Tucker’s Cross Unsolved Mystery – Bermuda

Tucker's Cross Unsolved Mystery - Bermuda: 

The Word Mystery means “Bermuda Triangle”. In the Bermuda Triangle, many ships and planes have mysteriously disappeared. There are a lot of theories given by the scientist regarding the disappearances. 

In the Bermuda Triangle, there are 183 Islands. We know a lot of ships have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. But many shipwrecks have been found. There was a cross that was found in the Shipwreck. But after the discovery, the Cross was stolen by someone. 

What was the reason behind the robbery?

There is no answer to this question until now. 

Do you know the Price of the Stolen Cross?

The Price may be many Crores. 

Let's discuss this Mystery in Details. 

If we talk about the Bermuda islands, we will remember the Bermuda Triangle.

There are 181 Islands in Bermuda. The most important and longest of these islands is called Main Island. The Remaining islands have been called Bermuda Islands. 

What is the reason behind the name Bermuda Islands?

In the Year 1505, a Spanish Explorer Juan De Bermudez discovered a location. After the discovery he marks it in his Map,  after years the location has been added to the chart of Spain. From that day onwards this area was called Bermuda named after the Explorer. Even after the discovery of many islands near the area,  it is called the Bermuda Islands. 

Tucker's Cross Unsolved Mystery

So in the year  1505, these islands have been discovered.  but the Spanish or the Portuguese refuse to go to the Islands. 

What could be the reason?

The islands are uninhabited. Ships that cross the islands,  mysteriously meet with accidents. There was fear of  Supernatural activity. So they discovered the islands in 1505, but due to these accidents, many countries did not try to colonize these islands. 

In 1609, when King James I Came to know about the islands, he thought of colonizing the area with English settlers. King James ordered two ships that carried 300 passengers to colonize the Islands. He wanted the Settlers to colonize the Islands and live there for one year. So we mentioned two ships. But only one ship completes its journey. After many mysterious accidents, in Small boats, nearly 105 passengers and a dog reached the Islands. This is history. 

So the Settlers started to build a settlement. The food runs out. Many people wanted to leave the Islands but many wanted to leave. Thus the Bermuda Islands was colonized by people. 

IN 1925, Teddy Tucker was born in the Bermuda islands. At his 12th age, he started to venture into the sea. His actions were praised by the local people. Teddy Tucker joins the Bermuda navy. In World war2 he worked in the army. After the war ended, he returned back to Bermuda. 

His passion to discover relics or discover something unique was always in his mind. He started his search but was unable to find anything. 

But he was an expert diver. He wanted to discover the objects in the Deep Sea. If there is something missing in the Island Sea, the people called Teddy Tucker for help. The Bermuda govt appoints Teddy Tucker to guide the tourists and also as an Expert Diver. He wondered what he could do with his job. 

The Bermuda govt said that many shipwrecks are under the Sea. Many histories have been lost to the sea. The govt said there are small notes which have been obtained from various govts. The notes mentioned many ships travelling near Bermuda and their mysterious Disappearances. IF they could find the shipwrecks, using the treasures found they can pay back the Bermuda Islands debts. The government also gave an idea to build a museum. Teddy Tucker was ready and excited about his new job. 

Tucker's Cross Unsolved Mystery

So Tucker and his 5 friends travel to the Deep Sea. They needed equipment to find the Shipwrecks and salvage them. There is an important item called a Magnetometer. This is happening in the 1950s. 

So using the equipment they will look for shipwrecks. But in the Bermuda triangle, the Magnetometer will not work properly. The magnetic fields and rocks will not allow the Magnetometer to work properly. 

The next equipment they used was Side Scan Sonar. This equipment was also not handy in finding the shipwrecks. So the equipment failed the Tuckers team. The team Had Deep Sea Divers. SO when the team passes a location and when the equipment finds something, the team tends to leave a marker at that particular location. They come back to these markers to conduct deep research. When they reach the marker, the divers dive into the sea to see whether they have discovered a Shipwreck. This is how the team conducted their research. The team also used Helium balloons to cover the vast ocean. Using these methods, they have placed many markers. 

Tucker and his team started diving in these marker locations. If there are sand dunes they will figure out when it was created. The team discovered many ship parts. They discovered a trove of treasure which contained Guns, Tanks Silver and gold. Tucker and his team find many valuable items. 

The Items found by the Tucker team were well enough to clear the Debts of the Bermuda Islands. After discovering these treasures Tucker and his team were kings of these islands. 

Tucker's Cross Unsolved Mystery

Now the year is 1951, Fishermen go into the sea to catch fish. Something was caught in the net. But the Fishermen managed to take back their net. The fishermen understood that there were sand dunes. The fisherman after reaching the shore directly reported to the Tuckers' team. The Fishermen have laid a marker and gave Tucker the coordinates. 

Tucker and his team arrived at the marker and noticed that there was something to be found. But due to the weather, they were unable to dive into the sea. So they cancel the trip. For nearly four years they didn't revisit that particular marker. 

In 1955,  Tucker recognised that they had left a marker and they didn't solve the mystery. When he visited the marker,  the weather was not favourable to the team. But Tucker was eager to dive and find the object. After diving 6 times they have recovered a lot of objects. Tucker's team figured out that this is a treasure trove. For the Seventh time when Tucker dived into the sea, he noticed a valuable object. They have already recovered kilos of gold in their previous 6 dives. When he discovered this particular object Tucker was overjoyed. He has discovered a Cross. 

This is not a normal Cross, but it was an object of art. In the Cross, Tucker can see Seven Emeralds. The Cross was 24 Carat Gold. There were nails on the sides of the cross. Some say that the nails depict the Nails used for the Crucifixion of Jesus. They come to the conclusion that these symbols depict the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. 

Which ship carried this cross?

Which country did the Ship belong to?

Tuckers team Go through the history records. They wanted to find the ships which had been sunk in this region. In the Research they find out that the Ship’s name was San Pedro. 

Tucker's Cross Unsolved Mystery

History records say that in 1594, San Pedro crossed this region. They find out that the Ship did not reach its destination. Tucker thought of informing the Bermuda government about the findings of the ship. But he left out the information of the cross. This information about San Pedro reaches the world. San Pedro was a ship that belonged to Spain. Spanish government claimed ownership of the ship and the ship's belongings. Bermuda and England disagreed with Spain,  they have found the wreckage and the object within the Sea limit of Bermuda.  show the Treasure belonged to the Bermuda government. 

Tucker has revealed the information that the cross has been recovered from the ship. In 1950, People were ready to buy the Cross for 1 Lakh Dollars. Tucker disagreed to sell the Cross. The Price went up to 2 and 3 Lakh Dollars. The people who wanted to buy this cross came from various countries. Tucker figured out that the Cross was priceless. He wanted to research the origins of this cross. 

Would the Spanish have created the cross?

In the Treasure trove, they can identify Spanish coins and tax Stamps that belonged to Spain. But the cross was created by Indians. But they didnt research more on this topic.  

After the Ownership of the cross was determined.  Tucker gave the cross to the Bermuda government. There is no record of the price which was given to Tucker for the Cross. Now the cross is in the hands of the  Bermuda government. This news Travels fast across the world. Many people from various countries started to come to Bermuda. 

Tucker's Cross Unsolved Mystery

Tucker stops his excavation of the sea.  He kept exploring the sea for treasure troves. He discovered a lot of valuable objects. 

In 1975, After the Discovery of the cross. On 16th Feb 1975, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip came to Bermuda. The royals wanted to see the cross. Tucker's findings have been kept in a location called Bermuda’s Crown Jewels. They wanted to build a museum so they moved the valuable findings. 

The Time for the royals has come. The Box which contained the Cross was opened. Tucker’s daughter Wendy wanted to touch the Cross. She recognised that the cross was not made of gold. She informs her father that the object was like plastic. Tucker touches and recognises that the object was plastic. The original cross was stolen. This shocked Tucker and the Buddha government. 

The valuable objects were loaded into the vans from their locations to the Museum. Someone in that time should have replaced the Cross with a Replica.  This expert thief should be an international Art Thief. 

FBI,  Interpol Scotland yard and many police Authorities tried to find the cross. But there was no trace of the robbery. The Cross is lost. Queen Elizabeth see the cross. The Cross has disappeared. 

If the Thief wanted to steal the cross for its worth. He could have split the Emeralds and the gold. They Could have sold it on the Black market. There is also another theory that says that the Cross may stay hidden for years. The Percentage of recovering the cross is 1.6%.

Until now the Tuckers Cross Mystery is unsolved and the Cross is still missing. If you type in Google Tuckers Cross there will be a lot of images. 

We mentioned before that the cross may be created by Indians. Tucker’s cross origins have been traced back to India. But Indians don't know any information about this cross. If they could have known about it, they could have conducted research. 

How did Tucker’s Cross Mysteriously vanish?

Please search for this topic and you will get a lot of information. 

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