Ukraine War – America’s Betrayal & Safezone

Ukraine War - America's Betrayal & Safezone

Some media has spread fake news that Ukraine’s President has left the Country. Zelenskyy has given a strong reply to this fake news. 

America called Zelenskyy to leave Ukraine for his safety. 

What did Zelenskyy say?

What was India’s Decision in the UNSC?

We will discuss this in detail. 

A True Leader will never ever leave his people during War. Zelenskyy is with the Ukrainian people against the Russian army. 

Joe Biden asked Zelenskyy to evacuate from Ukraine. Zelenskyy said that his people are ready to fight but they don’t have weapons. Zelenskyy asked for more Military Equipment and Weapons and has refused America’s offer of leaving Ukraine. 

After the Fake news, Zelenskyy appeared in a video call. He was standing in a street in Ukraine and was speaking in the video. This video has gone viral on Social media. 

India to protect its Citizens has sent a flight to Ukraine. By 4.00 PM the Indian flight carrying Indians will reach India. 

Zelenskyy said that the Ukrainian army has killed more than 1000 Russian Soldiers. 

Is this news true?

America’s Intelligence agency has confirmed that more than 1000 Russian Soldiers are killed in Action. Ukraine has shot down 2 Russian Jetfighters on 25th Feb 2022. 

A Russian Military transport Plane called AA-76 was shot down by Ukraine Army. Approx 25 Kilometres from the Capital Kyiv the AA-76 was shot down. The AA-76 was carrying Russian Paratroopers. The Ukrainian army cannot confirm the number of Russian Paratroopers in the Plane. 

There is a chance the Plane was carrying 125 Russian Paratroopers. Another flight was also shot down by the Ukraine Army. America Intelligence agency has confirmed this information. 

In The UNSC meeting, US and Albania brought a resolution to be passed against Russia. Russia used its VETO power to cancel the resolution. Russia is a permanent member of the UNSC. Using the VETO power Russia has rejected the Resolution. 

But there were Votes taken for the Resolution. 11 Countries supported the Resolution. Three countries abstained from voting. The Three countries are India, China and UAE. The 11 countries which voted in favour of the resolution were America, Albania, Poland, Italy, Germany, Estonia, Luxembourg and New Zealand. This resolution was aimed to isolate Russia. Due to Russia using the VETo power the resolution was cancelled. 

America said that Russia has used its VETO power to shut the Resolution. But Russia cannot shut the voices against the War on Ukraine. Russia must be held responsible for the lives lost in this war. 

Russian media have said that Russia now knows the Countries which are against them. The UNSC countries have not sent troops to help Ukraine in this war. Russian media said that the UNSC is a failure of Nations. 

Why did India abstain from voting?

India has given a reply. India has said that it is an issue between the two countries. Through Diplomacy and peace talks the issues of the two countries must be resolved. Ukraine and Russia are ready to fight against Eachother. This was should end with Peace Talks. India will not take sides in this war. India has also said that the Ukraine People suffering and Civilians casualties must be stopped. India Priority is the Indians stranded in Ukraine. This is the reason India has given. We knew that India will take a Neutral Stance. India has no other way but to remain Neutral. 

The Russian army has entered Ukraine. Many countries have requested that Nuclear Reactors must be protected at all costs. Chernobyls Nuclear plant has been taken by the Russian troops. But Chernobyl is not the real threat. Nearly 12 Nuclear Reactors are operational in Ukraine. Russia must not capture these 12 Nuclear Reactors. 

Russian troops have also captured the Kyiv Hydroelectric Power plant. Ukraine’s energy sectors are the targets for the Russian army. In Many regions, there is no Electricity. 

Joe Biden has asked American Congress for funds to support the Ukraine war. Biden has requested a 6.4 Billion USD package to help Ukraine in the war. Already America has given Ukraine 13 to 30 Billion USD to Ukraine as debts. The Opposing Party Leader of Ukraine blamed America for the Debts Ukraine has to pay back. 

Will America provide these funds as an aid to Ukraine? 

Nearly 3.5 Billion USD will be given to the US Dept of Defense. Through the Dept of Defense, the US will supply arms to Ukraine. Nearly 2.9 Billion USD will be given to US State Dept ( Agency for International Development). The US is saying that using these funds they can Protect Ukraine People. America has already started to profit from this war.  

More than 1 Lakh Ukraine People have lost their homes and are refugees in other countries. According to the UN data, there maybe 40 to 50 Lakh people moving to other countries due to this war. 

Zelenskyy has said that Ukraine’s time is now. Ukraine’s fate is going to be written in this war. The Ukraine People are fighting for their freedom. 

Zelenskyy has said that they are defending Ukraine alone and there is no support from Other COuntries or the West. 

The West is fearing Russia. The Western Countries are saying that they are ready to provide Weapons and Equipment to Ukraine. But Ukraine has to fight alone. Ukraine has been betrayed by the Western Countries. 

Russia said that this war started in 2014. America’s Gameplan started in 2014. America has betrayed Ukraine and made the Country believe in lies. 

This is America’s cunning ways and Ukraine Leader’s Failures. But the Ukrainian people are paying for this betrayal with their blood. 

How will Russia act now and show Sympathy towards the Ukraine People?

Putin has already announced an invite to Zelenskyy for a meeting. Putin has also given some restrictions which should be accepted by Zelenskyy. If Zelenskyy accepts the conditions then there will be peace talks. Zelenskyy has accepted Putin’s offer to come to the Peace talks. 

Is this news of the Invite True?

If this meeting happens,

What will happen next?

Zelenskyy will be asked to step down as President of Ukraine. 

What will happen to the POW?

Is there a chance that America and NATO will enter the war?

These are the big questions that must be answered. 

NATO has said NATO troops will be deployed in NATO member Countries that border with Ukraine. Aid will be given to refugees. But NATO forces will not enter Ukraine as the country is not a NATO member. 

America has started a Hotline with Russia. By accident, Russian troops must not attack the American troops. So the Hotline will send information of the America Troop Deployment so the Russian army knows. 

We can confirm that America is profiting and is in a Safe Zone. 

Ukraine has said that it has destroyed Russian Tanks, Planes and has killed more than 1000 Russian Soldiers. 

We should understand that Ukraine’s fight against Russia is LIMITED.

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