Ultimate India – Aero India 2021 | India will remain a Neutral Country

Ultimate India - Aero India 2021 | India will remain a Neutral Country:

The Biggest Air Exhibition in Asia called Aero India 2021 was held In Bangalore, India on 3rd Feb 2021. Iran’s Defense Minister, Ukraine’s Defense Minister, Russian Delegates, American Delegates were attending the show. 

What is India’s message to the world via Aero India 2021?

What is the reason behind the title of the Video “Ultimate India”?

Let's discuss in detail.

The reason why we have used “Ultimate India”. 

Did you like the title?

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Ultimate India - Aero India 2021 | India will remain a Neutral Country

Why have we kept this title?

Enemies are gathering around India. Are there New Enemies or Is it a created one?

Turkey is helping Pakistan. At the same time, China is also Helping Pakistan. Last Week China gave a new warship to Pakistan. Turkey on the other side has said that it is ready to give Pakistan War Ships. 

Pakistan’s current main issue in the FATF. Feb 22nd or 24th FATF is going to conduct another discussion whether to keep Pakistan in the Grey List or Move Pakistan into the Black List. In this FATF meeting, they will look into Pakistan’s Treasury and Income of the Country. 

They Will also conduct an investigation,

How much money has Pakistan spent on Terrorists?

But China wants Pakistan to remain in the Grey List. China is also helping Pakistan in Infrastructure and other sectors. Using this opportunity, China has completely entered Pakistan through the CPEC. 

Turkey wants to oppose India. Turkey also wants to create an issue for the International Community and use the chaos for its own benefits. But Pakistan's help is needed by Turkey. Turkey, Malaysia and Pakistan together have done a lot in 2020. We have discussed it in many videos in Tamil Pokkisham. 

India-China Border Dispute has not ended, because Pakistan is still in the Greylist of the FATF. Whenever China comes to the discussion table, They are also gathering their army at the Border. 

When the situation is a stalemate in the Border, India launches it's AeroSpace 2021 and invites many Countries to attend the Exhibition to show India’s, AirForce Might. This Invitation was also given to IOR(Indian Ocean RIM Association) Region Countries. The IOR countries have attended the Exhibition and this has made the event special. 

The event was special because after 1979 this is the first time an Iranian Defence Minister has arrived in India. In Sep 2020 our Defence Minister Rajanth Singh visits Iran and he requests Iranian Defence Minister to come to India. In his way to Russia, Our Foreign Minister Jai Shankar visits Iran and he also placed a request to visit India. 

Ultimate India - Aero India 2021 | India will remain a Neutral Country

Why is India voluntarily inviting Iran?

There is a document leaked on the internet that a 25-yr agreement between China and Iran was ready to be signed. The document clearly shows that China is ready to lend huge sums of Money to Iran to improve Infrastructure and many sectors. If China dominates Iran this will bring a huge impact to India. India has already invested in Iran projects whether its Chabahar Port or the Rail line near the Chabahar Port. India has many agreements with Iran. India’s main objective is to stop China’s Domination over Iran. This is the reason for the Voluntary Invitation to Iran. 

More than 100 American Delegates have attended the Aero India 2021 event. In Aero India 2021, fewer numbers of Foreign Aircrafts attended. But the event showcased India’s advancements in Airforce and Indian Indigenous Aircraft attended the Event in huge numbers. 

Nearly 773 Tech Hubs and Companies participated in the Aero India 2021. India has given a strong message to the world that India’s State-of-the-art equipment is ready to be exported to other countries. 

When inviting Iran Defence minister and American Delegates this move by India was Ultimate. 

Next Comes Ukraine. We know that Russia and Ukraine are known, enemies. Ukraine’s Defence Minister has attended the event and many Russian Delegates have also attended the event. This has been seen by the International Community as a huge move from India. 

When we speak about Russia, the S400 Anti Missile System. India has already given an order to Russia. The expectation is Russia would deliver the Order this year. But America is against this order. America has said that before you complete the order. This might be some kind of warning from America. India strongly said that it is an internal issue, and the country will decide from whom they will buy the weapons. 

This question was asked to the America delegates who attended the Aero India Event. America’s aim for India is not to buy the S400 Anti Missile System from Russia. India should not be close friends with Russia. America has said this to its friendly and Trading Countries. If the Country refuses America’s wishes it doesn't mean that they will sanction Economic Bans on the Country. 

Ultimate India - Aero India 2021 | India will remain a Neutral Country

Will America sanction economic bans on countries who are close to Russia?

America says that it will conduct a step by step investigation and based on the history of the Country they will decide whether to Sanction an Economic ban or not. In the last few years, India has depended on America. Before that Russia was the Strong Ally of India. So whether its Buying S400 Anti Missiles from Russia and being friendly with America, India has strongly shown that it is a Neutral Country. 

Next, we have to discuss Joe Biden. 

What will Joe Biden’s strategy towards India be?

The Greatest Example is the Indo-US Joint Military Exercise called Yudh Abhyas between India & the US. 250 American and 250 Indian Soldiers will participate in the Joint Military Exercises. This exercise will be held in Rajasthan. The date of the exercise will be on Feb8th. This Exercise clearly shows that America has taken a friendly stance with India. 

What will be the next strategy in India?

DRDO and the Indian Army have been testing many Missiles. India has been involved in Military Training and Joint Military Exercises with other countries. 

Recently the Indian Navy has made an announcement. The Indian navy through TROPEX-21( Theatre Level Readiness and Operational Exercise) has successfully fired Combat Kh35E Anti-Ship Missiles from Ilyushin 38SD Aircraft. India is in a stage where it has to strengthen its Navy. 

Comparing the Indian Navy with Chinese Navy we can see the Weakness of India. 

Ultimate India - Aero India 2021 | India will remain a Neutral Country

When India remains Neutral and has a friendly stance with many countries. An Expected turn of events happened in Myanmar. Based on the events in Myanmar, Japan has made an announcement. Japan says that if Military rule was to continue in Myanmar, then China’s Domination over Myanmar will increase. So Japan has said “We” We may have been a Quad Countries or Coalition of Nations. Japan’s Says the International Community together must find a solution for the Myanmar Crisis to Stop China’s Domination. Quad Countries and Five Eyes may turn their attention toward Myanmar. 

Now we have to discuss Russia’s Position. Russia’s Opposition Leader is in Prison now. He may be sentenced to three years in prison. 

Our Next Topic will be,

Why was the Opposition Leader of Russia arrested? 

What are the reasons behind Protests in Russia?

What is the Connection between these Protests and the Cabinet of Joe Biden?

What is the connection between Russia’s Opposition leader and America?

Let's discuss in the next video. 

Please Search for Aero India 2021. Search on Twitter, many Photos have been shared from the event. By viewing these photos we can understand the Indian Power on Army, Airforce and Navy. 

What was the reason behind starting this Aero India Event?

When India signed the Contract to buy 83 Tejas AIrcraft which cost nearly Rs48000 Crores. Thus the Aero India events were started. 

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