What is the Future for Afghanistan? – History Taliban World Politics

What is the Future for Afghanistan? - History, Taliban's, World Politics:


There is a question that Indians Ask regularly,

Why is Afghanistan important to India?

Why is America exiting Afghanistan?

What is next for Afghanistan?

Will Afghanistan be the next Syria?

Who are the Taliban's?

How did the Taliban's become Powerful in Afghanistan?

What is the history of Afghanistan?

There are many questions. It is our duty to know these answers because Afghanistan is of strategic importance for India. As Indians, it is our Duty to stabilize the Afghan Crisis. 

There were some important persons who resided in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Nearly 80 Very Important Persons resided there. These 80 Members were in the team which worked in the Afghan Embassy. 

India’s mission was to bring these 80 members into our country discreetly. 

Why did India want to bring back these members?

The Answer is the rapid advance of the Taliban. They were beginning to occupy the area. Similar to this recent Operation, years ago India conducted an Operation lead by Ajit Doval. But the recent Operation was very Important. 

India had to Send a Flight with utmost secrecy. This flight had to land in Afghanistan. Then it has to load the 80 Indian Staff and leave the country. This is not a simple task. 

How did India manage to send a flight into Afghanistan?

This entire operation has been conducted in a timeframe of 24 to 32 hours. To reach Afghanistan the flight has to cross Pakistan airspace. The Indian govt has to inform the Pakistan Authorities about the full details of the flight. This information may create many issues. So India decided not to use the Pakistan Air Space. 

India thought about alternatives. The Indian Flight can travel through Iranian Airspace. India and Iran came to Secret Agreements. The Indian flight travelled through Iranian Airspace. The flight landed in Kandahar and brought back Indian Staff working in the Embassy. India has brought back the Indians working in the embassy. 

We have to talk about a Very Important Person Danish Sidique. The reporter has been killed in Afghanistan. The Indian national who was covering the conflict in Afghanistan was shot and killed by the Taliban in a Crossfire. Danish was renowned for his work in the Conflict Zone. He has won many awards for his efforts. India has lost one of its Brightest Reporters. 

Was Danish the Only reporter killed in Afghanistan?

In the Wartorn country, there have been 72 Reporters killed. In 2001, the Twin Towers Terrorist attacks happened. America blamed the Taliban for supporting Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. This was the reason used by America to invade Afghanistan. 

What is the Future for Afghanistan? - History Taliban World Politics

From 2006 to 2020, The US has dropped more than 60000. America calls it the “Everlasting War”. America has spent 2.2 Trillion USD in the war. America has plundered the Natural Resources of Afghanistan in another way. 

HAs the war in Afghanistan come to its end?

The answer is no. America has to vacate the country and give the responsibility of governing the country to someone. This Responsibility has been taken by the Taliban. 

How is this possible?

American and NATO forces have been stationed in Afghanistan for nearly 20 years. They were unable to defeat the Taliban. America tried to eradicate the Taliban but it failed. America now recognizes that it is impossible to defeat the Taliban's. For America to eradicate the Taliban it has to spend Troops and Resources in Afghanistan. This is the main reason behind the withdrawal of Troops by America from Afghanistan. 

When America withdraws its troops from Afghanistan within Sep 2021. The International community said the Pressure for India will increase. 

India has allotted nearly 23000 to 30000 Crores for Afghanistan. India has been helping to rebuild Afghanistan. India has built dams and improved Infrastructure. Many Dams have been named as India Afghanistan Friendly dams. India has built roads, Complexes, Schools and Ports. 

When Pakistan had absolute power over Afghanistan in the 1980s. India has supported some Rebel Forces in Afghanistan. There were nearly 100 Armed Organizations in Afghanistan. India said that it will support the group which would do good for Afghanistan. India now is supporting The Afghan Govt. If the Taliban takeover happens, India has to support the Taliban. 

What is the Future for Afghanistan? - History Taliban World Politics

Why should India give support?

India needs Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a country that is very important in Central Asia. It has strategic Importance. Iran has many Internal and External Issues. Through Afghanistan, India can easily reach Central Asia. 

The two enemies of India are China and Pakistan. They need Afghanistan in their control. Afghanistan has many natural resources. Afghanistan can produce all Natural Resources needed for America which can last up to 600 years. These natural resources have been identified and they are available in Afghanistan. Many regions in Afghanistan are still not surveyed. But the International community knows that there are a lot of Natural Resources in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a treasure trove. 

But America is exiting the country due to the expenses. On Many occasions, America has failed. 

The Western Countries have failed on many occasions. 

Russia cannot be tamed. They cannot stop the warnings from North Korea. The Western Countries cannot stop the Domination of China in the South China Sea. They are also not able to recover from the Economic crisis caused by the CoronaVirus pandemic. Georgia, Israel, Palestine issues are not resolved. Russia Ukraine Issue. Russia has dominated this Issue. 

In these issues, the Western Countries for the past 15 years faced only failures. America didn't want to spend more in Afghanistan and wanted the Taliban to take over.

India was asked whether it would send Military help to the Afghan Govt. But according to the current situation, India will never send Military Support.  

What could be the reason?

There are 421 Districts in Afghanistan. More than 300 Districts are currently under the control of the Taliban. The Taliban say that nearly 85% of Afghanistan is under their control. The Taliban have also warned that Afghanistan will become an Islamic Country. 

What is the Future for Afghanistan? - History Taliban World Politics

Who are the Taliban?

Their history starts from 1994. Mulla Muhammad Umar was the one who created the Taliban which means Koran’s students. The Taliban was created due to the Russian Invasion of Afghanistan or American support. 

In the year 1978-79 America set up a tower secretly in Afghanistan. 

Why did America build this tower in Afghanistan?

Russia investigated the reason and found out that America built a Tower to spy on Russia. Russia wanted the Natural resources of Afghanistan and also wanted to counter America’s Activities in the country. So Russia invaded Afghanistan. 

The year was 1990-91, Russia was spreading Communism Ideology throughout the world. In Afghanistan, there were 14 very Important and powerful Clans. One among them is the Pashtun Tribe. In the Taliban, nearly 50 to 60% of People are from the Pashtun Tribe. The Pashtun are Sunnis. So their aim is to create an Afghanistan which is according to the religious and traditional values. There will be no Communism or Socialism. There is a Strict Dress Code for women. Women should remain uneducated. There will be no Music or Movies. Their aim is to create an Extremist Law in Afghanistan. 

The Taliban have been created. They changed the name of Afghanistan into the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and announced it. The UAE, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia recognized this announcement. The Taliban's aim is that Islamic Ideology should rule Afghanistan. The Taliban started Murdering People who were supporting Russia. This was the moment when the Twin Towers of America was destroyed by the terrorists. 

America had its reason. America wanted to plunder the Natural Resources of Afghanistan and Also counter Russia. Thus resulting in the Invasion of Afghanistan by America. America and NATO forces arrive. Bombs fell from the Sky. But they were unable to eradicate the Taliban's, Mujahideens and Al-Qaeda. 

At one Point the ISIS may enter Afghanistan and the Taliban will support them. America was unable to deal with the Taliban. Taliban were experts in Guerilla Warfare and America cannot fight them. This is the reason the Afghan Govt is losing fastly to Taliban advance. 

Not the Important question is,

What will happen After the Taliban takeover?

America will never enter Afghanistan. America will just sit and watch. But China, on the other hand, to plunder the Natural Resources of Afghanistan has started to take tenders. The Chinese Companies will try to enter the Afghan Market. Pakistan will be two-faced. Pakistan says it is against Terrorism. But in reality, they will help the Taliban. Russia will try to come into Afghanistan a Second Time. 

So Russia, China and Pakistan will dominate what will happen in Afghanistan. America has no other way but to stand and watch. Iran which is against Israel and America may try to join the Coalition of Russia, China and Pakistan. 

What is the Future for Afghanistan? - History Taliban World Politics

So For India, this is a total loss. India’s spendings to go to waste in Afghanistan. If the Taliban takes over India’s Infrastructure will be destroyed. India may try to force Iran and Russia who have been Allies of India. India will ask to be a part of the Coalition. Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Iran share borders with Afghanistan. India will try to improve its relationship with these countries. 

Who will dominate Afghanistan?

If the Taliban takeover, the IS Terrorists will have Afghanistan into a safe Haven. In Afghanistan, many Terrorist organizations will conduct training. Many Countries will export their weapons to these Terrorists. There are chances that another terrorist organization may rise up in the ashes of Al-Qaeda against the Western Countries. 

If this organization is supported by Iran. There will be a lot of changes in World Politics. 

Now you know the reasons behind Taliban Creation. The Involvement of Russia and America. The current status of India. 

The British after 80 years of continuous war were able to control the Afghans in some manner. There are so many ethnic groups and tribes in Afghanistan. 

In the Future this war may become a Proxy war. We don't know which organizations will be created in the future. We may see a lot of news coming from Afghanistan. 

Please search, 

How will IS re-group in Afghanistan?

Who is giving Training to them?

Who is exporting the weapons?

You will find the answer that the events in Afghanistan may affect your country indirectly. Then you will understand that Afghanistan is a very Important strategic Importance and World Politics. 

We will discuss more in another post. 

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