Victorio Peak Treasure Trove Mystery Solved – Doc Noss

Victorio Peak Treasure Trove Mystery Solved - Doc Noss

World War 2 was over. Hitler committed suicide. 

The American Army moved more than 100 V2 Rockets from Germany to New Mexico. From 1945 to 1960 they tested more than 60 rockets. They wanted to learn about the rockets. 

The Exact Location in New Mexico is White Sands Missile Range. America didn't test rockets in the region. But it hid a Gold Treasure trove from the People. Nearly 18888 Gold Bars worth of gold were retrieved from the area. 

Gold, Diamond and other valuable items were dug up from this location. One Person found out about the Treasure Trove. For Fifty years he fought to for this treasure trove. 

Where does this treasure trove come from?

How did they bring this treasure into the region?

What is the Mystery behind this trove?

This is Unsolved Mysteries Part1. 

The Hembrillo Basin was once a river that dried up. There is a peak called Victorio Peak. This peak is nearly 500 Feet in Height. In 1937, Doc Noss and his wife visited the peak. 

What was his reason for the visit?

He was hunting. He set up camp and his wife Ova” Babe” was with him. He was hunting when he saw a stone. This stone has been carved like an art. He lifts the Stone and it opens a tunnel. He didn't get excited. He wanted to enter the Tunnel and search it. So he returned to his wife. 

The Couple got married in 1933. Doc Noss told his wife that he had discovered a tunnel. His wife advised him not to search the tunnel now. His wife wanted to bring Equipment to enter the tunnel. 

Three days after their discovery they returned to the tunnel. They have Flashlights and Ropes with them. Now they are standing in front of the Entrance. 

Doc Noss used the ropes to enter the Tunnel. His wife was waiting for topside. He has descended to 60 feet. He sees that there is another tunnel. He has gone another 125 Feet. There are a lot of drawings on the wall. Doc Noss identified that these are Indian drawings. 

The Americans called the Indigenous people Indians. We know about Red Indians. He took a closer look at the drawings and he was shocked. He shouted loudly. He has seen a Human Skeleton. The Skeleton’s hands were tied up and were placed in a sitting position. Doc Noss knew that one man had been killed in the Tunnels. While he advanced into the tunnels he found 27-49 Skeletons. His interest piqued and advanced, but he can only find small stones. The Stones were bright. He noticed that they were not just stones but Diamonds. Doc Noss was happy that he had discovered a Treasure trove. 

Victorio Peak Treasure Trove Mystery Solved - Doc Noss

Doc Noss had noticed that there are so many tunnels. He saw that Iron Bricks had been laid out in the distance. He walked towards the Iron Bricks. He was scared as he was surrounded by Skeletons. He wanted to lift one of those bricks. But he was unable to loft one brick. He knew that the Iron will not have this much weight. So he removed the dust upon the bricks. When he removed the Bricks and he noticed that it was gold. He knew those were not Iron Bricks but Gold bars. More than 10000 Gold Bars were stacked. But he had his doubts and he needed to confirm it.  

He goes to the top and meets his wife. He says to her that he has discovered treasure. He Has filled his pockets with Some treasure and shows it to his wife. He also says that he has seen gold bars. His wife asked Doc Noss to bring back one Gold Bar. 

Doc Noss now descended to 120 Feet. He takes a gold bar. But he is unable to carry the Bar because it was 27 Kilos. He finds a small brick and takes it topside. His wife identified that the Bar is gold. She didn't want the information to be shared with anyone. The Couple wanted to move the treasure from the Tunnels. This was their plan. 

So Continuously the couple visited the Tunnels and retrieved the treasure in small amounts in many days. They also retrieve Diamonds, Gold, 232 Diamonds Crown. The year was 1934 and the Mexican government passed a law. The Law said that the treasures discovered don't belong to anyone but to the government. If there was no law. The treasure would have belonged to Doc Noss. 

Doc Noss needed buyers for his treasure. Doc Noss decided that he can trust no one even his wife. He has visited the Treasure trove many times retrieving the treasure and storing them in different places with markings. 

Victorio Peak Treasure Trove Mystery Solved - Doc Noss

The Couple now wanted a mining License for the Victorio Peak. The New Mexico Govt has given lease and permission to the Couple. The Couple now had the License to mine. 

Doc Noss knew that the entrance to the tunnels was narrow. So he wanted to widen the entrance. So He recruits a mining engineer to do the job. His name was S.E. Montgomery. 

The Engineer said that using 8 Stick Dynamite an explosion might do the trick. Doc Noss debated that the tunnels were not strong enough to withhold an Explosion. 

But the engineer insisted and the explosion happened. Unfortunately, the tunnel collapsed. 

The year was 1939 and Doc Noss was frustrated. He has the Licence and the mining team but there are rocks now blocking the treasure. The miners started to dig and it was getting expensive. Doc Noss used his hidden treasure to pay the expenses. Doc Noss cannot let anyone know that there is a treasure. 

In 1945 the Couple got divorced. Due to the treasure, they had arguments and their married life ended.

World war 2 has ended. The Technology of Germany has been captured by America and Russia. America wanted to test the Atom bomb. They tested it near the New Mexico Region. The V2 rockets captured were tested in New Mexico. The Victorio Peak is very near to the testing grounds. Doc Noss wanted to remove the treasure ASAP. So he started to include partners. 

In 1948 Doc Noss met Charles Ryan. Charles is a businessman in crude oil. He was well versed in mining operations. Doc Noss said that he would give him gold bars in return he needed 25000 USD. Charles accepts this offer. He also shared the location \where Doc Noss has hidden a small amount of Gold Bars. Doc Noss knew that more than 10000 Gold bars were in the tunnels. He did not believe Charles. Doc Noss had only 100 or more Gold bars.

So Doc Noss went at night and took the Gold bars from the hidden Location. On 5th March 1945, Ryan asked to accompany him to the dig site. Doc Noss wanted his cash before he could reveal the Gold bars. They started to fight. Doc Noss went near his car. Ryan, to threaten Doc Noss fired a warning shot from his pistol. The bullet hits the car. Doc Noss refused to reveal the site. Charles again fires and he shoots Doc Noss in his head. Doc Noss was dead. 

12 years after his discovery. Doc Noss was murdered. At his death, he had only Two USD in his pocket. Charles didn't know the location of the treasure. 

Doc Noss’s Ex-wife started the search for Gold bars. She collects various information. The American Govt has now expanded its operations on the White Sands Project. The American army now has control over Victorio Peak. Ova had a licence over the Peak. 

So the army and Ova were now in a legal Struggle. This happened in 1951. So the Discovery was made in 1937, now the entrance to the Tunnels are closed. In 1951 the Victorio peak was declared a restricted area by the American army. 

After a Legal Struggle, Ova was given permission. Two days of Mining Operation was issued to Ova. The American army started to bring in Advanced Equipment. Ova knew that time was short and the army could anytime find the treasure. 

Victorio Peak Treasure Trove Mystery Solved - Doc Noss

From 1951 to 55 a case was held in Court. The Court order was that the army can use the Surface. The army cannot dig the Site. The army officials known to overcome this court order started a search for treasure. 

When the army dug from another location they found more than 100 Gold Bars. The army now knew that it was a treasure trove and intensified their operations. 

Ova is a legal Battle that was given days to mine the area in 1961 and 1972. Many Private sectors came to the region but they were unable to find tunnels. After 1977 any kind of Dig Operation was banned. In 1979 Ova died. After 1989 the area was announced as a Restricted Zone. 

To whom did the treasure belong?

There are four assumptions. The New Mexico region was once a Spanish colony. This treasure maybe Spanish. Another assumption was New Mexico was surrounded by Four Golden Cities. One of the Golden Cities could be this treasure trove. The third one says that the treasure could have belonged to Maximilian the Emperor of Mexico 1860. 

Who was this Emperor?

He ruled the whole area in the 1860s. Maximilian receives intel on his assassination. So he wanted to bury his treasure. By 1867 Maximilian was murdered. 

The fourth theory is very interesting. This talks about Chief Victorio. The Whites in America wanted to transform New Mexico into a refugee state. So Indians and Blacks used to live in the region. Chief Victorio was ruling the area. During his reign, Gold could have been mined and stored in these tunnels. 

Who retrieved the Treasure from the Tunnels?

The American Airforce has dug up the Treasure. The Airforce has flown 20 Aircraft carrying 20 to 30 tonnes of gold per trip. So the treasure may be a reason behind the huge Reserve of Gold by America. 

India has a reserve of 600 Tons of gold. The Treasure had nearly 300 Tonnes of gold. 

How was this possible?

Many documents have been destroyed by the government. Until now this is an Unsolved Mystery. 

Please search for this treasure online. The Betrayals, work and dreams behind this treasure are amazing. Doc Noss and his family try to retrieve the treasure but they couldn't.  

Doc Noss has hidden many Gold bars in various locations. People are still searching for these gold bars. 

Let's discuss more in another post. 

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