Ukraine Russia Crisis – Will it lead to a 3rd World War?

Ukraine Russia Crisis - Will it lead to a 3rd World War?

The Ukraine Russia border issue. Russia has stationed nearly 1 Lakh Troops on the Border says a report. Ukraine allies the US, UK, Germany and NATO are saying that there are ready for everything. 

Stationing troops at the border is not an issue. But constantly the International Media has obtained Satellite images of Russian troops and are creating a tense situation. There was also a report which says that 700 Tanks, S-400 and many have disappeared. This has created a tense situation in the world.

Where are these missing troops?

We will also discuss America’s latest warning to Russia. We have already explained the reasons behind the conflict in three Posts.  

New Military Bases have erupted on the Ukraine Russia border. Maxar technologies are using their satellites to release images to the world. With these Images as proof, the world is saying that very soon there could be a Russia Ukraine war. 

America White House has said that at any time Russia may invade Ukraine. They show the satellites images as proof of Troop Deployment. Two weeks ago Russia has to build Military Field Hospitals and has moved Blood Banks to the Border. Ukraine says that the Hybrid war has started already. 

Hybrid Warfare may be used for India Vs Pakistan, India VS China and it can be implemented in any country. 

The Signs of a Hybrid war are The enemy will try to collapse the Economy of the Country. Russia has sent its troops to Belarus and is conducting Military Drills for ten days. 30 Russian Nav Warships are near Crimea. They say they are conducting Navy Drills. Russia has surrounded Ukraine on three sides. The Companies which are invested in Ukraine will pull out due to the risk of war. No Company will invest if a country is threatened with War. This will greatly affect Ukraine’s economy. 

Russia has been conducting Navy Drills. So the Civilian vessels will not enter that Zone. They will block these Vessels because Russia is conducting Navy Drills. If Russia conducts these Drills for one month. Ukraine will get receive any ships which are carrying cargo. This will result in the downfall of Ukraine’s Economy. 

Russia has used Fake Bomb Threats in Ukraine. Propaganda of the Citizens safety in Ukraine will be questioned through Fake Bombs or Fake Calls. 

One month ago In J&K, this tense situation was created. If terrorist presence in known in J&K. There will be no investments in the State. This will create an issue for the J&K Economy. 

The same situation is in Ukraine. Ukraine accused Russia of Cyberattacks. The Govt officers computers, Power station Servers and many important servers were hacked by Russia says Ukraine. Ukraine fears that its data may be stolen by Russia. Cyberattack is a part of this Hybrid war. 

Indirectly Russia is in a war against Ukraine. The World leaders are speaking to avoid a Full-scale Invasion of Ukraine by Russia. 

On 12th Feb 2022, Putin and Joe Biden had a 1 Hour Phone call. Their aim was to de-escalate the current tense situation. America didnt ask for troop retreat by Russia. Russia is saying that NATO Expansion must be stopped at all costs. It should not include Ukraine in NATO. 

America created NATO to destroy USSR. NATO expansion has already begun. They are stationing troops in Pre Soviet Countries. NATO wants the countries which split from USSR to become NATO allies. 

America on the other hand accuses Russia that it is trying Pro Russian candidates to rule Ukraine. This is not a Ukraine VS Russia issue. This is Russia VS America. Due to confrontation, there has been a crisis in European Union. IF there is a war this will become a huge issue for the EU. 

German Diplomats and Leaders are going to visit Russia and Ukraine. France’s Macron has already visited both Countries. Uk has sent its messages to both countries. 

Israel says that Mossad has to save the Jews in Ukraine. Israel has called for an Evacuation of Jews from Ukraine. Many Passenger airlines have cancelled their flights to Ukraine. 

The war has not started but the Pressure upon Ukraine is immense. The Arab Worlds Share value has dropped. Many believe that within a week Russia may invade Ukraine. If this happens there will be a drop in the share market. The investors are worried that their Business might suffer if there is a war. The Share market is Frozen.

Amidst this issue comes the Taiwan China issue. China will not engage in this crisis due to the Winter Olympics. When Russia invades Ukraine, China will try to Invade Taiwan. If Russia invades Ukraine, there will be many conflicts around the World. This may lead to World War3. 

What could be the reasons for World War3?

The reasons could be Russia Ukraine issue, Taiwan China issue, Iran America issue, North Korea testing Missiles. North Korea is continuously testing missiles. In Jan 2022 North Korea has tested more than 7 Missiles. Iran has been showcasing its New missiles to the world. All this news around the world will lead to the Spark which will start World War3. 

Belarus is a strong supporter of Russia. NATO has stationed troops in Poland. America’s Airforce is in the UK. 

All these preparations and Positioning may lead to war. Many countries are still suffering from the Coronavirus Pandemic. They don't want a war. It may be to divert the public from the Pandemic using this war as a reason. Money can be made if there is a war. 

Cyprus has asked its citizens to evacuate from Ukraine. America has called back its ambassadors for Ukraine. Uk announced that all diplomats must leave Ukraine immediately. If there is a war there will be refugees. 

Where will these refugees go?

This is the main issue for the World. 

Many media published news that 700 Russian Tanks have disappeared. New Regiments are created by Russia. Experts say that the formation of these regiments confirms the Invasion of Ukraine. 

Within Two weeks there might be an Invasion. If not Germany and the International community will conduct talks for a peaceful resolution. The Solution will be a Pro Russian Candidate who will rule Ukraine. 

Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 and told that Ukraine is part of Russia. Russia wants to come to a conclusion on this issue. Putin’s dream is to create the new Soviet Union. 

America may lose its status as World Leader as Russia and China are strong Contenders. America uses Ukraine as Bait to ensure its position. America says that if Russia invades it will receive many hard economic sanctions. China will definitely help Russia. Russia and China are against the NATO Expansion.
If Russia annexes Ukraine, The World will pass its Economic sanctions upon Russia. They will also act against Russia’s allies. It Could be Turkey, India, or China. America wants to hit two birds with one stone. 

Will China be directly involved in this war?

China’s army is vastly inexperienced in War. 

How Will China help Russia?

Will China use the Black market to help Russia?

For this to happen they will need Iran. Iran will act as a bridge between China and Russia. 

There are daily updates on this situation. One day they will confirm that War has started. It will not be a huge surprise. This war has already started. The official announcement is not made. 

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