be careful with America as America will hunt them down. They should learn from the Murder of Soleimani. This was a warning to the Terrorists. Iran’s economic bans will still continue. It will continue until Iran’s Change. 

Iran has made mistakes like attacking Saudi Arabia and Attacking US drones. In 2013, the Nuclear Agreement with Iran is a big mistake. A Big mistake in American History. That was how Iran earned a lot of money and with that money supported terrorist groups in Syria, Lybia and Afghanistan. If America could have avoided it then terrorism can be controlled now. 

He also said that Iran will never ever Develop Nuclear Weapons. Trump kept on repeating during his presidency. This is for the upcoming elections.

Russia and China are now acting against Terrorism, and Trump’s Govt is giving advice. NATO will concentrate its power in the middle east. The three years into his presidency has made NATO operations up to the mark. Trump thinks that through NATO he can subdue Iran. 

He also said that other countries thought that America didn’t have any natural gases, but they are currently producing natural gases in large quantities. The Economy is increasing and the Military size is increasing. The budget for the Military has increased.  So America doesn’t need any oil from any country. 

Trump just came in gave his statement and left without answering the questions of the reporters. He also talked about Hyper Sonic Missile. Because America is Testing it will not use these weapons against any Country. But America will continue to test new weapons for World peace. 

Next, he directs his speech towards ISIS. During his presidency, he has reduced the influence of ISIS. ISIS leader has been killed. He also said that ISIS and Iran are enemies. So if America and Iran join forces they can easily eradicate ISIS. Trumps says that Iran has to change, they have to change their policies and leave any hope of Developing Nuclear Weapons. If Iran accepts then America will join forces to fight against ISIS. The International Community will also help Iran. 

This statement from Trump was to the People and Politicians of Iran. Trump said that change your Policies and he will help Iran. He ends with Peace and Harmony. 

So from this Statement, we can understand that there is no war. America is going to do something with NATO. There is some news to separate Iran from the International Community. 

Trump said that Soliemani had a hand in encouraging Terrorism. Iran knew about it and didn’t take any step. So America will have to do it for Iran. 

Nobody was killed, No signs of World War3. Trump accused Iran and showed that America did the right thing. This was possible because Trump was President. They have put a stop to ISIS. So Trump ended the Press meet on a high note praising himself. 

How will Iran respond?

We dont have any clue on how Iran will respond. 

Will there be any attacks?

America will not attack now. Possibility of blaming Iran and the Proxy groups to start a war. 

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