WhatsApp Alternative Signal | “Use Signal” Says Elon Musk and Snowden

Whatsapp has released a new privacy Update. After seeing the Privacy Policy many had doubts about whether to use Whatsapp or not. We can just share the information about the Privacy Policy and leave it. But we need a solution. 

What app to use if you quit Whatsapp?

How safe are these apps?

What are the changes in WhatsApp?

Let's discuss in detail. 

Whatsapp has more than 200 Crore Users. A Small Software which became a revolution. 

There was a doubt when Facebook bought Whatsapp in 2014. 

Why is Facebook ready to pay a high Dollar to buy Whatsapp?

Facebook informed that Whatsapp will be free for all time to the users. Whatsapp has said that they have released a Piracy Update. So within Feb8 if you don't update Whatsapp you can't use the app anymore. 

The Privacy policy has been divided into three.

The first is how they will process the data. The Second is changing to the Whatsapp Business account. The third is Facebook has many branches. One is Instagram. They are going to link the other apps and products with Whatsapp. 

WhatsApp Alternative Signal | "Use Signal" Says Elon Musk and Snowden

The first data is people’s data. Whatsapp says that if you send a message to your friend that message will be End to End Encryption Protected. They have used Signal Encryption to conduct this process. 

People felt safe about this End-to-End Encryption. We felt that the videos or messages which we send to our relatives or friends are only received by them. But Whatsapp says that these messages and videos may be safely stored in the Facebook Server. They also said that your data may be present in the American main data server. 

Your data means Battery Level of your mobile, Device Id, Unique Id, Advt Id. These details or data are not taken by any app. For chatting apps, they don't need these details. Through this latest update, they are going to bring in Facebook features into Whatsapp. 

For Ex: If you shat on Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram all data will be stored in one location. There are chances that Whatsapp will be displaying adverts. There are also chances that Whatsapp may feature Buying and selling E-commerce features. With the Chances of Future updates, they need the user's information. 

WhatsApp Alternative Signal | "Use Signal" Says Elon Musk and Snowden

How many hours are you using Whatsapp?

Why are you using Whatsapp?

Whether it's calling, Messaging or Group calling. This first update says that they are getting ready to collect your information. This first update has become a huge issue for many people. 

People in the European Union from last year have stopped using Whatsapp. The famous WhistleBlower Edward Snowden has stopped using Whatsapp. For a few reasons, they are using Whatsapp. 

What is the alternative for Whatsapp?

Elon Musk has given a simple answer “ Use Signal”. The signal is a Message application. A Person who left Whatsapp and created a Signal app. To create this SIgnal App they had to spend 50 Million Usd. The signal app uses End-to-End Encryption. The signal is open-source. Anybody can use and read it. The signal is a Company, but there are two sections Signal Messenger and Signal Protocol. Both of them use End-to-End Encryption and its Open Source. 

If you want to create an App like Whatsapp. You must ask Whatsapp for its Source code. Whatsapp has invested many Billion USD so they will reject your request. 

But Signal is open-source. Anyone can read the source. Orders can see where they are processing the data. So everybody can check what the app is doing with our data. 

What is the advantage for users because it's open source?

Signal is Open Source, So people who check this code will tell the people that the app is safe or not. The coders will try to inject a virus or spyware into the App. this will reach the Signal app. Employees will fix the issue. Within three months there have been many updates in the Signal app. On Dec Signal has announced Group calls can be made in Signal. 

What is the difference between Signal and Whatsapp?

Whatsapp first said End-to-End Encryption. But now they are storing our information on their servers. They are Clearly tracking what we are doing on WhatsApp. Facebook receives this data and this data can be given to any corporate. 

The Next Whatsapp Update, Whatsapp Business accounts data will be also shared with other businesses. There are so many issues in Whatsapp. 

WhatsApp Alternative Signal | "Use Signal" Says Elon Musk and Snowden

For Ex: If you are playing a song in MP3, you can see the Songs Name, Singer, Movie name, and other details will be visible. This is called Metadata. So if you call or msg someone the metadata of your call will be saved in Facebook or Whatsapp servers. 

Whatsapp says that it is an End-to-End Encryption app. If the Metadata is available. There is no use using Whatsapp. 

But in Signal App it is called Sealed Sender. No Corporate or no one can see your data. 

What are Signal App profits?

Their profits are sent through donations. The profits are not through Adverts or Corporates. You can send Donations. Through this, they are up and running the Signal App. 

Signal has said that your Profile will also be Encrypted. You can send the message to your friend and you can allocate a time for how many hours it must be visible and then automatically deleted. Signal can be used in Desktop and Laptop. But the drawback is if you are using Signal in one device and use the chat. Now you are installing it in your Computer the chat history will not be available in the Computer. If it is saved in the Cloud Server, it may be available. The messages will be stored in only one device which you have first used. Suppose if you lose your mobile or Clear the Messages. Nobody can read those messages. This is mostly good for us. 

Will signal apps be useful for big corporates?

Signal says that you can run your own servers if you are corporate. If you have 1000 Employees. If you don't want to use the Signal Database Server, you can run your own Server. 

So finally Signal is Open Source. Whatsapp issues are easily solvable in the Signal app. 

What app to use?

Some people may don't care about their data. You can continue using Whatsapp. But people who don't want to share their information. You can use the Signal app. Don't uninstall Whatsapp, as everybody has to switch to signal. After Signal updates and users have increased. You can dump Whatsapp. 

Suppose Signal is Updating their Privacy Policy. It is an Open Source so the possibilities are low. Then another app will be introduced. We have to switch to that App. This is a fact.

First, we used Orkut, then Facebook, Instagram.

Now we need a Signal app. The Youngsters must keenly watch this, your data will be stored in a server says Whatsapp. To overcome this issue, Even Elon Musk has said “Use Signal”. Edward Snowden is using the Signal app. The EU Politicians are using the Signal app. 

So try using the Signal app. Which is right now safe and Secure and its Open Source. 

So “ Use Signal”. This is not an advert for Signal. This is just a way to safeguard our own data. 

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