Vietnam Heroes VS the Taliban | America

Vietnam Heroes VS the Taliban | America:

29th April 1967, 11 High Ranking Army Officers were in an office in Houston. The 11 Officers were called one by one and asked to sign a document. One among the 11 refuses to sign the document. The Army warns the Officer. But he refuses to sign the document. He says that he will not be frightened by the warnings and exits the premises. 

Outside many people were protesting their slogan was “No war against Vietnam”. The man who didn't sign the document was also among the protesters. His name is Cassius Clay AKA Muhammad Ali. The American Professional Boxer. A Man who Converted from Christianity to Islam. He stands in front of the crows and gives a speech. 

What did he speak about?

“Why Are they asking me to wear the American Army Uniform and go to Vietnam and bomb the innocent Vietnamese people? ''.

“They are killing the Vietnam People with Bullets as they are treating the Black People in Louisville as dogs”. 

“What crime did the Vietnamese people commit?. They are committing Human rights Violations against the Vietnam people”. 

“No, I won't go to Vietnam, I will not help them kill the Vietnamese people and destroy their country”. 

“Why Do they want this destruction?. The White people want to rule the Black people all over the world”. 

“This Slavery should end, and this will be the day the Slavery ends”. “I know what will happen if I make this decision”. 

“They warned me, They said that they will defame my image. My Life will be destroyed. But I will not go back. My decision is final. Our Real enemies are not the Vietnamese people but Some Americans”. 

“ I will betray my people, I will not betray my Religion, I Will not act against the Vietnamese people who are fighting for their freedom and their rights”. 

“ If this war will give 22 Million Black People their freedom, then I will go fight against the Vietnam People”. 

“There will be no freedom for the Black People in America because of the war. They will put me in prison, but I don't care. We are in Prison for 400 years”. 

After this speech, the Crowd went wild. When he gave this speech Muhammad Ali was Just 26 Yrs Old. At his 22 age, he converts to Islam. America wanted Muhammed Ali to fight in the Vietnam War. He Strongly refused to be a part of the war. 

How Did America Lose the Vietnam War?

Some Compare the Vietnam Fighters with the Taliban's.

How stupid is this comment?

Let's discuss this in detail. 

Not only, Muhammed Ali, but People also refused to enlist themselves in the war against Vietnam. Muhammed Ali was imprisoned for 5 years. America was collecting full information on Muhammed Ali. America’s NSA Secret Operation “Minaret” was monitoring Ali’s Communications. NSA wanted to monitor the calls and if it is against the Country Ali will be arrested again. 

After Ali’s refusal, America Lost the war in Vietnam. 

Now in 2021, Some say that America lost the war against the Taliban the same way it lost against Vietnam. 

Vietnam Heroes VS the Taliban | America

What Happened in the Vietnam war?

How did America lose the war?

Who were the Vietnam Soldiers?

How was the battlefield?

Why did the Vietnamese fight against America?

What were the People’s requests?

If you know all these details. We will salute the Vietnamese People. From 1800 Vietnam was ruled by many countries. A Leader rose who was called Ho Chi Minh. In 1929 the Ho Revolution started. This was a Revolution for their Freedom. It was a fight against France which was ruling Vietnam. Vietnam was once a colony of Vietnam. In 1932, France appointed a Puppet government in Vietnam. The Puppet ruler was Bao Dai. In World War 2, France lost and Germany occupied the country. France became Vichy France. So Germany had full control over France colonies. 

Vietnam Heroes VS the Taliban | America

The year was 1940 Sept. The World war is raging, China and Japan are fighting. In 1940 Japan entered the Indo China region. Through the Indo China region, China was receiving weapons. Japan wanted to stop the supply line to China. So speaking with Vichy France, Japan took control over Vietnam in 1941. So the Revolution happened in 1929. The year now is 1941. In Vietnam, there was only Anti- France but after the Japanese takeover, it became Anti-Japan. This was led by Ho Chi Minh. So the Revolutionary was called VIETMINH. The VIETMINH started to fight against Japan and Vichy France. When World War 2 ended Japan Surrendered. Now Vietnam was under no country's control. The VIETMINH wanted Freedom for their country. France was bankrupt and Japan had lost the war. The VIETMINH wanted Independence. 

The soldiers in the VIETMINH were farmers. Ho Chi Minh called his people to fight for their freedom. On 2nd Sept 1945, nearly 5 Lakh People gathered in Hanoi. Ho appeared and said that Vietnam is a free Country. But still, the country was ruled by Bao Dai. 

The Ho Chi Minh Speech contained “ All Men are created Equal, The Creator has given us certain inviolable rights, the rights to life, the rights to be free, and the right to achieve Happiness”. He said that no one is a slave. This speech had Communist agenda. 

Ho Chi Minh was known as a Nationalist leader. American intelligence found the truth that the weapons were given by Russia and China. China and Vietnam are enemies. America was puzzled about how China is helping Vietnam. 

Vietnam Heroes VS the Taliban | America

After World war2 the Cold War started between America and Russia and it reached Vietnam. America has faced a major loss in Cuba. Fidel Castro against America has freed his people from America. Communism was growing in Cuba. America was concerned about the spread of communism in Vietnam. They had a meeting with France and Bao Dai. 

In 1945-46, Ho Chi Minh announced the Victory of Vietnam. In 1946, A New government took power in France which supported the American Agenda. France did not accept Ho Chi Minh’s requests. Now the VIETMINH started their Guerilla warfare against France. The VIETMINH were farmers. Nobody knew where the Soldiers were coming from. 

In this Vietnam war, Nearly 400 Kilometres the VIETMINH have built underground tunnels. These tunnels have all equipment and food. 

Why did they build underground Tunnels?

The VIET MINH soldiers at any time can attack the American and French troops and quickly escape using the Tunnels. The American army didn't have any equipment to fight in the tunnels. Snipers were in the trees who killed many American soldiers. The American army didn't expect this type of enemy. In 1954 France accepted their defeat and called for a ceasefire. Ho Chi Minh accepts the ceasefire. A peace agreement was set up in the Geneva Convention.  Vietnam was split into two. North Vietnam will be led by Ho Chi Minh and South Vietnam will be under American rule. Communism in North Korea. The North people knew that France, Japan and America wanted to enslave them. The VIETMINH fought against them all. The People wanted to follow Ho Chi Minh. South Vietnam was controlled by America. America was in constant fear that communism may spread to South Vietnam. 

In 1955 America was directly involved in the Vietnam war. So the Advanced Army of America came to Vietnam. VIETMINH, the Guerilla army and the farmers all wanted to fight against America. The War started in 1955 and ended in 1973. The Longest and important war for America. This is also called The TV war. Nearly 600 Reporters were brought to Vietnam to witness the war. Under the American army instructions, the media supported the war effort. This was against The Vietnam people. 

Vietnam Heroes VS the Taliban | America

Why were the Vietnamese people fighting?

They were slaves for so long. They didn't want to be slaves in their own country. But the Western Countries' agenda was different. The Vietnamese people wanted to win the war for their future generations. America conducted nearly 172 military Operations. Every Military Operation may take up to Two Months. There were so many incidents and Human rights Violations in the Vietnam War. But The Vietnamese people stood firm against the American Army. 

America knew that it cannot win this war as the Vietnam Fighters were experts in Guerilla Warfare. America wanted to destroy the forests. Using their Airforce America through many chemicals upon the forest. The Chemicals were thrown into villages and many people died. Many were affected by diseases. America wanted to crush the Vietnamese people. But The Vietnam People didn't care that they would die for their country. America had lost a lot and it wanted a ceasefire. 

After the war, North and South became a Single Country. 

How many years did the war happen?

The Guerilla army fought for their people. They were not against their own people. They didn't follow any religious guidelines. All they wanted was freedom. This was the reason they won against many superpowers. This is a people’s victory. This is a victory for communism and Humanity. 

How can they compare the Vietnamese with the Taliban?

Please read the history first. They, if you want to, can praise the Taliban. But for no reason don't debate about the Vietnam war. Their fight was a fight against Superpowers. 

Now we are discussing the RAW Series. In the future, we will discuss the Vietnam war. We have left out agent orange in this post. 

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