Ukraine War – 87 UN Countries against Russia

Ukraine War - 87 UN Countries against Russia

“Welcome back Home” Indians are safely back at home. The Indian govt has said that rescuing each and every Indian from Ukraine will be a top priority. The Indian govt has announced Operation Ganga. 

219 Indians have arrived in Mumbai. Through Operation Ganga the Indian army will try to rescue all the stranded Indians from Ukraine. This is a huge boost for Stranded Indians in Ukraine. 

27 Countries have announced that they are ready to provide weapons and Ammunitions to Ukraine. In the UN more than 80 Countries have voted for a resolution to pass Economic Sanctions on Russia. There is also news that Russia may be removed from the EU. 

Turkey and France help Ukraine. 

Let's discuss this in detail.

Russian troops have started intense fighting in Kyiv. 

Why is Russia conducting a Furious fight?

For 48 hours war has been raging. Russia has not captured many key Cities in Ukraine. Many Countries have started saying that Russia has lost the war. 

Putin said that he is ready for peace talks. He just wants NATO forces to be removed from Ukraine. But Ukraine President has said that he is not ready for Peace talks. 

Putin immediately ordered a Russian blitzkrieg into Kyiv. Some parts of Kyiv are under the control of Russia. Three Cities have been captured by Russia. Russia says that it will protect the Citizens. Russia also has said that it will capture more Cities. 

The Ukraine Govt has asked to remove the Road Signs. This will delay Russia’s Advance. The army has also ordered to blow up bridges. A Ukrainian Soldier blew up a Bridge and in the process sacrificed his life. 

27 Countries which include the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, and many have said that they will provide arms to Ukraine. 

There was voting which took place to remove Russia from the EU. Turkey has banned Russian Warships from Entering the Black Sea. Turley has blocked passage to One Russian warship. Ukraine's President has thanked Turkey for its support and actions. France has stopped a Russian warship in the English Channel. 

Russia has asked France for a Detailed report on stopping its warship. The Russian Army officers have given a stern warning to the West. They will witness the Russian Wrath if they continue to operate against Russia. 

Russia has also told that the countries which are passing Economic Sanctions against Russia. Russia’s reply to them is those countries' Assets and Rich People assets in Russia will be turned into National assets of Russia. 

There are many businesses and Rich People investments in Russia. All investments from the West will be taken by the Nationalized. Russia has also warned that it can break the World’s Stock Exchange. 

Belarus has said that MINSK is ready to hold peace talks. Many Countries are passing economic sanctions against Belarus. 

America will provide 6.4 Billion USD to Ukraine. 340 Million USD worth of Weapons and Equipment will be shipped to Ukraine. The Netherlands will give 200 Million USD worth of advanced weapons to Ukraine. 27 Countries have announced that they will provide Advanced Weapons and Equipment to the Ukraine army. The International community has started to aid Ukraine. 

Zelenskyy requested this kind of aid from the International Community. He still has lost Kyiv to the Russians. His People are ready to fight against Russian Troops. If Ukraine gets advanced Weapons and Equipment they say they can defend Kyiv against Russian Troops. The 27 Countries' Weapons aid ASAP will reach Ukraine. 

Nearly 87 Countries in the UN have said that they are against the Russian Invasion. They want to teach a tough lesson to Russia. They have signed the Resolution against Russia. The International community has started to ask questions against Russia. 

Ukraine People are suffering and they are fighting for their Country, Freedom and their Children. All news coming from Many Parts in Ukraine of Sacrifices has increased the Morale of the Ukraine People. 

Ukraine has also asked the Russian people to support them to end this war. Ukraine has also said that the Russian People must Pressure their govt to stop this war. Ukraine wants the Brotherhood of the Russian People. 

Will Russia support Ukraine?

Russia has said it is going to start a Full-Scale war on Ukraine. The Russian army is saying that they can take Kyiv within Hours. But they are waiting. 

Why is Russia Waiting?

Is Russia waiting for America and NATO forces?

This is a perfect time for Russia to identify its Silent enemies in the International Community. 

In the Luhansk Regions, three main cities are captured by the Russian army. Ukraine has fired many missiles against Russian troops. Russian troops have said that these Missiles targets were Civilians. 

Greece said that it will support Ukraine. Turkey is playing its Double game. Turkey bought the S-400 Missiles from Russia. Now they say that they have banned Russian warships from entering the Black Sea. There is also news that Russia and Tueky Foreign ministers have spoken. 

Turkey is releasing news that indicates that they are supporting America and Russia. Turkey is playing a Double game. 

Ukraine has also claimed that it had killed 3500 Russian Soldiers. Ukraine will not give up the fight. Ukraine says that it will defend its country to the last man. 

If 3500 Russian Soldiers are killed,

How many Soldiers did Ukraine lose?

Ukraine has said that it has lost 197 Soldiers in the war. This answer is not accepted by the International media. 

Armenia has said that its Military is not supporting Ukraine. The media is spreading fake news says Armenia. 

Russian media are saying that the Ukraine president has left Kyiv. Zelenskyy has released a second video saying that he will remain in the Capital and fight this war. 

France Marcon has said that the war will not end within days. It will continue for days to come. He said that his country and many countries will help Ukraine. This war will continue. 

27 Countries are against Russia. 87 UN countries are against Russia. 

How long will the war continue?

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