Ukraine Crisis – Losses of India | False Propaganda

Ukraine Crisis - Losses of India | False Propaganda

We have discussed many posts in the Ukraine Russia Crisis.

If there is a war,

What will happen to countries?

What will happen to India?

People want to know the impact it will create for other nations. The Russian Invasion of Ukraine will be the starting point. After the invasion, there may be ripples across the World which may lead to World War3. 

We will discuss the issues created by this invasion. We will also discuss the Impacts for India. 

This is not Ukraine Vs Russia. The US, UK, France, Germany and many countries are involved. 

What are the G7 countries saying regarding this issue?

The G7 Countries want a peaceful resolution through Diplomacy. The G20 Countries have said that an invasion may create Inflation in many countries and many countries economies will be affected. They want to end this crisis through Diplomacy and are against War. 

The American media have started to strongly convey the message of War. 

Russia said that it has withdrawn its troops from some regions. NATO leader has said that Russia has not withdrawn troops from the Border. A Single Image cannot prove the Russian Statement. NATO called for a meaningful De-escalation. NATO wants Russia to remove all its troops from the Ukraine border. Russia has blamed America for the tense situation. 

America has sent its troops to Poland. NATO is going to send its troops to many allied countries against Russia. NATO is continuing its expansion. 

Which side will India take?

America says that India will support them. Russia is a close ally to India. Russia believes that India will support them. 

What is India’s Strategy?

India will remain Neutral. In 2014 Russia Annexed Crimea. Many Countries pressured India will talk against Russia. India said that Crimea and its long history is an issue of Russia. The regions once belonged to USSR. So India cannot talk about the regions which once belonged to Russia. India said it is an Internal Issue of Russia. So in 2014, India stayed Neutral. 

The same strategy will be used by India in the Ukraine Crisis. America wants the issue taken to the United Nations. America’s State Secretary Antony Blinken re-routed his visit to Germany and went to the UN. He met with the UN’s important leaders. There are chances that the UN may take a Resolution against Russia. 

Now UN is closely watching the events unfolding in Russia. Within the past 24 hours, Ukraine has recorded 60 Ceasefire Violations by Pro-Russian Separatists. So Ukraine has been under fire more than 60 times. The Separatists in Donetsk and Luhansk have started the firing. Pro Russia and Pro Ukraine soldiers have engaged in Skirmishes across the two regions. So they have started the firing. Both Russia and Ukraine economies are affected. This has become an internal issue for Ukraine. Due to these violations, the Western countries can easily blame Russia and Pressure it. Russia is standing tall against these pressures. 

Will this crisis affect India’s economy?

The Share market went down when the crisis escalated. After the Withdrawal of Russian Troops, the share market steadily grew. This clearly shows that the Ukraine Crisis is affecting the World market. 

When USSR existed, India exported nearly 10 to 12% of its total exports. But within the last 20 years, the Export to Russia has decreased to 1%. So the exports to Russia has decreased. But Russia has signed many agreements with India. There is an agreement signed to build a highway from Chennai to Russia. 

India has also bought an S-400 Anti-missile system and military equipment from Russia. Russia has exported to India. The imports from Russia contribute to 1.4% of India’s total imports. This is the data from CMIE(Center for Monitoring India Economy). According to the data the Export is 1% and the Import is 1.4% from Russia. 

So this will not directly affect India’s economy. The buying of Spare parts for Military equipment has been reduced by 53% from Russia. Once Russia was the Country that exported a large percentage of Military Equipment to India. But within ten years the Russian exports have decreased by 53%. India has started importing from other countries and also producing weapons and Equipment. India has also started importing Military equipment from America. India has reduced its Imports from Russia. Si the impact of Russia Ukraine war will not be felt in India. But if war happens Crude Oil prices will go up. The Prediction point to 70 to 90USD per barrel. If the Ukraine Crisis continues then the Crude Oil price will go past 90USD. If Crude Oil prices go up it will affect India’s economy. 

When Petrol and Diesel prices go up, the budget which was announced by the Indian govt will cause issues. India will have to spend more money. 

According to US-EIA(US Energy Information Administration) data shows that Russia share of Crude Oil Production has increased from 12.5 to 13%. So if there is an issue with the 13% Crude Oil Production it will directly affect other countries. So if there is an invasion the Crude Oil prices will go up. 

The EU is conducting business with India. 

How will the Ukraine crisis affect the EU?

The EU’s natural gas nearly 40% is provided by Russia. If the 40% of Natural gases is cutoff to the EU. This will create inflation. Through WTO many countries are conducting their business with other countries. There is an Open market in the world. If there is inflation in the EU it will affect the World’s economy. 

We can show you proof of Turkey, Srilanka and China’s inflation. There is also a shortage of SemiConductors. Semi-Conductors, Coronapandemic and Ukraine Crisis are causing Inflation. This will affect the World Economy and will also affect India’s economy. 

America is speaking about economic sanctions against Russia. India has collaborated with Russia on Brahmos Missiles and S-400 sales. If America passes an economic sanction India will be unable to get the spare parts for the Missiles. 

Nearly 60% of the Components of Brahmos Missiles are imported from Russia. India is now ready to sell the Brahmos Missiles to many countries. If there is an issue in Russia, the Made In India Project will be affected. There are chances that India may not be exporting the Missiles. 

This may be an issue for India if a Russian Invasion happens. 

Russia is exporting weapons and Military equipment to many countries which are approx 20% of the World’s market. So this is an issue for all countries. 

If Russia invades Ukraine,

Will it affect India from a Ukraine Point of View?

Yes. The Sunflower oil imports in India nearly 74% is from Ukraine. If Sunflower imports stop from Ukraine. The prices of normal goods will increase in India. This will also create inflation. 

So the Ukraine Crisis will affect the World. India may suffer a lot if Russia invades. 

Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Sunflower Oil, Weapons and Military Equipment are the main issues from the Ukraine Crisis. The Two Superpowers America and Russia are Perfectly playing their game. 

Russia says that it has no intention of an invasion of Ukraine. But America disagrees. Joe Biden is saying that Russia will annex Ukraine within Weeks. Biden also says that Americans will have to pay more taxes or pay more for gas if the invasion happens. This threatens the peace of the World. This also creates a false image of Russia. 

Russia has stood up to the Western Countries and NATO’s expansion into their region. This is the reason for Russia. 

NATO and America are sending troops to Poland, Ukraine and many EU regions. When NATO and America want to suppress Russia. Russia is standing tall against this threat. 

The Western countries are spreading False Propaganda which shows Russia as the Aggressor. Russia is not responsible for the De-Escalation of this crisis. 

But the Western Powers and their false Propaganda media is spreading fake news. Russia has not invaded Ukraine. It has shown no signs of an Invasion. But the Western Media is saying that the Invasion may happen at any time now. Many Media have apologized for their fake News to the World. 

So there is fake news that is spread throughout the World. This news may have Consequences. So don't believe in fake news. We should closely monitor the situation in Ukraine. 

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