Ukraine Fightback – Why No Country should believe in America?

Ukraine Fightback - Why No Country should believe in America?

Will the Ukraine War be a start for World War3?

The World is closely watching the Ukraine war. All Countries are carefully monitoring the events which are unfolding. 

Is there a country that is supporting Ukraine on the ground?

The Western Countries promised Ukraine they will support it. But now Ukraine is fighting this war alone. Ukraine's President has said that Ukraine is alone in this war and there is no help. Ukraine has banned Men aged 16 to 60 Yrs old from leaving Ukraine. Every Twenty Minutes there is a missile landing in Ukraine. 

We will discuss the latest events in Ukraine. 

The World is talking about the Possibility that the Ukraine war may turn into a World War3. The World is praying for the Ukraine People and the End of war. 

But in Social media, we can see many trolls and Memes which are created for Political Reasons. The Ukraine President has said that 137 Soldiers and Civilians have lost their lives in this war. He has said that the 137 People are heroes and Ukraine has lost 10 of its Military Officers. 

The Ukraine Leader and the People are calling for help from the World. The Ukrainian people are suffering. 

The EU said that it will back up Ukraine. Ukraine trusted the EU. But the EU has failed on its promises. America and the EU use these tactics in Afghanistan. They said they will come to Ukraine’s aid, but America and the EU have lied. 

America and NATO have to say that NATO will not expand to Ukraine. The War will be stopped. America, NATO and even the Ukraine President are not saying this word. America and NATO are saying that they will supply arms for Ukraine to fight this war. They also say that without NATO Forces intervention Ukraine cannot escape this war. This is Geo Politics. Now Ukraine is trapped. 

In the past, in Russia, many people lost their lives under the rule of Communism. But The USSR is not Russia. 

If we need to understand the Geo-politics we need to know about the agreements. The Minks Agreement, Crimea Ukraine Agreement. Ukraine violated the Crimea agreement and was supported by the EU and backed by America. But now America, NATO and the EU have fooled Ukraine. NATO has said that it will move its troops in Support of Ukraine. Nobody has said that NATO will be part of this war. 

Joe Biden has deployed 7000 American troops in Ukrainian Border. They were ordered to help the Refugees not to go to war. NATO is discussing a possible reply to Russia’s aggression. They are also thinking of Economic Sanctions on Russia. Russia doesnt care about these economic sanctions. Russia has had Economic sanctions since 2014. These Economic sanctions cannot stop Russia or Affect Russia’s Economy greatly. Russia has a large amount of Gold and Foreign Exchange. Through the Black Market Russia will sell Crude Oil and sustain its Economy. The West knows that Economic Sanctions mean nothing to Russia. 

But still, the West is talking about Economic sanctions instead they should be speaking for a peaceful solution to stop the war. 

Through Diplomacy the West must assure Russia that NATO will not expand. Russia to stop the war wants NATO forces to evacuate and not accept Ukraine’s Proposal as a NATO member. This is Russia’s demand. 

Ukraine Casualties are 137 People, Missiles are dropped in Ukraine. Ukraine People are suffering. 

The Ukraine people are standing United against Russia. Ukraine Army says that it can hold off the Russian army for 60 to 90 days. Ukraine's President has called for a Full Military Mobilization. He has called Civilians to take up arms. Men were given arms and training. The Children and Women are in Bunkers. But the Ukraine govt has called the Youth to fight the war. 

The Indian students who are in Ukraine for Studies. They are enlisting in the army to defend Ukraine. The Ukrainian people want to defend their Land against Aggression. 

Chernobyl is under the Control of Russian troops. But the Nuclear site is not damaged says the Vienna based International Atomic Energic Agency. 

The Ukraine PResident has also called for Volunteer hackers to help the Ukraine govt. He has asked the hackers to launch a Cyberwar against Russia targeting Russian govt websites. He has enlisted the help of hackers. 

The Ukrainian hackers are well trained in Cyberattacks. The training was given by Russia in the past. Russia trained hackers in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. 

Will the hackers help the Ukraine Govt?

Indians more than 20000 are present in Ukraine. 4000 Nationals have been bought back home. The Indian govt said that all Indians Nationals will be safely bought back to India. 

Indian PM Modi has spoken with Putin. He has pressured Russia to end the war. We don't know how Putin will act on Modi’s request. 

Taiwan has said that they are against Russia’s Invasion. Any Democratic Country which is invaded by another country will be supported by Taiwan. Taiwan has to choose Ukraine as the Big Dragon is waiting in its border. If Taiwan wants allies if China invades. Taiwan has to oppose Russia now. 

The Ukraine Army is blowing up Bridges to slow the Russian Army's advance. Russia’s army has entered the Ukraine Border through Crimea. This is the First Official News. 

We will discuss more in the Live Stream. 

Ukraine now is asking for Military, Medical, and all kinds of help from the International community. We don't know whether Ukraine will get aid. 

The EU is not ready for war. There is a divide in the EU which are taking sides. The EU cannot take a commanding decision. Their Natural Gas is supplied by Russia. After the invasion, within one day the Natural Has prices have gone up by 57%. If this extends for ten days. The EU economy will suffer. The EU cannot afford a war with Russia. 

There is Brexit, Corona Pandemic, and an Internal crisis for the EU to solve. This is the reason the EU has not taken any decision. 

America is also not taking a bold decision against Russia. 

Is America in a state to take a bold Decision?

America always says it will help. Then the war will start and America will not interfere directly. They will supply arms and Equipment and profit from them. Many Countries have fallen prey to this American Plan. 

Many say that the Russian Invasion is wrong. This is wrong. 

But Who forced Russia into War?. We should search for answers to this question. 

Iraq had no Nuclear weapons. But America said that Iraq was developing Mass Destruction weapons and invaded Iraq. Within One day America killed 15000 Iraqis. After hanging Saddam Hussien, America told that there were no Mass Destructions weapons in Iraq. America’s Official announcement is that 15000 Iraqis died. We don't know,

Why did America invade Iraq?

America has not given a reply. Now America is saying it is supporting Ukraine. 

America is a Superpower which has made many Countries prey on war and Profit from them. The International community is staying silent. 

Learn the world’s history We have a page in the history books. Our next-generation should know not to believe in America. 

We have a playlist on,

How did America become a Superpower?

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